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Best Diacetyl-Free Vape Juice for Vaping

Best Diacetyl-Free Vape Juice for Vaping

If you’re a vaper who pick up on the current notoriety, both real and hyped, that diacetyl has acquired, as a precaution, you might like to steer clear of the vape juices that carry that substance. That’s nothing unexpected. Nobody would want to take on existing and potential risks, if they can manage it. So what are your options? With all the organic, non-GMO and vegan diacetyl-free vape juices out there, it can be a bit overwhelming. To make things easier, let’s take a look at the list of 10 best diacetyl-free vape juice.

Top 10 Best Diacetyl-Free Vape Juice

1. Old Fashioned R&R

Best Diacetyl-Free Vape Juice for Vaping

The cocktail taste of bourbon and citrus, this vape juice is brought to you by Motley Brew, the company vowed to “rock your vaping experience.” The whiskey and citrus have a slightly sweet undertone and a 70/30 VG/PG ratio. Its viscosity could be a problem for old atomizers. R&R also comes with a maximum 18mg nicotine measure, making it a useful transition tool.

2. Strawberry Shortcake

Best Diacetyl-Free Vape Juice for Vaping

One of the leaders of the vaping industry in utilizing the latest technologies, VaporFi acquires its natural glycerin for Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream juice from soybeans, eliminating the possibility of peanut allergies. The 70/30 VG/PG provides a delicate balance between the two sweet tastes that doesn’t leave any unpleasant or inauthentic aftertaste. It packs mild hit and relies on atomizer designs.

3. Black Note

Best Diacetyl-Free Vape Juice for Vaping

Made of real tobacco essence extracted through all natural processes, Black Note’s diacetyl-free authentic and robust flavor is the prime choice for tobacco connoisseur and smokers in transition alike. The vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol (VG/PG) ratio is 50/50, so the juice does pack a good hit and also comes in natural peppermint flavor.

4. Halo and Evo

Best Diacetyl-Free Vape Juice for Vaping

Halo and Evo is a Gainsville, FL based e-juice producer that specializes in manufacturing diacetyl-free juices. By using their state of the art facility, the Halo line focuses on gourmet and tobacco flavors while Evo excels at fruity flavors. The nicotine and VG/PG levels are highly customizable.

5. FAR Grape

Best Diacetyl-Free Vape Juice for Vaping

FAR Grape by Vape Element is a simple yet alluring mix of ruby red and concord grapes: two flavors that complement each other instead of overpowering. Element acquires all its components, including tobacco and tobacco extracts, from well established and famous manufacturers of the industry to ensure that their products are diacetyl-free. The mild-hit 75/25 VG/PG juice is especially popular among vapers with a taste for fruity flavors. It comes with a maximum measure of 6mg nicotine.

6. Remixed Sampler

Best Diacetyl-Free Vape Juice for Vaping

As the name suggests, this sampler by Motley Brew is a mix of 3 distinct samples: Crumb DMC with its sweet tartness of red apple and crumb cake undertone, The Drop with its blueberry/key lime cookie and vanilla undertone and Bubble Pop with its strong strawberry chewing gum leading down to watermelon and kiwi. The 70/30 PG/VG has a smooth taste that is favored by pastry lovers. It’s also a good choice for smokers since they offer nicotine variations as high as 12mg.

7. Kind Juice

Best Diacetyl-Free Vape Juice for Vaping

One of the unique e-juices available, Kind Juice produced juices which are made of natural organic materials and natural extracts. They are free of diacetyl and artificial sweeteners. Whether fruit nectar, tobacco or floral, Kind Juice’s are all VG maximized.

8. Cosmic Fog

Best Diacetyl-Free Vape Juice for Vaping

The uniqueness of Cosmic Fog is that all their vape juices are tested and made by vapers with a culinary background. The flavors have a personal feel to them and guarantee heightened experiences for the vaper’s taste buds.

9. Virgin Vapor

Best Diacetyl-Free Vape Juice for Vaping

Virgin Vapor by KAI is without a doubt one of the cleanest vape juices available in the market. KAI’s cutting edge GC-MS testing mainly focuses on ensuring that their products are diacetyl-free. In addition, they use USP and kosher grade materials. All of their products, including Virgin Vapor, are VG maximized. So probably it’s not for tobacco connoisseurs or vapers who look for a good hit.

10. Pear Almond

Best Diacetyl-Free Vape Juice for Vaping

This diacetyl-free vape juice is a product of Ripe Vapes, a company with a considerable reputation under its belt. Ripe Vapes aims to make vaping more of a wine tasting experience or rather, an experience of the elegance. And Pear Almond keeps to the promise. This dessert connoisseur good flavor is a mix of strong European desserts and mild fruity undertone: the prime taste of marzipan, with the obvious hint of pear.

Now that you know about some of the best diacetyl-free vape juice and their salient features, it’s time to look into something about it.

What Is Diacetyl

Diacetyl is a yellowish green organic liquid compound that comes out as a byproduct when dairy and other edible materials are put through the fermentation process. It has a savory and buttery taste and regularly used in producing microwave popcorn. Diacetyl is on FDA’s GRAS list, identifying it as a safe and edible additive. Alcoholic beverages, due to their inherent nature, always contain diacetyl. So there is no risk in eating or drinking them. There is a risk, however, in inhaling them. When put through heat and vaporization, diacetyl, depending on its quantity and exposure duration, could become detrimental.

Importance of Vaping Diacetyl-Free Vape Juice

As mentioned earlier, vaporizing Diacetyl-Free Vape Juice could be hazardous to health, and there is considerable evidence for it.

In the 1990s, eight microwave popcorn manufacturers were found to be using diacetyl (DA) as the additive. Some of the workers there were recognized to be affected by bronchiolitis obliterans, scarring of the lungs. The scarred tissues create air pockets, leading to shortness of breath, with fatal consequences not excluded from the possibilities. Some workers did die of the disease. The CDC led investigation couldn’t come with a definite answer, but since all the affected workers had to spend a fixed amount of time inside a DA vapor infused room, it is the most likely culprit.

So all available facts do suggest at the potential risk of inhaling diacetyl vapors and should be avoided accordingly. As I said earlier, there is no point in taking on unnecessary risks, especially if you have other options.

Why Diacetyl in Vape Juice If They Are Hazardous?

So the question naturally arises: why, then, e-juices have diacetyl to begin with? A 2014 study showed that 75% of available e-juices have DA in them even though the manufacturers said that they weren’t mixing anything of that name in their product. Were they lying?

Fact is, while the manufacturers weren’t voluntarily spiking their products with diacetyl, some of the ingredients generally used in the manufacturing process do contain it, and the manufacturers were oblivious to this fact. To keep their product as diacetyl-free vape juice, the producers have to conduct either in-house or third-party tests, specifically for this purpose.

But the other reason for DA’s continuous presence is its taste itself. Regular vapers quite admired the rich flavor left by diacetyl and related chemical components. In addition, cigarettes also contain DA, about a thousand times more than vape-liquids. So former smokers don’t even consider the tiny quantity as even remotely dangerous.

Diacetyl-Free Vape Juice: Safest to Vape?

The answer is both yes and no. All the risks that vaping is suspect of ensues from the added flavors. There are quite a few chemical ingredients that have recorded risk potentials, albeit at their most active and controlled context. If you want to be completely safe, drop all the flavors and smoke the VG maximized or mostly VG/PG blend, which usually has a sweet taste. But if you can’t do without the hit, then diacetyl-free juices would be your safest bet. However, if you’re planning on going back to smoking tobacco, remember that vaping, even WITH diacetyl, is 95% safer than a cigarette.

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