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E-Liquid Pens – A List of Top 10 to Opt

E-Liquid Pens – A List of Top 10 to Opt

The 10 Best E-Liquid Pens

1. Freemax Twister Starter Kit

E-Liquid Pens – A List of Top 10 to Opt

The ultra-stylish pen which is graphite-coated features a Fireluke 2 tank with mesh. Its 2300 mAh variable wattage mod has a strength of up to 80 watts for an excellent performance. Wattage adjustment can be done easily by the use of a clickable button conveniently fixed at the bottom of the pod. Freemax Twister has advanced compatibility with all Firefluke coils.

2. The Titan X Hybrid

E-Liquid Pens – A List of Top 10 to Opt

It is the hybrid cross of a box mod vaporizer and an e-cig. The feature means a user can select whether to retain vapor in the mouth or to let it travel straight into the lungs. The triple refined stainless steel material allows the Titan X to retain a sleek outlook with discretion. It also features superb battery capacity as well as mesh protection that is splash proof for seamless filling.

3. KandyPens Rubi Oil Vape Pen

E-Liquid Pens – A List of Top 10 to Opt

It is handmade with a battery that has a lifetime guarantee. Power is activated by air meaning zero buttons are needed, and puffing is seamless. It is mainly used for Direct-To-Lung inhalation, and the pod design is leak-proof.

4. The SMOK Stick V9 Max

E-Liquid Pens – A List of Top 10 to Opt

With a capacity of 8ml, this pen accords a user a powerful yet smooth vaping experience where big and complete clouds are produced. Extra elegance is accorded by the glass and stainless-steel tank construction.

5. The Innokin Plexar

E-Liquid Pens – A List of Top 10 to Opt

This best vape pen for e-liquid has highly durable Plex3D coils which also produce a brilliant flavor. Its 100 watts mod has prime compatibility with batteries rated up to 21700. The Plex tube can hold up to 4 ml of contents, and its airflow is completely adjustable with an expedient top-fill.

6. Innokin Endura T18 II

E-Liquid Pens – A List of Top 10 to Opt

This is second generation of original Endura T18 vape pen. This vape pen has improved its former battery and integrated 1300mAh rechargeable battery. By utilizing the plug n play coil system, you can change the coil faster and effortlessly. And the magnetic top cap and metal cage protect your device from breaks.

7. The Joyetech eGO AIO

E-Liquid Pens – A List of Top 10 to Opt

It combines both simplicity and elegance to give a powerful vaping experience. Its integrated tank mechanism, a user interface with a single button and internal batteries ensures that each new user gets a seamless experience. The top features adjustable airflow with a tight cap which is child proof.

8. Shanlaan Lan Lite Pod Pen Kit

E-Liquid Pens – A List of Top 10 to Opt

It features refillable pods in its open mechanism allowing it to hold up to 1.4 ml of e-liquid. Extra customization is enhanced by the removable side covers with round edges. The pod also has ceramic coils with a resistance of up to 1.3ohm. Draw-activation mechanism means that no batteries feature on the pod’s surface.

9. SMOK Resa Stick

E-Liquid Pens – A List of Top 10 to Opt

The reason of this device standing on the list is because of its beautiful cobra resin designs and the striking color. The integrated battery allows for 3.4-4.2 V output. The tank has maximum juice capacity of 7.5ml. And it’s compatible with both 0.15ohm coil and 0.25ohm dual coil.

10. The Vaporesso Cascade One Plus SE

E-Liquid Pens – A List of Top 10 to Opt

The Vaporesso cascade tank fits 6.5 ml of e-liquid with highly reliable GT coils. A powerful integrated 3000mAh battery that charges swiftly ensures a long-lasting vaping experience. It’s a vape pen with a balance between performance range and versatile output.

What Is an E-Liquid Vape Pen?

E-liquid pens used in vaping are fully assembled vape sets that are designed to imitate a pen’s shape. In the past, they resembled and were similar in size to a normal pen, but recent innovations have led to vape tube mod designs that are much larger but functioning in the same manner as high-grade vape mods.

The e-liquid vape pens are different from AIOs that are styled like pens as they are designed to use detachable vape chambers. A majority of the e-liquid reservoirs used in with vape pens can be attached to other vape mods, similar to the way their batteries power vape tanks that have a compatible link.

Categories of E-Liquid Vape Pens and Their Distinguishing Aspects

There are numerous makes and sizes of e-liquid vape pens in the market all having varying features and functionalities. One distinct characteristic noted as a differentiating aspect for all e-liquid vape pens is their means of power delivery from the battery to their tank.


Regulated e-liquid vape pens normally have a tube shape and are larger than other types of e-liquid vape pens. Their functionality is similar to controlled vape mods, and they have chipsets that are completely capable of regulation. Their batteries often have 18650 to 20700/21700 compatibility with a capability of high wattage firing. Controlled pipe mods normally are sold together with sub ohm tanks.

Direct/Straight output

E-Liquid vape pens that have a straightforward output normally have higher wattage firing capabilities especially at full charge, and the output decreases by the battery voltage dropping rate. Their batteries are inbuilt, and they have chipsets which limit their firing potential by the needs of the tank normally ranging between 3.3-4.2 V.

