Aspire AVP Pod Vape Review

Aspire AVP Pod Vape

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Dimensions: 82mm by 39mm by 14mm

E-liquid Capacity: 2ml

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Want to quit smoking? Can’t get rid of the habit? Too lazy to build your own vape, replace coils and cotton, check for batteries?

With the advent of vaping and the use of these electronic vaporizers and pods as a major alternative to smoking cigarettes, Aspire, one of the world’s leading manufacturer of vape products has recently produced a new vape pod called the Aspire AVP.

It’s a small, handy, sleek vape pod which features an all-in-one set-up where you can simply refill your juice pods rather than buying a new one.



Aspire AVP Pod Vape

Wattage Output:
8, 10, 12W
Minimum Atomizer Resistance:
Power Adjustment Button:
3 stage
Recommended VG/PG Ratio:
Battery Capacity:
Coil Type :
1.2 ohm integrated nichrome coil
Black, Grey, Rainbow, Orange, Purple, Red, Chrome, and Lime Green

The Design

The Aspire AVP is sleek and small which is made to look like the car key of a Lamborghini or Ferrari. Measuring 82mm by 39mm by 14mm, it is constructed with zinc-aluminum alloy construction which features a shiny metal finish, side panels made of carbon fiber, and five colors to choose from (Purple, Orange, Gray, Black, and Rainbow).

The AVP vape pod is fuelled by a 700mAh battery that is rechargeable through the bottom of the vape pod where a USB port can be found. And the Aspire AVP kit comes with a charger.

The pod can be found at the top of the AVP, which is tinted and is equipped with 1.2-ohm Nichrome coils that help optimize the usage of the varying wattage settings of the pod, I will talk about later on in this review. Unfortunately, these coils are not replaceable, so you’ll have to buy another pod if you want to change the coil.

But the kit comes with an extra pod, so you don’t have to go rushing to buy an extra pod once you get the kit. The pod can carry up to 2.0ml of juice so you won’t need to refill the pods now and then. There is also an air hole at the side of the pod, which allows air to flow through the chambers of the AVP.

You have to remember to keep this open at all times when vaping, so you don’t inhale pure vape juice.

Aspire AVP Pod System

How to Operate

The Aspire AVP has a button at the bottom of the front panel, but this doesn’t activate the pod. To inhale the vapor, you simply have to trigger the mechanism, and let vapor flow straight to your lungs. This makes it easier especially for those who have little knowledge about vape.

The button at the bottom of the front panel controls the 3 level wattage output of the pod.

At the lowest setting, you have 8W, this produces minimal flavor but presents the coolest air temperature, and is perfect for beginners who are not used to inhaling smoke from vape kits. At the next level, you have 10W, at this level, you’ll have a stronger flavor but hotter air temperature.

Lastly, at the highest level of 12W, this setting gives you the maximum flavor but at the cost of hotter air temperature. If you’re used to vaping, buying the Aspire AVP vape pod is just to have a handier vape kit. I would recommend this as it gives the most flavor.

In triggering the different wattage settings, you can simply press the button on the bottom of the AVP. One click shows a red light which indicates the lowest setting (8 watts), two clicks will show a green light which triggers the next setting (10 watts), two more clicks and you’ll have a blue light which leads to the highest setting (12 watts).

Holding down the power button shows you the current setting you are on.

Aspire AVP Pod

Pros and Cons

With all honesty, Aspire has done an excellent job with this newest vape pod kit. Especially if you’re new to the world of vaping where it is important for you to know your device very thoroughly so you can avoid incidents, for instance, the vape misfires or the batteries explode.

Especially with its variable system which you can adjust the watt output of your vape to suit your chosen vaping style.

The 700mAh battery suits the kit very well as it gives you a day of vaping even at the 12W setting. As your battery dies you, just simply plug it in to charge and wait for the light to die as a signal of it being fully charged.

The AIO (all-in-one) design of the AVP is perfect for the newbies. It provides less hassle, easier and worry-free vaping.

You don’t have to change the cotton on your pod, no changing coils, and more importantly, you have a refillable pod that has a safety feature wherein you have to press down on the fill port of your pod to allow the juice to flow in. This avoids the unnecessary spillage of juice around your vape kit.

With its inhale to fire feature, vaping has never been easier for beginners.

Despite it being an all-in-one vape kit, the fact that you don’t have the option to replace its coils might be a little hard and more expensive since you have to buy a new pod every time you want to change your coils. But for beginners, this won’t be much of a problem since you don’t even know how to replace your coils yet.


Overall the Aspire AVP vape pod is an excellent choice either for beginners or experienced vapers. It is truly ahead of its time in the vape pod community since it offers variability of wattage output. It is excellent for safety and variability in your everyday vaping.

Its design may be simple, but it is elegant with variable colors to choose from as a major plus side. At just around 20-25$ for a kit, it is definitely worth every penny.

This is certainly a healthier choice than smoking cigarettes with minimal negative effects on your body. If you’re looking to cloud chase but don’t have much money on hand, this is also ideal since it can handle the intense heat from constantly firing due to its coils and other safety measures.

You’ll surely get your money’s worth from the Aspire AVP vape kit along with the prestige it brings. Because of its classy design that will surely make some heads turn when you use it outside.

One thought on “Aspire AVP Pod Vape Review

  1. Avatar Allen Cuttino says:

    I’m a week into vaping and havent had or wanted a cigarette since, I got my kit at Avail Vapor in Myrtle Beach and I love it. It’s super easy to fill and with little to non existent maintenance it really helps add to an already great product. The only downside I would say is the small tank space of 2 ml but other than that, still gets 10 out of 10 from me.

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