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Best Mouth To Lung Tanks

Best Mouth To Lung Tanks

Mouth to lung tank happens to be the cleoromizer which emulates the cigarette draw. When you vape at the MTL, two processes are required: you should draw vapor into the mouth then inhale that vapor towards the lungs.

The mouth to lung tanks were set up for the experience of cigarette-like which are used typically with higher nicotine e-juice strength. Most smokers enjoy MTL vaping due to their restrictive airflow and concentrated vapor.

The MTL tanks don’t produce huge clouds since they use high-ohm coils that use less wattage. You can learn about MTL tank using the below guides, then see top MTL tanks available in market concerning the diligent research and test.

Top 10 Great Month to Lung Tanks

1. Vaporesso Drizzle

Best Mouth To Lung Tanks

It incorporates an easy replacement system of oil, which is affordable and eco-friendly. Rather than having whole structure coil replaced, you may opt to keep eco-universal coil into place as you remove Mini EUC part that includes a wick and coil. This tank fits e-liquid of 1.6ml and it is the best omni-powered pairing for drizzle fit mod.

2. VaporFi Pro 3 Tank

Best Mouth To Lung Tanks

It has been proven of being huge hit for VaporFi with the capacity of 2.5ml e-juice. It offers consistent and fantastic vape with flavor, making it perfect for the mouth to lung vapers. The tank is easily filled and maintained and may be broken down fully when cleaning.

3. Aspire Tigon

Best Mouth To Lung Tanks

The tank is easily used and has a compact structure with an e-juice capacity of 3.5mL, and 510 drip tips that are interchangeable for DTL or MTL. Tigon tank has new double airflow with an adjustable design which initially turns it with five smaller reveal holes. When you further rotate airflow adjustments, airflow slot style adjustment will be revealed, which is adjusted from the wide open to almost closed for the DTL hit.

4. Vapour2 Trinity Tank

Best Mouth To Lung Tanks

It is the best MTL vape tank where its exceptionally built quality is backed with excellent performances in the 1.2 ohm coil. The tank is top-filled and it’s super convenient. Besides, it contains the feature which enables you to close the e-liquid holes if they are not being used. The tank also includes 0.8 ohm coil which provides a warmer vape as it touches more clouds.

5. Hellvape Hellbeast

Best Mouth To Lung Tanks

A company has created this tank which serves well every vaping style, and all cloud lovers will happily use Hellbeast Hellvape ohm coils and also baby beast coils. The Nautilus line coils can be used in MTL vapers, which leads to a tight and smooth draw. The Hellvape Hellbeast is the best tank which will work for you.

6. Vapefly Nicolas MTL

Best Mouth To Lung Tanks

The first MTL product of Vapefly established a traditional long-standing of the solid atomizers which have tight airflow, and it gets the MTL vaping. It has 22mm then holds juice capacity of 3mL and has 1.8 ohm and 0.6 ohm coil for the vaping of MTL. It is designed to be easily used, features a bottom coil, and top-filled design placement.

7. Innokin Endura T20

Best Mouth To Lung Tanks

Innokin Endura-T20 is a great kit to use in new vapers, and it works onto many devices besides Endura kit. It is simple when using with great flavor and is the best to use with a great starting point for all the vapers which looks towards adding MTL tank into the setup. It only has one downside like having a single coil, but its price is so affordable.

8. Aspire Nautilus 2

Best Mouth To Lung Tanks

Aspire have dominated MTL market tank very much where their new MTL tank, which is Nautilus 2. There is backward coils compatibility with new tank design. Nautilus can offer intense flavor and vapor for the MTL tank. However, it can’t cause any leakage of the juice. It doesn’t contain any negativity hence it does a great job by keeping the MTL vapers so happy.

