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Best Desktop Vaporizers

Best Desktop Vaporizers

For those who are enjoying vaping at home whether alone or with friends, a desktop vaporizer is a solution. Although it can be expensive, they offer super vapor quality and an excellent experience.

Not only are desktop vaporizers used for vaping purpose, but they can also be used for medicinal purpose. If you are new to this whole thing of it, we have discussed the top 10 best desktop vaporizer you can choose from.

The Top-Listed Best Desktop Vaporizers:

1. Plenty Vaporizer

Best Desktop Vaporizers

Plenty vaporizer is so small that if it didn’t need plugging in, it would have been considered portable. It’s a multi-use vaporizer with big chamber. Despite its chamber being big, it still gives the same experience whether you pack it or just put a pinch of herbs. It has a cooling coil between the mouthpiece and chamber that gives you a cool vapor. Although plenty does not sustain heat level and you have to pull the trigger to have it heated up again, it allows you to vape as high as 395F.

2. Hyer Big-E Rig Vaporizer

Best Desktop Vaporizers

With this vaporizer, you are safe from using any torches; some can be dangerous. It allows both high and low temperature dabbling all thanks to its precise temperature controls. This makes different vaping experiences possible. It can attach to any glass water pipes because of its expandable base. It has a 3300mAh main battery that makes it possible to be used as portable. The only negative thing is you will have to purchase its water pipes separately.

3. Volcano Vaporizer

Best Desktop Vaporizers

This volcano shaped vaporizer with an easy to use interface has been in the market for fifteen years. It has two models (classic and digital). The classic variation has analog features and is very easy to use while the digital variation has a digital display that enables users to set the temperature accurately. It comes with five pre-made balloons that are easy to use and ready to be filled with vapor. These balloons can be refilled from 50 to 100 times. Its volcano digit allows users to choose the exact temperature degree they want. Unfortunately, the volcano vaporizer is very expensive.

4. Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer

Best Desktop Vaporizers

Whether it’s oils or herbs, this vaporizer will produce excellent vapor quality, that’s how it’s designed. It is flexible, you can use it with wax, oils or herbs. It is designed to sit on a flat surface providing you with a vaping experience without using hands. With over 25 temperature settings, Dr. Dabber switches vaporizer heats up to 300-500 degrees Fahrenheit in five seconds. It comes with a removable battery in the switch that gives up to 150 hits in a single charge. However, you have to be careful with it; otherwise, it will quickly burn up dry herbs.

5. Arizer Extreme Q

Best Desktop Vaporizers

This is an improved and re-designed version of Arizer Extreme. This is multifunctional, the perfect definition of “all-in-one”, uses glass parts only. It has a flat base plate with a cylindrical body. Its finish is shiny and sleek making its design amazing and unique. Despite having fragile glass parts, its quality is still the best. Its temperature control is precise.

6. Herbalizer Desktop Vaporizer

Best Desktop Vaporizers

Having been designed by an ex NASA engineer, it boasts of being the world’s most technologically advanced table vaporizer. Herbalizer Desktop Vaporizer is very fast, versatile and easy to use. It’s quieter than the volcano and comes with a two-year warranty. It has a LED screen. Despite having a good design, its plastic cables are flimsy.

7. Vaporfection Vivape 2 Vaporizer

Best Desktop Vaporizers

It is a super vaporizer that allows the dual function of both liquid and dry herbs in the chamber. You switch to your preferred mode at your convenience. There are customized bags in the package. The medical grade equipment makes it sterile and powerful. Its replacement comes with the product. It is pretty bad that bit takes up to 90 seconds to heat up.

8. Da Buddha Vaporizer

Best Desktop Vaporizers

The Da Buddha Vaporizer is pocket-friendly, performs amazingly, and it’s long lasting. It is good for people who are new to desktop vaporizers. It heats up to 380F within a short time, but its outer part is kept cold by the aluminium cottage. With this vaporizer, your herbs have to be fine and parked above quarter inch weed for you to get the best experience.

9. Silver Surface Vaporizer

Best Desktop Vaporizers

If you are not a fan of bag vaporizers, then this whip style desktop vaporizer with an ordinary design is your perfect option. With this vaporizer, you can get cleanest flavours from your herbs because of its silver surface. Its chamber is ceramic. It takes less than 5 minutes to heat up. Its replaceable parts are affordable, and it has a three-year warranty covering its electronic components. But its the glass components can easily break.

10. Vapor Cup Vaporizer

Best Desktop Vaporizers

This one is not a plug-in but very massive in size. It looks like a coffee mug and you can use it anywhere without fear of being victimized. It is heavy and sturdy with its metal construction.  A glass stem that produces cool and cleanest flavour are included. Its herb packing mechanism varies depending on the type of straw you use. This vaporizer is not always available in stock, and it takes to pocket-friendly time to charge.

Types of Desktop Vaporizers

There two main types of desktop vaporizers: whip style vaporizers and forced desktop air vaporizers.

a. Whip-Style Vaporizers

Whip style vaporizers are pocket-friendly. They are simply built hence less technical and easy to use. They have two main parts, a heating element, and a whip.

Whip style vaporizers comprise of three major parts: mouthpiece usually made of glass, a glass chamber where the herbs are stored, and tubing made from medical grade silicon. Whip style vaporizers allow hands-free vaping and their airtight seals improve vapor production and flavour.

b. Force Air Vaporizers

Unlike whip style vaporizers, these are expensive and advanced. They propel hot air through the verbs using fans. The vaporized air is then collected by balloon bags.

Instead of using balloon bags, some of the forced air vaporizers blow air directly into a whip attachment, this allows users to inhale vapor directly, but they still have balloon bags thus the name dual function vaporizers. Their vapor and steam are perfect, better than whip style.

Reasons Why You Need Desktop Vaporizers

Best Desktop Vaporizers

– Desktop vaporizers have big chambers as compared to portable ones. This means that you can enjoy your vaping experience for a long time without having to refill since big chambers will store more herbs.

– Can be plugged directly to the main power source and do not rely on batteries. You won’t have to cut short your vaping simply because your vaporizer ran out of battery.

– More healthier as compared to cigarette smoking because it eliminates combustion process that causes harm to your health.

– It makes social smoking at home with friends possible and enjoyable. The balloon bag can be easily passed around among friends making sharing easy.

– It is economical as compared to cigarette smoking. If you are smoking cigarettes, you have to buy them now and then, this is expensive. While it might be expensive to buy a desktop vaporizer, it will last longer and give you quality vapor.

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