Aspire AVP Ceramic Coil Review

Aspire AVP Ceramic Coil
Aspire AVP Ceramic Coil

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Type: Refillable Pods

Capacity: 2ml

Coil Resistance: 1.2 ohm (nichrome), 1.3 ohm (ceramic)

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The technical areas in the vaping industry are quickly advancing and showing no signs of slowing down. One of the most affected areas is undoubtedly the wick materials where we have seen multiple manufacturers use better cotton than before. Some of them are even experimenting with other alternatives like wood pulp and flex fiber. Still, others like Aspire have chosen to go the ceramic way.


What Is a Ceramic Vape Coil?

Well, the first thing you ought to know is that the term “ceramic coil” isn’t all about your vape’s heating wire. In fact, the heating wire in ceramic coils is made of the same material (e.g., Kanthal, Clapton wires, Nichrome, etc.) as other vaping coils. Here’s the thing, most ceramic atomizer coils make use of ceramic instead of cotton as the wicking material. This technique is known to deliver great flavor and heat resistance.

With that in mind, we’ll be reviewing one of the most popular ceramic coils – the Aspire AVP Ceramic Coil. You will find out why you should expect some great vaping experience with this coil. Keep reading!

+ 2mL e-juice capacity
+ 100% organic cotton core
+ Availability Nichrome heating element
+ Resistance level of 1.3ohm
+ Maximum Wattage of 12W
+ Bottom-fill system with a spring-loaded valve

What Is a Ceramic Vape Coil


Those who have been in the vaping game for quite some time probably know something about the Aspire AVP pod mod system. But what the AVP is best known for is its unique ability to produce great clouds accompanied by great flavor thanks to its top-notch replacement pods. That said, below are the top features of the ACC (Aspire Ceramic Coil) pod:

Non-Replaceable, Pre-Installed Coils

I’ll start by saying that the Aspire AVP ceramic coil pod comes with two, refillable but non-replaceable pod cartridges, which are the 1.2ohm Nichrome coil and the 1.3ohm Aspire ACC pod. Moving forward, the ceramic pod features a pre-installed coil making it ready to fill in your juice and start vaping immediately.

The ceramic core, unlike Kanthal and Nichrome, heats up much faster as well as offering lower resistance levels. The only disadvantage here is that you’ll need to be careful not to vape at maximum wattage to avoid dry hits with lousy tastes.

Also, the pod’s core is stuffed with a 100% organic cotton material for providing maximum wicking support. Apart from this, the ceramic material itself is also quite porous, enabling it to absorb the e-juice quickly. This way, you can rest assured of maximum flavor with big clouds.

Keep in mind, however, that a pod system is more about the nicotine heat than the flavor. But as we all know, different individuals have got different vaping styles.

2-mL E-Liquid Capacity

This Aspire Ceramic pod is very easy to fill. At the pod’s bottom, there’s a circular, silver port which should be pressed to fill in your favorite vape juice. To avoid spilling your e-juice, you should use a pointy tip bottle or a unicorn bottle. Don’t even think about using a glass dropper because it won’t work. We, however, find this bottom fill design to be a pretty good system because it’s almost impossible for your vape juice to leak out thanks to the ports ability to seal itself when not pushed.

Unfortunately, the Aspire ACC pod comes with a mere 2mL vape juice capacity, so you should get prepared for those frequent refills. The best thing is that you’ll be vaping at low wattages, which means that a single fill should be enough to last you for a couple of hours. Another downside is that the pod is slightly tinted so you might find it a bit difficult to see the remaining vape juice inside.

NOTE: The manufacturer advises that you should leave the AVP pod standing for at least 2-5 minutes before vaping to allow enough wicking. This way, you’ll be avoiding those unnecessary dry hits or coil burns. Also, you should use nicotine salt-based vape juice with this coil to get the best results, although your typical e-juice can still do.

Aspire AVP Ceramic Coil Features

1.3ohm Resistance

If you’re a vaping amateur, then you must be wondering; “What the devil is an ohm?” For those who don’t know, ohm is the unit used to measure your unit’s electrical resistance level. What should be kept in mind, however, is that there’s no correct ohm for vaping since different individuals have different likes and dislike.

That aside, this ceramic replacement coil comes with a resistance level of 1.3ohms, which’s considered to be on the lower side in the vaping space. With this resistance rate, you can be sure of blowing thick clouds with intense flavor in each puff. Also, if you like your vape warm, this one is definitely for you. On the other hand, you have to be careful not to get the dreaded dry hits just as we had mentioned earlier. The reason is that your vape juice will be wicking much faster, which might also result in quick battery drainage.

Supports Maximum Output of 12W

It’s no secret that most devices on the market currently will let you adjust to your preferred wattage option. One such device is the Aspire AVP ceramic coil pod which is powered up by a 700mAh battery capable of producing maximum wattage output of up to 12W.

And although this might seem small, it’s still more significant than what you’ll get with other high-end pod mods on the market. However, on the 12W setting of the AVP, you might find the flavor to be intense, especially if you’re vaping with something like 50mg nic salt.

If that’s the case, then you’d better switch to vaping at the lower wattages – 8W or 10W, where the hit will be quite comfortable, especially if you’re taking longer drags. However, you should expect noticeable flavor drop at the lower wattages, but your ACC coil should last longer.

And yes, this device’s wattage output is dependent on the maximum voltage available. Therefore, the more you deplete the 700mAh integrated battery, the lower the wattage output. Fret not, however, because you can easily recharge the unit via a Micro USB charging port with up to 1A.

Strong Magnetic Connections

The 2mL AVP refillable pod is attached to the device using two secure magnetic connections. This type of closure system ensures seamless removal of the replaceable pod when it’s time to refill in your e-juice. However, you’ll notice a little bit of play when you try pulling out the replaceable pod, but don’t worry because the pod is still tightly secured to the device.

You won’t even notice any juice pull up at the bottom. All in all, pod systems eliminate the need for those bothersome screw connections that can really waste lots of your valuable time. All you have to do after refilling your vape juice is to pop in the replaceable mod, and you’re set to go.

Aspire AVP Ceramic Coil Strong Magnetic Connections

What Is the Wattage You Should Go for?

If you’re just after the wattage, there are even mods with 400W of power. The problem is that there is no need to opt mods with such a ridiculously high power rating. Anything over 200W is an excellent option for vaping. The mod having dual 18650 batteries can get you that power.

Within this configuration and power range, the higher the battery which you can get, the better it will be. However, bigger batteries are also bulky. Therefore, it is a trade-off which you have to make. A lot also depends on your personal preference and the form factor of the mods. As long as you’re choosing a mod with 200W of power which is entirely safe, you will be good to go.

So, when you want to improve your vaping experience, rather than using just about any mod which you can find, it is a good idea to go through our top 10 best high wattage mods above. It will help you improve your entire experience and create the cloud which you always want.

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