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Best Mechanical Mods

Best Mechanical Mods

Nowadays, mechanical vape mods are not as popular as they were a few years ago. These devices are meant to cut out on most of the complex inner workings of the usual vapes. The diminishing popularity of these devices has made it hard to get updated information about mechanical vaping mods in the market.

If you’re a devoted vaper who loves using mechs, you’ll agree with me that these devices have fallen out of favor in the marketplace. However, despite being less popular, we’ve compiled a list of best mech mods for all the enthusiast vapers out there who know the importance of these devices.

Top 10 Best Mechanical Mods

Some of the them on this list are not new in the market. But some of them have been in the market for quite some time, giving vapers an exceptional experience. Below is a list of Top 10 best mech mods in the market. These devices are worth every penny you spend on them.

1. Broadside Admiral

Best Mechanical Mods

It’s a versatile and powerful vaping tube mod. It comes with a clutch-style switch that gives its users a consistent firing experience. Broadside Admiral makes contact using a floating 510 pin, supports by a 18650/20700 battery. It has adjustable battery contacts that are made of copper-plated silver to maximize conductivity.


Best Mechanical Mods

This Innovations company is back with another wonder. This device is only 25 mm and has interchangeable sleeves, with silver coated contacts for better conductivity. It works with a 18650 with a hybrid connection, a copper switch feature with an auto battery adjustment system.

3. The VGOD Pro-Mech 2

Best Mechanical Mods

The Pro-Mech 2 comes with a hybrid connection which is loaded with unique features that are not on most mechanical tubes. This device features a self-adjusting battery ring and a comfy Delrin grip exterior. The Pro-Mech 2 also has a carbon fiber switch which increases contact with the battery.

4. The El Thunder Viva

Best Mechanical Mods

This is also a hard-hitting mech mod from Russia. With a diameter of only 26 mm, this mod comes with a hybrid connection. Furthermore, this device uses a 18650 battery, giving it a reliable performance with a good texture feel. Its switch also has a self-cleaning attachment that gives it a consistent and smooth throw.

5. The RX Machina

Best Mechanical Mods

This is also another affordable model mech mod from Wismec. The Wisemen’s RX Machina is among the smallest and best performing 20700 mechanical tubes in the market. This model has four protective sleeve options, a gold-coated firing button and a cap insulator that has a spring.

6. Sigelei VCIGO Moon Box Mod

Best Mechanical Mods

The Sigelei VCIGO Moon Box Mod has variable mech mod features. For example, it can go from 50 watts up to 200 watts. It also has a splendid design, with much more to offer in terms of features. This device can also be loaded with two batteries and has lots of safety features that ensure the safety of its users.

7. The Noisy Cricket 2

Best Mechanical Mods

Noisy Cricket 2 has a lot of features compared to other types of mech mods out there. It comes with different kinds of safety features that prevent batteries from burning out. There’s also included a bottom loading battery compartment in the device which reduces the risk of short-circuiting your battery when inserting it. The performance and safety levels included in this mech mod are enough to give meth users just what they want with very slight levels of fuss.

8. The Suicide Queen

Best Mechanical Mods

The Suicide Queen has an effortless and clean look that completes its exclusive and straightforward design. Apart from this mod providing the beauty and style that everyone desires, its mechanical properties also stand out. It has a triple magnet housing feature. It’s embedded to a one-button operation switch and you can operate it with a simple push. This also has a flawless thread which ensures no vaping juice spills out. It also has a hybrid top that’s very comfortable, specifically for beginners.

9. The Thunderhead Creations Taren

Best Mechanical Mods

This mod has a high-end look that gives it a unique feel. It comes with a 24 mm tube mod which supports a hybrid connection. This mod is compatible with 21700, 20700, or 18650 battery, and its 360-degree full contact design enables it to fire instantly.

10. The Demon Killer Tiny Vape

Best Mechanical Mods

This is another small-sized mechanical vape mod that offers high levels of power compared to other mods of the same size. Additionally, this device also includes a LED screen for displaying information and an 800mah battery that supports sub ohm vaping.

What Is a Mechanical Mod?

Best Mechanical Mods

A mechanical vaping mod is a simple vaping device that is built using a basic circuit, with no chips or circuitry features that add extra electronic features. The circuit in these mech mods simply joins the atomizer to the battery and pressing the switch completes the circuit.

Mech mods don’t have an extensive range of safety like regulated mods. This is why beginners are not favorable from using them. Parts used to make these mods include:

-A switch or a button: A switch or button is used to complete the electric circuit in these mech mods. Most tube mods have their buttons sunken in to avoid unintentional “firing.” Some of them also have locks to prevent the same.

-The battery housing: This is usually made up of metal, wood or plastic. Most of them typically accommodate one battery at a go.

-Battery contacts: A mechanical mod also has battery contacts, with the positive connection being in the top cap and the negative contacts in the button which is mostly spring loaded.

-510 connections: The 510 connects the mod to the atomizer. The 510 is typically made using brass and copper, which are used to provide power to the atomizer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mechanical Mods

Let’s begin with positive qualities.

Best Mechanical Mods

Advantages of Mechanical Vape Mods

Even though they need extra attention and care from the user, these mods have several advantages when used correctly. These include:

Simplicity: A mechanical mod has very few parts, which makes it easy to use and customize. With no complex factors to worry about, users only fire the device and start vaping!

Reliability: A few moving parts also guarantee reliability. Most mech mods have stood the test of time since most of them don’t have electrical chips or components that get damaged. Most mech vapors only require a spring replacement after a decade of use.

Durability: Mech mods are also very durable. Dropping cannot damage them, as well as smashing and any other form of mistreatment.

Disadvantages of Mechanical Vape Mods

Now let’s take a look at drawbacks of using these mods.

Unsafety:These mods need extra safety precautions. Safety is an issue when it comes to these mods, as they can lead to injuries. Most beginners are advised to use regulated mods before using mechs.

Battery drains faster: Since these mods use the current voltage and charge of your battery, this drains the battery more quickly giving you weaker draws with each pull.

No indicators: Most mechanical vape mods come without a screen which can be used to tell your current wattage and battery life.

Is It Advisable to Use Mechanical Mods?

Vaping is thought of as a safer substitute for smoking. For new vapers, there’re no advantages of using a mech mod instead of a regulated vaping mod. If you’re not used to vaping, get started with regulated mods.

But on the other hand, experienced vapers who are looking for something that has more power and performance, you’ll never go wrong by picking one of the mech mods from our list of the best mech mods in the market.

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