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Best High-VG Vape Juice

Best High-VG Vape Juice

E-juice refers to the fluid containing in electronic cigarettes and vaporizers for the purpose of creating the actual flavor. Vape juice or e-juice usually consists of two main ingredients in the form of VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and PG (Propylene Glycol). These two ingredients have different taste and consistencies in terms of the sensation of the mouth and throat.

A high VG vape juice primarily consists of vegetable glycerin with the level of PG being lower. Put in another way; a high VG juice means that the VG: PG ratio is more VG concentrated. A 70% VG or higher is important for making the juice thicker, sweeter, and for producing more vapor.

Top 10 Best High-VG Vape Juice

1. Cinnamon Roll By Mount Baker Vapor

Best High-VG Vape Juice

There are both 80% and 100% vegetable glycerin options. The vape juice flavor of 80% VG is considered to be slightly better. However, you should choose 100% VG vape juice of Cinnamon Roll if you happen to prefer the biggest clouds. You should note that Mt Baker Vapor has a list of various VG options worth considering, especially if you do not like cinnamon rolls.

2. The Milkman

Best High-VG Vape Juice

The tiny cartons of the Milkman are available for you to see in almost any vape shop. Initially, the Milkman brand involves only a small production line of supplying e-juice of creamy milk flavors. At present, the Milkman also offers different varieties of candy, tobacco, and desserts flavor profiles. Some of the best high-VG vape juice options offered include churros, loved for its sugar-based cinnamon flavor.

3. Gummy Glu

Best High-VG Vape Juice

The Gummy Glu was made to taste like a mixture of gummy worms, gummy bears, sour gummy worms, and so forth. There are e-liquid bottles available that claim to offer gummy flavors but they do not, unlike Gummy Glu made available by Lost Art Liquids. It is very difficult to reproduce a sour flavor in vape juice. The tastes of both gummy worms and gummy bears are approximately the same. The Gummy Glu is one of the best vape juices available in terms of its sugary flavor.

4. Enlightenment

Best High-VG Vape Juice

This best high-VG juice is a product of KIND JUICE. This company is known for various awesome reasons. First, all of its e-liquids are high-VG, and since they employ the use of vegetable glycerin extracted from plants grown without pesticide use, its products are flavorful, friendlier, and healthier. One of the products of Kind Juice that you need to try is Nectars since it gives a pure and authentic taste. What is more, the naturally thicker viscosity flavors produce massive clouds.

5. Tribeca E-Liquid

Best High-VG Vape Juice

There is a reason why among vapers, this is considered to be among the best high-VG vape juices. Tribeca is a signature e-juice made by Halo Cigs, and it is known among vapers because of its sweet and minty flavor. This e-liquid features an initial and robust tobacco throat hit. The flavor of caramel and vanilla tends to smooth things out and result in sweet relief.

6. Rainbow Road

Best High-VG Vape Juice

This is an e-juice from VAPETASIA. You will be able to sense the usually familiar flavors of breakfast cereals like berries, tangy, and citrus fruit on inhaling. When you exhale Rainbow Road, you are guaranteed of feeling the creamiest and smoothest milk taste possible. You will be left wanting more with this perfect combination of fresh milk and sweet, sugary cereal.

7. Beard Vape No. 00 E-Juice

Best High-VG Vape Juice

The Beard Vape Company is a well-known e-juice brand. The company has more than 100 juice flavors with a beta number assigned to each. The Beard Vape No. 00 E-Juice is one of the popular flavors since it consists of a consistent, robust, and delicious tobacco flavor with the right amount of cappuccino to achieve a delightful finish and create a layered juice.

8. Straw-Nana Smoothie

Best High-VG Vape Juice

This is a product of VAPORFI, and it is popular because of its perfect and delicious combination of sweet and airy marshmallow, banana and strawberry. The addition of marshmallow ensures that this particular juice is not like other juices because of its smoothie taste. You are guaranteed to taste each of the different flavors fully, and that is made possible courtesy of a perfect blending.

9. Dragon’s Milk

Best High-VG Vape Juice

Red Line offers an array of different e-juices. One such popular high VG vape juice from Red Line is the Dragon’s Milk. This particular e-liquid blends exotic tastes and natural flavors such as raspberry, strawberry, and pomegranate. Also, Dragon’s Milk comes with glass droppers to enable easy refilling.

10. Sour Melon

Best High-VG Vape Juice

This is a product of Cosmic Fog. This e-juice consists of juicy ripe and sweet watermelon spiked with a sour candy jolt that is quite satisfying. Sour melon is really never too sour and never too sweet. So, this high-VG vape juice sets the standard when it comes to the making of ultimate sour and sweet e-liquid.

Best High-VG Vape Juice

Benefits of Using High VG Vape Juice

Newbie Friendly

The high VG e-liquid is more preferred by new vapers because it produces a smooth throat hit and tastes sweeter. For PG e-juice, it has a strong throat hit that discourages its use by new vapers.

Naturally Sweet

VG vape juice not only tastes sweeter but is also much smoother. VG e-liquids make it easier to have dessert and fruit flavorings and for that reason, if you love sweet flavors, then VG vape juice is for you.

Cloud Chasing

When vaping, almost all vapers usually like to have big and thick vape clouds and consequently, VG vape juice is preferred for the reason that it has a thicker and fuller vapor cloud.

PG Sensitivity

There are usual cases whereby vapers, both new and experienced, have suffered from allergic reactions because of Propylene Glycol. Other vapers have experienced PG sensitivity; the throat hit feeling resembling a burning sensation. For such people, the VG vape juice option will be perfect for them.

Side Effect of High VG Vape Juice

Dry mouth

This is one of the common side effects of using high VG vape juice. The dry mouth effect is possible since even though VG is a humectant, it is also hygroscopic which means that it absorbs water. It is advised that you drink plenty of water and liquids frequently.


Increasing the intake of liquids while using high VG vape juice will help counter this possible side effect. Dehydration is usually manifested through thirst, general dryness, or fatigue.


This also a common side effect especially experienced by beginner vapers. Coughing is usually caused because of a wrong vaping and inhaling approach.


This may be caused by vaping too much or inhaling excess nicotine. The headache serves as an indicator that you need to reduce the vaping activity or inhale lower nicotine levels.

Importance of Finding the Right PG/VG Ratio for You

It is recommended that you buy and use only a bottle consisting of a mixture of PG and VG vape juice/liquid instead of pure VG. That is, of course, except when participating in a competition for cloud chasing. Since the different ingredients have different qualities, it guarantees that a mixture always tastes better.

A high VG liquid means that its VG content is above 60%, like 20% PG / 80% VG and 30% PG/ 70% VG. Not all the different e-liquid ratios will be offered by a vape shop, and as a result, you may not have options. But, if you do have options, you should choose the right ratio in the form of 40/60 since it is more balanced, unlike a 20/80 ratio of high VG juice.

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