Aspire Tigon Kit Review

Aspire Tigon Kit
Aspire Tigon Kit

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Dimensions: 24.5×142 mm

E-liquid Capacity: 3.5mL

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Aspire have proven themselves as more than adept when it comes to creating revolutionary vaping products. It does help to have catchy names from Aspire Nautilus and Aspire PockeX and even Atlantis. Their product the Aspire Tigon Kit seems to follow this route at least as far as the name goes.

You have probably made the connection between the Tigon name to the exotic hybrid you get from a male tiger and a female lion. The inspiration for the name comes from a feature included in the model as it shall be discussed later.



Aspire Tigon Kit

Wattage Output Range:
Output Voltage:
Temperature Range:
Battery Capacity:
Coil Type :
0.4ohm DTL Coil and 1.2ohm MTL Coil
Stainless Steel, Blue, Rainbow, Black
Airflow Type:
510 thread

So What Do You Get in an Aspire Tigon Kit?

• Aspire Tigon battery having 2600 mAh Standard capacity but 1800 mAh for EU
• A 2ml Aspire Tigon tank
• A 23 – 28 watts atomizer coil with 0.4-ohm
• 10-12 watts 1.2-ohm atomizer coil
• A key for tank disassembly
• A pair of mouthpieces
• A USB charging cable
• A manual and warranty information
• Replacement O-rings and glass enclosure
Aspire Tigon Kit Package Content

Features and Specs

Having so much content in the kit gives you a lot of features and specifications, which means you are getting more from this kit, especially in terms of functionality. Top features include:

• Height- 142 mm
• Width – 24.5 mm
• Capacity – 3.5 ml
• Output Voltage – 3.3V – 4.2 V
• Continuous firing time – 10 seconds
• Inbuilt battery
• Integrated child safety features
• It has mouth-to-lung (MTL), and direct to lung (DTL) functionality
• A self-sealing housing for the coil to prevent leaks when the coil is removed
• Has an adjustable airflow at the bottom with the slot serving DTL and the holes for MTL
• Has an indicator using colored light
• E-liquid sealing mechanism
• Uses a bypass output power mode

A closer look at the mod and tank reveals the working of these vaping device and offers a glimpse at why it is rated highly in the market.


From the outer packaging which resembles what you would expect from an expensive cologne manufacturer, the Aspire Tigon oozes class while employing a minimalist approach, especially on the mod.

The clean lines and lack of any distracting features save for a USB port and button make this unit an eye-catcher. Even the material is premium as Zinc alloy is used for the chassis and the smooth finish also feels quality when holding the device. There are four colors available, blue, black, rainbow, and stainless steel.

Aspire Tigon Kit Bottom

The Tank

The tank has been laden by the most innovative features of the product. The most obvious being the ability to offer mouth to lung and direct to lung experiences.

It is connected to the rest of the device using a regular 510 connection. It measures 52mm in height if you include the drip while it has a diameter of 24.5mm. To match with the diameter of the mod, the bottom of the tank is slightly narrower measuring 23mm.

At the very top, the tank has the 510 drip tip which is used for direct to lung vaping while there is another slightly elongated and narrower tip which is used for mouth to lung vaping.

The Aspire Tigon is the first vaping tank to have both these options, and it reflects its name Tigon since it aims to give the users the best of both worlds.

The tank, which has a standard capacity of 3.5ml and 2.5ml in markets affected by the Tobacco Products Directive like the UK, is easily accessible by adults but comes with a childproof top fill cap.

To access the tank, you slightly lift the top and slide it open to a medium-sized hole in the shape of a kidney. It is here that you stick your tip for filling.

The Aspire Tigon is also trendsetting with its plug-in coil system. The coil system is found below the tank when you unscrew it. While there are a few other devices in the market which are offering plug-in coil systems, the Aspire Tigon adds a spring-loaded mechanism feature in the chimney chamber which closes out the wick holes when a coil is removed.

The advantage of the new functionality is that you do not have to empty your tank once you have filled it to replace a burnt coil. You unscrew the tank and pull the burnt coil out and place in a new one, screw back the tank in place and give it a couple of minutes and you are good to go again.

