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Dimensions: 158 mm x 18.5 mm

E-liquid Capacity: 2ml

Nicotine Options: 6mg, 11mg, 18mg

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IQOS Mesh is the sequel to IQOS, a product of Philip Morris International (PMI). The original IQOS featured the HnB (Heat Not Burn) technology and quickly became a hit in both Europe and Asia. The new Mesh is designed to be used with e-juice. The opening market is the U.K. and not available anywhere else at the moment.

Instead of a traditional round wire, the IQOS Mesh pods use mesh type. If you’re not sure what that is, imagine strands of metal woven together, like in a tea strainer, very closely. Most advanced vaping devices use mesh these days to ensure maximized vapor and flavor output.

The IQOS Mesh uses pre-filled 2 ml pods which come in three nicotine levels: 6, 11 and 18 mg.


Build and Design

As the dimension suggests, with a pod inserted, the IQOS Mesh is pretty long and thin. However, other vape beginners don’t come much close to its extended length. And then there is the weight to consider: 61 grams and heavier than all the average vapes.

Put these two together and you have a pretty impractical design, at least, to me it seems. But I don’t see how it can be “pocketable” for anyone. Consider a mid to large sized Cuban cigar and whether you can pocket it or not.

But the feel of the IQOS Mesh is just excellent. The device gives the first impression of being “well machined,” and frankly, it’s true to that quality.

Put the above average weight together with the smooth metal finish of the body, and you feel like owning a product of premium quality. I have to admit, they’ve nailed the build, especially if you consider the price.


Inside the package, you’ll find a battery, a charger, and a power adapter. As mentioned before, the kit doesn’t include any pods, and you have to order them separately. I’ll get into the flavor types later. Anyway, once you have the pod(s) follow these simple steps to use the device:

– Take a pod out of the bag and the plastic seal.

– Put it into the battery

– Press and hold the fire button for one second

– Once it starts blinking, release

All left to do is putting your mouth to the mouthpiece and draw. You can vape without interruption for 3 minutes. After that, you’d have to press the button again since the device goes into standby mode after every 3 minutes.

IQOS Mesh Pod

Hit Analysis

The draw belongs to the mid-tier: neither tight nor loose. While it’s not as tight as a regular cigarette, it’s still more satisfying. Plus, it doesn’t produce much vapor. But what it does produce is pretty warm. That’s the magic of the mesh element of the device.

However, another quality of the mesh feature is somehow left unutilized. It’s supposed to provide good hit regardless of the nicotine level. But other than the 18 mg, I didn’t receive much satisfaction from the 6 and 11 mg pods. The 18 mg hit was pretty good, though.

Another good thing was that there weren’t any spitting problem where the liquid gets to your mouth. But the pods were a bit leaky near the battery connection port.

There is, however, a crucial issue that could potentially affect customer loyalty itself. Misfiring. After regular intervals, the device routinely misfired. While drawing on the mouthpiece or rattling the battery a bit usually solved the problem, several times I had to remove the pod completely.

True, I can’t be certain whether it’s a device or design specific fault, but that doesn’t matter. Misfiring is potent enough to shake any beginner’s confidence on the device.

Another good thing is there’s no risk of dry or burnt hit thanks to IQOS Mesh’s “Low Liquid Detection” feature. This system monitors the liquid level in pod and signals whether the battery should fire or not. It works.

IQOS Mesh Hit Analysis


There are eleven flavors available of which I’ve tasted seven. They range between above average and good. I doubt disappointment could be an issue here.

Mellow Tobacco: The genuine taste of tobacco with a nutty undertone. It’s good and I think I should be the first choice for beginners making a transition from combustion tobacco. Good for day-long vaping.

Tobacco Harmony: Complex tobacco laced with the subtle but authoritative tone of aromatic tea. More suited for certain hours of the day; like late evening. Mellow seemed more likable to me.

Chai Zing: The first taste you get with this one is equal measures of cinnamon and black tea. But as it travels down, you’ll notice the undertone of woody herbs. Surprisingly, nothing of this combo seem synthetic.

Passionfruit Zest: Taste of passionfruit complemented by other subtle fruity taste. I don’t think I’ve ever vaped anything else that tastes more passionfruit than this — my favorite of the bunch.

Cool Peppermint: While not a fan of “cool” vapes, I did like this one’s genuine minty flavor. I think anyone who likes mint vapes or have experience in smoking menthol, should like the cool hit.

Red Berry Fusion: Sweetish candy berry-like taste, reminiscent of bubblegum as you exhale. Simple and likable.

Pitanga Fruit Twist: Less sweet and more authentic berry-like than the previous one. Above average but nothing special.

IQOS Mesh Battery

The IQOS Mesh is powered by a 900 mah battery, much higher than similar products. It features an LED power indicator that blinks white at 25% and red when you have a few vapes worth of power left. To check the power level, press and hold the fire button for a second. If it’s anywhere below 6%, then the indicator will flash rapidly.

It also blinks while charging and stops once done. The battery has a pass-thru feature, which allows for vaping simultaneously as charging. Neat, simple and always a welcome addition.

The company specified power usage rate is one pod per full charge, but I think they’re modest. For me, it lasted for about a pod and a half. Another specification declares the full charge time requirement as 90 minutes. Mine took less than 70. Always a nice and welcome surprise.

IQOS Mesh Battery

Pros and Cons


  • Wide range of authentic and satisfactory flavors
  • Different nicotine packages
  • Warranty for 12 months
  • Satisfying draw without any dry or burnt hit thanks to Low Liquid Detection feature
  • Ease of use
  • Premium quality build
  • Battery and pods cost comparatively low
  • Pods of 2 ml capacity


  • Impractical shape
  • The kit doesn’t include pods
  • Conditional hit
  • Misfiring

Closing Remarks

The awkward shape is nothing to love, but frankly, it’s something you can ignore or at least, get used to over time because IQOS Mesh has some good qualities.

The flavor range and quality are so enticing. And there’s no risk of getting that horrendous burnt hit taste. But to the beginners, I think the ease of use would appear most attractive. Plus, there’s that 12-month warranty to consider.

But do good qualities make the device “recommend worthy”? Yes, if the misfiring issue is fixed; otherwise, no. If a device is marked for beginners, then it shouldn’t burden the target market with unwanted complications. In its current state, I wouldn’t recommend it.

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