15 Best Weed Games to Play While Smoking

Weed Games


You must try weed games if you want to push for more entertainment and laughs. For most stoners, weed is becoming the cradle of all party games. It has moved into the territory of alcohol when it comes to get-togethers, especially in the states where it is legal. Most weed games are variations of drinking games, and you can play them anywhere, from a Friday movie night with friends, to birthday parties, graduation parties, anniversaries, and everything else in between.

Wherever you are, you can make a smoke session with friends more playful with weed games. You could even play your weed games while smoking. Although, you would have to be careful with this combination because it can get sloppy very quickly for the people involved. So it is better to concentrate more on enjoying the experience than losing yourself to heights. Below are 15 weed games you can play with friends.

1. Grass

Back in the day when people would call weed Grass, a card name by the same name was released to the public in 1979. You can find this vintage card game on Amazon.

This fun weed game essentially turns you and your buddies into black market weed dealers. Just as it states on the box, “the objective of grass is to be the first player to make 250,000 dollars by hustling weed.”

How to Play?

  • You have to try and stop your opponents from peddling their weed by putting a hit on them using the Search, Seizure, and Detained cards.
  • You can even try and steal from their stash. But you must be careful as the other players will also try to get to your stash.
  • Additionally, you must try and remain calm to avoid the Paranoia cards, which can forfeit your turn.
Grass Card Weed Games

2. The Staring Weed Games

It is quite an easy weed game, and you do not need any supplies to play it. All you need are your blunts or bong and your stoner friends, especially those who tend to chuckle a lot after hitting that ganja. The rules are pretty simple too.

How to Play?

  • All the players must get sufficiently high.
  • The group should then gather and stare at each other. The goal is to keep a straight face.
  • The first person to break the straight face or laugh is out of the game and must take a hit.
  • The remaining players continue the staring game until everyone is eliminated, and only one person is left. Who would ultimately have won the game or round?

3. Jackbox Party Pack Games: Quiplash

These party weed games involve players submitting answers to funny questions from their phones. The submitted answers pop-up on the TV Screen then everyone must vote on them.

How to Play?

  • You download the jack box game onto a PC, PlayStation, or Xbox (costs $9.99).
  • You then choose a game with the mouse or controller (preferably quiplash).
  • Instructions will pop-up on the screen for people to log in.
  • Quiplash is the best weed game to play on Jackbox for three major reasons.

Firstly, it is a highly interactive game, and all the players use their phones to submit answers.

Secondly, every answer is anonymous until the end of voting.

Lastly, it is fun to see who submitted what answer. There are bound to be some dirty answers that will blow your mind and make you laugh so hard.

Weed Games-Jackbox Party Pack

4. Hold Your Smoke

Just as the name suggests, this game is all about holding in your smoke. It is a great way to get double high and would most definitely separate the seasoned stoners from the weaklings.

How to Play?

  • You take a hit then pass on the bong.
  • You then have to hold in the smoke (no exhaling) until the bong makes its way back to you again.
  • Typically, holding your breath cuts off your oxygen supply, and the weaker ones shall be the first players to cough all the smoke out.

5. Bong Pong

Bong pong is quite similar to its classic counterpart, beer pong.

How to Play?

  • Teams or individuals of two try to land their ping pong ball in the opposition’s cup. Each time a throw is successful, the opponent has to drink from the cup.
  • For the marijuana version, the rules bend depending on your preferred style. The opposition could take a hit every time the ping pong ball makes it into their cup.
  • Or you could take a hit as a reward when you make a successful shot.
  • Another version involves beer. In case of a successful throw, you take a hit of weed while your opponent drinks beer in the cup.
Weed Games-Bong Pong

6. Blunt Rolling Competitions

Competitive joint-rolling can be fun for both fantastic and terrible rollers. Just make sure you match up the skills of all the players in a fair manner.

How to Play?

  • Gather all the supplies meant to roll the joints.
  • Give each player their portion.
  • Then compete to see which participant rolls the best joint overall or add a little suspense by timing the competitions.
  • The most appealing blunt wins, and the winner gets to light it first.

7. Never Have I Ever

It is also an adaptation of a classic party drinking game.

How to Play?

  • The game starts with everyone holding both of their hands in the air – all ten fingers up.
  • Participants take turns, saying, “never have I ever.”
  • Each person who has ever done that thing lowers one finger and takes a toke.
  • For example, if someone says, “never have I ever traveled outside the country.” Everyone who has ever traveled outside would then have to put down a finger and take a hit.

8. Stoner Flick Weed Games

It is probably one of the most relaxed games on the list.

How to Play?

  • You put on a stoner film, and every time someone in the movie mentions weed or smokes a blunt or bong, all the participants have to take a hit too.
  • As the movie progresses, you will quickly notice people who are paying attention and those who desperately want to take a hit. And if you pick an excellent stoner flick, by the end, everyone will be high.

