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Best DNA Mods

Best DNA Mods

What Is a DNA Board?

Evolv has turned out to be one of the best manufacturers of DNA boards. These box mod chipsets are very accurate hence serving their purposes in the best way possible. Darwin was the first one to get into the market in the year 2012. This was during the push to introduce temperature control systems.

The initiative saw the introduction of DNA40 board, DNA75C board, finally the DNA259C. Evolv has continued to revolutionize vape setups. This can be confirmed through their intense efforts over the years to upgrade their DNA boards.

Top 10 Best DNA Mods

The market has numerous different DNA mods. However, you have to choose the best to enjoy some great functionality. Below are some of the best DNA mods you can pick from.

1. Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C

Best DNA Mods

It is the newest generation of the critically acclaimed Paranormal platform. The Paranormal DNA250C works with dual 18650 batteries(excluded), featuring an output range from 1 to 200W with an industry leading 97% power efficiency. Besides, it can be turned into a power bank with the Male to Female USB that comes with the packaging.

2. Wismec Reuleaux DNA 250 TC

Best DNA Mods

This DNA mod is very beautiful because of its exceptional design. It has a great performance that enables it ranking well among the best DNA mods. It has a fine texture that provides a comfortable grip. Its features are amazing to ensure it serves every vaper very well.

3. Lost Vape Triade DNA250

Best DNA Mods

This one is equipped with a quality leather battery outlet. It has great ventilation stripes and a classy look. And it fires up to 300 watts. It’s one of the most comfortable DNA mods you will ever handle.

4. Lost Vape Therion DNA75C

Best DNA Mods

This is one of the pioneers of a DNA75C chip. It comes in various colors and made from great material, definitely one of the best DNA mods out there in the market for you.

5. Lavabox DNA 200

Best DNA Mods

First, it comes from a trusted brand, Volcano. Be assured that it will serve you very well. It has a great aesthetic value and functionality all the same. Lavabox DNA 200 has a comfortable, rubberized grip, HD OLED screen, double adjustment buttons, a fire button, 900mAh battery, and an efficient USB port.

6. HCigar VT250

Best DNA Mods

It falls among the most recent DNA mods. The mod has the current DNA chipset fitted in it. It can sustain enough power output. You can monitor the other battery individually for every cell. It boasts of an attractive design with curved edges. You will feel comfortable while holding it. And its OLED screen is so appealing.

7. Think Vape Finder DNA250C 300W

Best DNA Mods

It is made from a long-lasting zinc alloy and equipped with a legit leather battery cover, TFT screen and a face plate made from stainless steel. This DNA mode is well designed to accommodate three 18650 batteries. It is capable of firing about 300 watts.

8. Lost Vape Mirage 100W DNA75C

Best DNA Mods

One of the best DNA mods available in the market. It is capable of firing about 100watts. It makes use of either 18650, 20700 or 21700 battery. The DNA mod has a lasting anodized aluminum edge. It comes in 5 colors with unique color and patterns combinations.

9. VMA Mods Jester DNA 167

Best DNA Mods

This has a great wood body that gives every device an exceptional color pattern. VMA Mods Jester DNA 167 has a basic boxy shape. It works well with limited batteries. This one works with dual 18650 batteries that ought to be bought separately — known for its three button control options and an OLED screen. It uses any TC wire. Honestly speaking, this is one of the best DNA mods you need to purchase.

10. Vapor Shark DNA 250

Best DNA Mods

If you are a vaper, then is the best DNA mod for you. It is equipped with some significant features that give it a great performance — endorsed with LiPo batteries that power it while in operation. You can always recharge it when it runs out of power. It has an amazing design completed with aluminum construction, front panel, three control buttons, and amazing blocky shape.

What Is Escribe Software?

This is one of the best things to ever occur to DNA mods. It gives you great control through using a wide variety of parameters. This software contributes immensely to an amazing vape experience mini-adjustment. There is a detailed manual that will give you insight on how to utilize Escribe Software. Make the most out of it.

Basic DNA Mod Settings (and How to Use Them)

-Power on Device. Press the button five times to switch on the DNA mod

-Lock Device. Press the button five times

-Adjust Power. Use the Up and the Down keys to allow you to adjust temperature/wattage.

-Activate Stealth Mode. After powering on the device, use the UP and the DOWN buttons for 5 seconds for the display to go dim

-Lock Power Setting. Used specifically for locking the temperature/wattage of the DNA mod. You will use the UP and the DOWN buttons just for 2 seconds.

-Lock Atomizer Resistance. Make sure your DNA mod is switched on and have an attached tank. Hold down the UP and the DOWN keys concurrently to have the atomizer resistance locked.

Adjusting Settings for Maximum Performance

Most people prefer purchasing DNA mods due to their high accuracy. It is said that they have an accuracy of 97%. First, install the tank and make some adjustments to achieve optimum output. If you are using a sub-ohm tank, RTA or RDA, you can start at 50W. Then continue adjusting until the flavor reaches its peak. The peak falls between 80W-100W. In the vent of MTL tank, start from 10W-15W. You can now start making adjustments.

What About Temperature Control

As a vaper, you need to have a suitable flavor. Usually, it varies from one individual to the other. That means you need to make some adjustments until it suits you. There is a guide reliant on the tank you will be using. Make sure you begin from the lowest point. This prevents your coil from burning quickly.

The beauty of DNA mods is that they are unique at controlling the vaping temperature. It will be better for you to use TC to control the temperature in a fashion.

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