To further support its two vaping capabilities, the Aspire Tigon comes with two types of airflow for each vaping style. You control the airflow using a control ring that is placed at the bottom of the tank.

On its outer side lies a single slot like a cyclops which you can turn to use either one single airflow slot for DTL or a series of five holes for MTL. Further, even in MTL, you have the option of keeping all the five open or shutting them down one at a time if you are looking for tight draws.

Another addition on the airflow is the O-ring which prevents a leaky airflow when you set the MTL airflow system to one hole.

Aspire Tigon Kit Tank

The Mod

Besides quality construction, the mod is designed to be intuitive and easy to get around. The material used makes it light and comfortable to hold. Its standard height of 142mm is quite tall, and it could be a lot for some people. If the height affects you, then you can opt for the shorter version, which is also slimmer.

At the top of the mod is the 510 threaded connection which as discussed above is where the tank is attached. The threads are smooth and lead to the center pin, which is spring loaded, and all are styled to enable the tank to fit perfectly in its position.

An oval-shaped fire button lies just below the top. It has an LED light integrated within which serves as an indicator for firing and charging processes and also the amount of charge left in the battery. On the opposite side is a micro USB port for charging.

The device uses a bypass power mode, which means it gets charge directly from the battery unregulated. Such a system could put you at risk of decreasing your vaping experience as the battery charge declines but Aspire Tigon has a couple of mitigating measures for this and other risks associated with bypass power mode.

First, the coils being used are low-powered meaning you will not notice a significant difference until the battery gets to its cutoff point. The mode also has several inbuilt safety mechanisms like an automatic cutoff and protection guards against short-circuiting, overheating, low-voltage and overcharging. You can check the light button for an indication of the charge remaining in the battery.

• The red light indicates the charge is at or below 3.5 volts
• Blue light indicates the charge is at 3.5 volts to 3.8 volts
• Pink light indicates the charge is at 3.8 volts or higher, including fully charged.

It can tell the device is fully charged when the light flashes 20 times and turns off. You can charge it using the accompanying USB cable which you can connect to the computer. You can also use a main adapter as long as it does not supply a current higher than 2 amperes. During charging, the light will be on throughout until full charge when it will do the flashing.

Aspire Tigon Kit Bottom

Usage and Performance

It is hard to envision any setup or design that could work as seamless and with little effort as the Aspire Tigon. It does not have many parts that can be easily accessed. Even the setup is fast as it’s changing the vaping liquids and replacing the coils. Airflow control is easy, and the flavor you get enriches your experience immensely.

Unfortunately, the biggest selling point of the device leads to its major drawback. It is ultimately better at MTL than DTL unless you do not favor a stronger hit and you are not a cloud chaser.

The long battery life will, however, get you to enjoy all the vaping you need in a day, and the fast charging means you never get to wait long to redo it all over. At the very least, the Aspire Tigon offers a reliable performance even if it may miss the thrills of large clouds.

Pros and Cons


  • It has an excellent build quality and appealing design
  • It is easy to set up and use
  • Has a long battery life
  • It offers a hybrid vaping experience supporting both DTL and MTL
  • It employs a plug-in coil system and a spring-loaded mechanism for self-sealing wick holes
  • The device has an extensive array of safety features and childproofing options
  • Leaks proof system preventing spills when carrying the device or using it
  • Great flavor from all coils, which also have a long life to support frequent use.


  • It has an unregulated output meaning you have to keep checking your indicator
  • The paintwork is not scratch resistant


Veteran vaping users, especially those looking for a cloud chasing experience, may feel underwhelmed by the Aspire Tigon. However, that does not reflect on the quality of the Aspire Tigon kit but rather on personal preferences.

This vaping device is targeted for those who want DTL without the extensive vapors, are new to vaping or want a simple to use and consistent vaping device, especially those who prefer MTL. Even longtime vapers can appreciate the build quality, reliable performance, and the great taste offered by the Aspire Tigon.

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