9. Jenga Weed Games

Any game of Jenga can be turned into weed Jenga; you have to be highly imaginative and write fun stuff on the pieces.

How to Play?

  • Weed Jenga involves blocks that have things written on them. Such as puff puff pass, take two big hits, do the crane kick, hug the person next to you, walk on all fours, hold in your hit for 70 seconds, etc.
  • When you pull out a block from the stack -then place it on top of the pile – you have to act out whatever is written on the block.
  • The last person to successfully pull out a block without crashing the stack wins the game.

The rules are not set in stone, and you can twerk them as you like.

Weed Games- Jenga

10. Marijuana Power Hour

Marijuana Power Hour is another drinking game turned weed smoking game. And without a doubt, it will get you super high. So it is most suitable for regular marijuana smokers who can handle lots of weed at a time.

In the drinking version, you drink or take a shot every 60 seconds for 60 minutes straight. You are effectively getting wasted in one hour. Often, a couple of people will bail out midway. With the weed variation, you may have a less messy outcome.

How to Play?

  • For every minute, take a toke.
  • Be sure to have a good supply of weed because it will go very fast.
  • Alternatively, you could make a playlist consisting of relatively short songs. Then take a hit whenever a new song comes on. This version usually uses less weed.

11. Kush and Mario Kart Weed Games Online

This weed game online is derived from the drinking game, which involves Mario Kart. In the drinking game, you have to finish your beer before finishing the race. With the weed version, you replace beer with a blunt.

How to Play?

  • Every player must finish their blunt before the game ends.
  • You could add a few more rules to make it more interesting, for example, if someone coughs, they would have to stop racing.
  • Or if a player gets off track, they would have to take a hit.
Weed Games-Kush and Mario Kart

12. Categories Weed Games

Categories are all about the ability to think while stoned, which is easier said than done.

How to Play?

  • Begin the game by picking a category, for example, famous stoners.
  • Each player would then have to name a famous stoner and take a hit.
  • Traditionally, if one individual cannot think of anything, they must take extra hits. However, you could spice things up and leave that player out of the rotation.
  • To make things even more interesting, you could have players hold in their smoke until the person next to them has finished their turn. So the longer your friend takes to come up with something, the longer you would have to hold it in.
  • If you want to make the game even harder, you could add a new rule where after every round, the next person would have to think of a name that begins with a successive letter of the alphabet from the last name mentioned.

13. Blunt/Joint/Horse

This is another variation of a drinking game. It is derived from the game H-O-R-S-E.

How to Play?

  • Two or more people contest for who can make the best basketball shots.
  • For every miss, a letter in the word horse is spelled out, and whoever completes HORSE first loses.
  • Say, if you make a throw and miss, you get an H. A second miss would get you an O and so on.
  • In the weed variation, BLUNT or JOINT could be spelled instead of HORSE.
  • The loser rolls the joint, and the winner has the honor of lighting it first.
Weed Games-HORSE

14. The Lighter Weed Games

The lighter game is also another great game to play when stoned. It is always fun, and it is similar to hacky sack.

How to Play?

  • You have to balance a lighter on top of your hand. The lighter should lay over the top of your fingers.
  • You would then have to toss it over to your friend. And they must catch the lighter on top of their fingers.
  • For an exciting experience, you can toss the lighter back and forth continuously.
  • If you are feeling competitive, you could move further apart with every successful toss. This game also helps with eye and hand coordination.

15. Heads Up

Heads Up is a popular app, and you can download it on your phone for free. It’s a little like digital charades.

How to Play?

  • Form two teams.
  • Choose a deck from categories such as celebrities, characters, accents, animals, movies, etc.
  • Read the description and tap the play button.
  • Put the back of the phone against your forehead, and your team must try to give you clues to help you guess what is on the screen.
  • If you make the right guess, tilt the phone down. A point will be recorded for your team.
  • If you fail to guess correctly, tilt the phone up to skip to the next card.
Weed Games-Heads Up

Final Conclusion

Plenty of other games, including drinking and card games, could be adapted into weed games. You have to be creative with the rules, and the possibilities are endless. Card games like Go-Fish, Blackjack, or High or Low could be adapted to involve participants taking hits of weed when different things in the game happen. Several games revolve around seeing who could handle the most amount of marijuana in the shortest time. These are fun, but they generally require weed veterans who will not end up feeling sick.

Even though nobody has ever died from a weed overdose, weed games could quickly end in disaster. Plus, getting too baked does not feel right, either. So while you enjoy these games, be sure to call it a night in case some people get too high. Or perhaps have a stash of CBD around to help calm down those who are getting too baked. It is important to enjoy responsibly. Be sure to try any of these weed games at your next get-together with friends. You will undoubtedly have a blast.

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