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Best Dry Herb Tanks

Best Dry Herb Tanks

The best thing about using a dry herb tank is that you can conveniently attach it to your e-cigarette. It then accords you vaping comfort, and it is truly an efficient way to enjoy any form of cannabis.

You do not, however, need to spend a lot to purchase an atomizer since there are cheaper options that are very effective. The only challenge is in selecting a great atomizer. Below are the best dry herb atomizers you can choose from.

The Best Dry Herb Tanks

1. The Mig Vapor Black Sub-Herb

Best Dry Herb Tanks

This exquisite dry herb atomizer features a black tinted glass for discretion as well as enhanced airflow making sure you feel enriched every time you vape. It has a ceramic spring-loaded filter to fasten your dry herb. With zero plastics, and exposed coils. This stealth atomizer also features an advanced ceramic heating technology making it highly effective.

2. The V2 Pro Series 7 Dry Herb Cartridge

Best Dry Herb Tanks

Its prime feature is the simple cartridge which has a mouthpiece that easily twists off to expose an ideally sized ceramic chamber for you to put the dry herb. It is also a three-in-one atomizer which means that there’s no limited use of it (e-liquid and dry herb),  waxes and concentrates are also available to use with it. Three temperature options ensure you are in control of your performance which is highly enriched.

3. The Hunter Ceramic Donut Atomizer

Best Dry Herb Tanks

Its heating element is a ceramic donut, and you can opt for either a steel or black stainless steel atomizer. It is 510 threaded with a resistance of 0.7 – 0.8 Ohm. The consistency it offers in performance comes with a unique flavor, and the atomizer is easy to clean.

4. The Mig Vapor Vibrant Sub-Herb

Best Dry Herb Tanks

It packs a ceramic firing-up cup in conjunction with a built-in heating coil to avoid any contact with the dry herb, and as such you will get the purest flavor. Even with the regular or straightforward tank outlook, its uniqueness is guaranteed as both weed and wax are available to use with it.

5. The Eclipse Dry Herb Tank

Best Dry Herb Tanks

This powerful atomizer tank has a profound porcelain chamber as well as a glassy borosilicate muzzle to accord you a pure dry herb flavor. With 510 threading,  it is attachable to any regular mod with a capability for sub-ohm vaping. It might resemble a standard vape tank, but it is specifically manufactured for dry herb application.

6. Mr. Bald T

Best Dry Herb Tanks

This exquisite atomizer applies touch point technology to ensure a real bake. Its compatibility is with both weed and wax. It features a coil-less firing-up mechanism and perfectly-fitting locking cap. Its construction is majorly through the use of fine ceramics and stainless steel. The 0.3 Ohm resistance it has makes it a perfect vaping companion at 18 – 30 W.

7. The Clouper Cloutank M4

Best Dry Herb Tanks

This advanced atomizer features better characteristics of Cloupour’s original tanks and it is suitable for dry herb. The dual filter mechanism and controllable airflow regulation will ensure that your vaping custom is uplifted. It is also highly compatible with all your desired 510 mods.

8. The Cloud Pen Paragon Herb

Best Dry Herb Tanks

With its classic titanium body and a ceramic dish for holding your dry herb. It has a central chamber with a mesh top acting as the cover. Although it has a exposed filter, and it is still visible when you open the atomizer. Besides, its performance is superb.

9. The Honeystick Oz

Best Dry Herb Tanks

The simple but effective design ensures the exquisiteness accorded by this atomizer. It fits into your ordinary mod, allowing you to conveniently vape either concentrates or weed. Its body is made of glass with a ceramic dry herb holder cup inside and a metallic mouthpiece.

10. The La Queef/ La Queef 510 E- Nail

Best Dry Herb Tanks

Its dry herb attachment is a basic electronic dab rig which can vape dry herb. Its tank-like section allows for attachment to an e-cig and it connects to a bubbler that contains the mouthpiece. The tank section has a top e-nail extension joined to a plate and spring for easier material patting down.

What Is a Dry Herb Tank?

A dry herb tank is a tank for vaping weed. Their functioning might be similar but several characteristics cut across all the products in the market. The dry herb tanks are run by common 510-connected vape mods. They also feature a heating element for heat provision which fires up the herb.

There are variations in the coils with some vape tanks having the regular kind and others having coil-less systems. They allow for your temperature manipulation by application of the variable wattage mod.

The name “dry herb tank” should never confuse your understanding of their application since they function in a non-similar manner as compared to the regular dry herb tanks. You can directly place the weed on the heating element.

Normally, temperature setting to perfection requires you to keep trying. There are tanks which are wholesome with a battery specifically made to match the atomizer. They will in such a manner which is easy to use without a mod or even wattage adjustment familiarization. Conclusively, using a dry herb tank is a much-needed shift you should consider if never use it before.

How to Use a Dry Herb Tank

Your experience in using the 510 dry herb tank will be much smoother if adhere to these guidelines:

-Connect your dry herb tank to the 510 connector on your mod.

-Use a weed grinder to finely grind your dry herbs.

-As you fill up your herb vape tank, take great care, and not to over pack.

-Make sure the herb is stacked well by using a dab tool.

-Ensure that the equipment is powered on and adjusted to the setting you prefer.

-Press the firing up switch for about 3 seconds and then draw in.

-For heat control, you may pulsate the firing up button slowly on and off repeatedly.

-You can up the wattage if the heat is insufficient.

-After you have several hit, you can stir the herb gently using the dab tool.

-The debris should be eliminated as soon as you finish vaping.

-An effective and cheap means of cleaning your herb tank is by use of grain alcohol.

Best Dry Herb Tanks

Advantages and Disadvantage of Dry Herb Tanks

The advantages

  • Modest
  • Cheap
  • Vape mod attachment is possible
  • Controllable power
  • Flavor enhanced compared to smoking
  • Zero lighter requirements

The disadvantages

  • May produce hot steam
  • A learning process involved
  • Regular maintenance needed
  • Most need an operational mod

How to Clean a Dry Herb Tank

After you have used high-grade vape tank, it is advisable that you remove the vaporized weed (commonly known as “ABV”) before another use. Even with the process being simple you may always find some residue left inside. The mesh screens that filter the vapor as you inhale also trap tiny bits. They can lead to poor performance as the route connecting the mouthpiece to the chamber is throttled.

There is a majority of dry herb vaping tanks selling with a brush or an appropriate cleansing tool. It is all that you will apply when pondering on how you will ensure that your dry herb tank is kept clean, although you can also apply to rub alcohol, acetone, and Q-tips for effectiveness. You must soak the mouthpiece and soak mesh in the rubbing alcohol, and then the brush is used to wash the chamber.

A misshape of the coil can affect its proper working, and you have to be careful. Soak the coil along with the chamber after ensuring that the filter and mouthpiece have soaked for at least five minutes before you remove them. You should air-dry the parts and apply Q-tips for thorough drying so that you can then use the tank once more.


When you can’t invest in an atomizer manufactured for dry herb specifically the best alternative is an appropriate vape tank. The list of the best dry herb tanks above indicates that indeed numerous devices are capable of handling the work.

Nonetheless, specially manufactured dry herb tanks are better in terms of performance since their consistency and reliability is much higher than that accorded by 510 dry herb tanks. In totality, a better experience of dry herb vaping is obtained by a high-grade atomizer at an affordable price as compared to the latter option.

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