9. Innokin Zenith D22

Best Mouth To Lung Tanks

It is the stainless and glass steel atomizer with an e-juice capacity of 2mL which also takes new Plexus coils all for MTL and sub-ohm vaping. The coil uses Kanthal wire mesh and not normal spiral wires of other sub-ohm coils. It has a new design which offers flavor quality and better vapor production. It is also a top-filled tank with adjustable bottom airflow for draw resistance.

10. Jacvapour-S22 Tank

Best Mouth To Lung Tanks

It is newly released with the JAC team, which is the best and has a strong, lasting design. It contains bottom filled design which enables you in changing the coil with juice still in the tank. With the tank, you can use double coils since it has both 0.5mL and 1.0mL. 0.5mL, however, needs the e-cig to fire the sub-ohm coils. The tank can be competitive when you choose a mouth to lung tank.

Why Should You Use the MTL Tank?

MTL tank is always regarded as the best vape tank kind for quitting smoking since it has so far converted many smokers into vapers. Its reason for conversion is very simple: it is better replacing your smoking experience with what seems like smoking rather than quitting.

While quality sub-ohm tank arrived later than MTL, the JUUL starter kits and nicotine e-liquid salts brought back that tighten draw. MTL tanks are seen often like the pod system upgrades because they are combined using vape mods system and they provide a customized experience.

Advantages of MTL Tanks


The MTL tanks are always smaller compared to sub-ohm tanks, and they are easier to carry around. The MTL diameter is mostly 22mm where some tanks are even smaller than 22mm; many sub-ohm tanks mostly are 24mm or larger than that.

Less Leaks

Since there is no leak-proof tank, smaller airflow MTL tanks channels make sure the leaks are not catastrophic. Also, it is easy to troubleshoot smaller tanks compared to huge chuckers.

Less Consumption of E-Liquid

The MTL tank has low e-liquid consumption rate since the parts which make up tanks are smaller compared to the airier tanks ones. Smaller coils and wick holes always mean coil has less liquid hence lower consumption of e-juice.

Coil Longevity

Since fewer e-liquids run in the coils, they will offer more running time, which isn’t the exact science. But many MTL coils can last up to two weeks with average e-liquid consumption.

Compatibility of Nic Salt

As nic salts are seemed as the best for pod systems and starter’s kit, many MTL tanks have coils which are designed to be compatible with nic salt.

The lower MTL tank vapor production enables the discreet vaping that mostly is known as stealth vaping. For the ones that don’t want to draw attention, then they need to use this kind of tank.

Disadvantages of MTL Tanks

PG/VG Ratio

Best mouth to lung tanks have single coils and smaller holes. With more advancement of coil tech, its rule thumb increases until 70%VG at the MTL coil, except it is designed specifically with high-VG vape juice.

E-Liquid Options Are Not Many

The best mouth to lung tanks are best when used with high nicotine e-liquid strength, but since sub-ohms have commercial success, most premium juices are released with about 6mg strengths in terms of freebase nicotine. Mostly, the best options are nicotine salt if you have higher strength.

Not Used for Clouds

The MTL tanks designs are specifically for use in high nicotine strengths that produce enough vapor which satisfies the nicotine cravings. Direct to lung vapers can’t be satisfied with these.

How MTL Tank Is Used

—You should prime the coil: dip almost five e-liquid drops at the coil’s middle then screw it onto the atomizer.

—Fill up the tank towards the top then leave it to sit in a while as you allow the wick in getting wet. It prevents instant dry hit when the tank is fired up.

—Look at the coil’s recommended wattage. It can be written onto the coil or the package. You can fire from low recommended wattage as you work upwards slowly, where you will raise your wattage with one watt after four or five hits. By doing this, you can find the sweet spot without the coil being stressed.

Ensure you don’t exceed recommended wattage since many best mouth to lung tanks are rated accurately so if you fire above your recommendations, it can lead into nasty dry hits.

—You must not overdo it as you draw onto the best mouth to lung tank. You can take steady and slow pulls without much force. When you draw hard, you may chock the airflow that can make you cough.

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