Persistent voltage

An e-liquid pen which uses the constant voltage mechanism fires at a preset voltage up to the point where the battery runs completely dry. This method of power delivery is mainly favorable for its ability to allow steady vaping all through. These kinds of pens have internal batteries, some of which have varying voltage settings that one can select from.

How Does an E-Liquid Vape Pen Work?

What is the basic working mechanism of an e-liquid pen and what instructions are applicable in the setup and use of the vape pen?

The listing of components above and their description details are all the basic working mechanism of vape pens that you need to know. I will nonetheless summarize and explain all the concepts including the association of the various parts.

An e-liquid vape pen has a simple setting up mode; fire up the device using its battery or the MOD. The batteries/MODs come in different shapes as well as sizes depending on their output capabilities. They initiate the conveying power into the coils which are the atomizers’ cores. A wick contained in each coil soaks the liquid contained in the pyrex chamber enclosing all the parts.

When you fire up the battery/MOD, the coil is heated resulting in a heating up of the springs looping around the wick, making the wick heat up and vaporize the liquid. Upon puffing, the device draws vapor via the atomizer and out to the device’s tip.

The Following Are the Setup and Use Instructions for a Regular E-Liquid Pen:

E-Liquid Pens – A List of Top 10 to Opt

Device preparation

You will have to get ready for several sections of the pen before you can be able to use it. It is a complicated process at first that you will adapt to soon enough. Delink the atomizer/tank and the other device parts. You can only separate the atomizer and the tank, once you have the tank, the atomizer has been delinked.

You will also find detailed guidelines for this process in the manual attached to the product. Different devices have varying dismantling mechanisms.

Atomizer priming

This step requires you to prepare or prime the liquid of your preference. This entails basically soaking the wick and juice for easier circulation to eliminate the possibility of the taste getting ruined or“burnt.”

Separate the atomizer and tank, and about 2-4 holes will be visible on the atomizer’s sides containing a white material inside. Take the juice and put 2-3 drops inside each opening and you might also put the juice on top of the atomizer.

Tank filling

The atomizer is now primed, and you can fix it back at the tank’s base. Take great care not to make the connection too tight as this could lead to firing issues. Find out from the manual whether the tank is bottom fill or top fill. This will guide you in selecting the next step:

-Top Fill: Have the tank connection redid and on the tank’s tip under the drip tip, you can unscrew a section. This will enable you to see two holes for putting in juice. Fill the tank through the holes until the maximum fill mark.

-Bottom Fill – Place the tank’s tip back and flip the tank ensuring that the atomizer is not connected yet. Put the liquid in the tank without exceeding the drip tip tube. Upon maximum filling, reconnect the atomizer at its base back to the device.

Device configuration

You have completely set up everything, and the device is ready. The only thing remaining is ensuring that the battery settings are ideal for proper compatibility with the atomizer. Ensuring an ideal wattage is set since excessive power can lead to the atomizer getting burnt.

Finding the Best E-Liquid Pen That Fits Your Desires

E-Liquid Pens – A List of Top 10 to Opt

There are several things that you should consider to know which e-liquid pen fits your needs best. All things will be determined by the desires you have. However, your experience level with varying e-liquid eases your selection of the type you desire most. The following are some of the essential details about vape pen features and what they imply for your consideration:

Pulling mechanism

2 major pulling mechanisms exist in use of an e-Liquid pen.

-DTL (Direct to lung) – It is very common where the vapor travels straight to the lungs from the device. You can pull once on this device and get a mouthful of vapor produced, which retains an exciting flavor inside your mouth.

-MTL (Mouth to lung) – Here instead of the vapor being drawn to your lungs directly, it is pulled to the mouth after which it travels to the lungs. The hit is harder on your throat, and vapor production is lesser but more vapor is produced. Several devices do not have this pulling mechanism enabled.

The resistance of the coil

Every atomizer has a coil with a specific resistance capability normally indicated in ohms. Coil resistance shows the swiftness the coil can fire up, and ensures that the juice produces more vapor. The right balance for the resistance should be obtained as a higher limit will cause drying up of the wick swiftly. Sub ohm e-liquid vape pens normally have a resistance ranging from 0.3 – 1.5 ohms.

Modifiable wattage

Numerous people consider this aspect in any e-liquid vape product. The aspect indicates the possibility you are able to control the liquid vaporization wattage. Such control means more capabilities of switching atomizers and vaping different liquids. It is important to ensure that you do not put a wattage that exceeds the indicated level.

Modifiable airflow

Two air holes are normally at the base of each tank. They can be adjusted to permit more air to flow into the tank as you draw from the device ensuring that your control over the balance of vapor and air in the puffs you make is more. Several devices do not have adjustable airflow.

OLED / LED screen

High-grade mods and batteries normally feature a screen on the surface. It showcases various details about the devices and their status quo. This enables you to determine aspects like low battery, wattage level, and coil resistance. Devices with screens are more expensive as some extremely expensive types have touch screens.

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