Aspire AVP Pro Kit Review – Is It Better Than the Original One?

Aspire AVP Pro Kit

Review Score

Dimensions: 96mm x 44mm x 17mm

Battery: 1200mAh

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Aspire is constantly exceeding expectations with each new release, and they don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. The AVP Pro is the improved version of the original AVP, an advanced all-in-one device packed full of features in an ultra-compact shell. First impressions are nothing short of stunning, especially since Aspire has more than enough experience with this particular product group.

On the outside, it doesn’t seem like much has changed since their last AVP product. But looks can be deceiving, so let’s dive deeper and unravel all the new additions in this latest release.



Aspire AVP Pro Kit

Tank Capacity:
Wattage Range:
Coil Resistance:
0.65ohm & 1.15ohm
Coil Material:
Kanthal AF
Four Color Options:
Black, Gunmetal, Rainbow and White

Package Contents

1x AVP Pro Battery

1x AVP Pro Pod (4ml regular version, 2ml TPD version)

1x Kanthal Mesh Coil (0.65ohm)

1x Kanthal Standard Coil (1.15ohm)

1x USB-to-C Charging Cable

1x User Manual

1x Warranty Card

The Exterior

The Aspire AVP Pro has a very modern ergonomic shape, which allows for an excellent, comfortable grip. It’s a bit larger than the AVP AIO. Even with the incredibly tiny and subtle appearance, it’s built out of high-quality zinc/aluminum combination of materials that won’t scuff or break easily. You can feel the heftiness while holding it, which further adds to its premium status.

The front of the device has a blade-like carbon fiber design with a very smooth texture. One of the most prominent additions compared to the old AVP is an airflow control slider in the upper part. Near the bottom, you’ll find the usual Aspire branding alongside a reasonably bright LED indicator. This indicator will also serve as a button once you start using the device. Around the carbon, fiber portion is a shiny metal shell for a bit of added contrast.

On the top of the AVP Pro is the 4ml see-through glass tank. It’s attached to the rest of the unit via strong magnetic connectors, so you won’t have to worry about any loose parts or the tank coming off accidentally. The bottom only has the USB-C charging port, and that’s it. It’s a minimalistic design, but even then, it doesn’t skimp out on the features.

Aspire AVP Pro

Setting Up

All you need to do to remove the tank is pull it with a bit more force. Turning it upside down will reveal the filling valve and a small part of the coil. In contrast to the original AVP, which had built-in, non-replaceable coils, the Pro version introduces a plug & play replacement system. To make this process easier, Aspire included a removal tool.

A spring-loaded, leak-resistant valve characterizes the bottom refill system. Place the nozzle of your e-liquid bottle inside the opening to fill it up while monitoring the juice level through the glass. It’s clean and straightforward, with a wide enough opening for almost any type of bottle.

To reduce the risk of the burnt taste, let the cotton soak up the juice for a few minutes before you start vaping. Since the liquid is sealed off from the coils, you can replace them even if your tank isn’t empty.

Once you’re finished, push the pod back onto the battery until you hear a click.


The only button on the AVP Pro is on the front of the device. To power it up, press the button five times in succession, and you should see the LED light flash white to indicate that it’s on. Then, you can cycle through the available wattage levels with two quick clicks. Different colors represent different wattages:

  • Red – 10W
  • Blue – 12W
  • Green – 14W
  • White – 16W

These are the only controls available. You can’t use the button to vape the AVP Pro since it’s exclusively draw-activated, Once you start vaping on it, the LED will flash in the color corresponding to your current battery level:

  • Red – below 3.5V (0-30%)
  • Blue – 3.5-3.8V (30-60%)
  • Green – above 3.8V (60-100%)

A single press of the button will also serve the same purpose.

Aspire AVP Pro Kit Coil

Performance & Battery Life

It’s quite incredible how potent this tiny device is. The 0.65ohm mesh coil is going to produce a slightly warmer vape with more prominent flavors and higher vapor production. But at the cost of higher power consumption.

Unfortunately, Aspire doesn’t let you modify the wattage manually if the coil’s resistance is less than 1 ohm. Instead, it works in bypass mode in an attempt to bring out the most performance out of your coil. Even though it works pretty well, some added freedom of choice would’ve been nice.

The alternative 1.15ohm standard coil is slightly milder but still strong enough if you use the green or white wattage option. Flavors are not as striking as with the former coil, but that’s to be expected. Also, since it does not mesh, it’s going to suffer more strain and burn up quicker. However, since the Kanthal coils are generally inexpensive, this won’t present a big problem.

A very welcome addition is the adjustable airflow slider. Compared to its predecessor, which had a reasonably loose MTL draw, the Aspire AVP Pro can be modified to offer a pretty tight and smooth experience. The slider locks in place once you set it up the way you want.

The 1200mAh battery capacity is massive on the device of this size. With moderate vaping, a single charge will easily last you for a couple of days. Recharge times shouldn’t exceed 90 minutes if you’re using the included 2A charger. Since it has built-in overcharge protection, you can freely leave it plugged in overnight.

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely tiny and subtle
  • High-quality materials
  • A lot of tank capacity
  • Easy to set up
  • Coils can be switched up in a matter of seconds
  • Astonishing flavors and clouds
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Massive 1200mAh battery capacity


  • The opening for e-liquid nozzles could be a bit wider for somebody
  • Wattage can’t be modified with sub-ohm coils


Aspire AVP Pro is a truly revolutionary product for the pod system lineup. It’s hard to believe that a device that you won’t even feel in your pocket can pack this many features. Pod capacity, which is double the size of the original AVP, more than double the battery life, and multiple coil choices at the cost of only a few extra millimeters show us why Aspire is among the most respected and well-received companies in the vaping community.

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