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Best Pod Vapes and Mini Vapes

Best Pod Vapes and Mini Vapes

Before delving further into the details of what these small vapes are and how they work, let’s first take a look at the best pod-vapes on the market right now based on convenience and ease of use.

Top 10 Best Pod Vapes and Mini Vapes

1. SMOK Nord

Best Pod Vapes and Mini Vapes

The SMOK-Nord Vape-Pod Starter-Kit makes the top ten list based on the fact that it is sleek and looks great. It heats up much faster than similar specification vapes, comes highly recommended for first timers with its long-lasting battery.

It is also easy to switch on and off. A decent 3ml capacity gives you a lot of leeway in the number of hits you can squeeze out of the 1100mAh battery. And when fully charged, it can last you the better part of the day.

2. Aspire Breeze 2

Best Pod Vapes and Mini Vapes

With a large 1000 mAh rechargeable battery and 3 ml maximum vape juice capacity, his is a pocket-friendly device. This is also the second generation of original Aspire Breeze AIO.

The Breeze 2 is small and compact thus vapers are so glad when Aspire released this product. The breeze 2 has most common coil options and adjustable airflow to match most vapers.

3.The PHIX-Major League Vape Pod Kit

Best Pod Vapes and Mini Vapes

Lastly, a new brand of mini vapes making waves in the market is The PHIX-Major League Vape-pod kit. Designed for ultra-simplicity, this vaper is perfect if you want a portable, simple vaping experience that features easy operation and e-liquid replacement. It may not quite be as popular as the other brands, but it’s getting there.

4. Lost Vape Orion

Best Pod Vapes and Mini Vapes

Another quality vape is the top of the line Lost-Vape Orion Pod specifically designed for people just breaking into the vaping world. The Orion has a decent battery life when fully charged and is easier to fill. Even better, the pods snap into place effortlessly. It has a button that enables you to change cartridges with a simple slide off mechanism.

5. SMOK Infinix

Best Pod Vapes and Mini Vapes

The SMOK Infinix is an excellent choice for those people who look for simplicity and efficiency in their daily lives, blending a powerful nicotine delivery system with discretion and efficiency. No longer do you have to blow large clouds or lug around a bulky device to achieve a satisfying vape experience.

6. Innokin EQ

Best Pod Vapes and Mini Vapes

It is a refillable pod system which caters for smokers who love tight, strictly MTL-type of a draw Employs Plexus tech to give better flavor and a long-lasting coil life to get a warmer vape, turning on the boost mode. It has an 800mAh battery that can last you a whole day.

7. The Kilo-1K Ultra E-Cigarette-Pod

Best Pod Vapes and Mini Vapes

An ultra-compact closed-system device, The Kilo-1K Ultra E-Cigarette-Pod is one among the more compact, better designs. It’s portable, has a rubberized grip that makes it easy and comfortable to the touch.

It is prefilled, holding up to 1.5ml of juice, and the fact that it has no buttons makes it suitable for just about anyone. It does have your occasional dry-hit problem, but that’s a common drawback for many pod systems.

8. Rubi Kanypens

Best Pod Vapes and Mini Vapes

Next, on the list are the Ruby Kandypens. Characteristically discreet, these little critters measure in at only 4 and doesn’t require you to fill the cartridge at any point during vaping.

The Ruby also has automatic temperature control, and it gives out a smooth vaping session. It is, however, very delicate, so you need to be careful when using it as it’s a bit brittle.

9. Xpod Mini Vape Pod

Best Pod Vapes and Mini Vapes

The XPOD-Mini Vape-pod comes in close behind with its unique draw design as opposed to the usual button activation that is a common feature with the other brands. The LED indicator light at its tip lights up when you vape. The XPOD also has three flavor options, giving you a good hit, despite its rather low power output.

You can squeeze out a clean 300 puffs from the e-liquid cans, and what’s great about it is that each disposable pod actually comes in the colors of its contents.

10. Suorin Edge

Best Pod Vapes and Mini Vapes

The Suorin Edge ranks as one among the best mini vapes mainly because of its slim, lightweight design. This makes it easy to assemble and use, as well as making it portable enough to carry just about anywhere.

You also get an extra battery in the kit, meaning you can have a vaping frenzy all day without having to stop and recharge. The only drawback on the Sourin edge is the proprietary charging system that makes it incompatible with the other charging systems, so if you lose your charger, you’re screwed!

What Are Pod Mods?

Pod systems are simply e-cigars or mods. They use pre-filled cartridges known as pods which hold e-liquids. Instead of changing coils or refilling tanks, pods are self-contained and are inserted into the device. They work the same with non-pod systems; the atomizer heats the liquid which then produces vapor.

Why Would You Use a Pod Mod?

Best Pod Vapes and Mini Vapes

It’s easy to use – It’s simple. Just insert the e-juice cartridge into the vape pen and smoke. Unlike the regular cigars that require lighting, pop in and start puffing away.

It’s compact – Mods which use pre-filled pods are smaller compared to their re-fillable counterparts.

It’s portable – Since they are small and don’t require refilling, they are easy to carry around. Carry a few pods with you on your trip and smoke the whole day with ease.

It’s affordable – Pod system vape mods and pens are usually not expensive. Buying replacement pods are cheaper compared with buying new coils every time.

It’s discreet – Re-filling a juice tank isn’t very discreet, but popping a vape mod is easy and quick. These pods are perfect for stealth vaping.

Prefilled (Closed) Pod Systems VS Refillable (Open) Systems

Pre-filled pod systems characteristically use cartridges that already contain the flavored e-liquid. People prefer these pre-filled pod systems because they save the trouble of having to dot the re-filling yourself.

On the other hand, refillable pod systems give you more options in terms of flavors. The pods are typically empty, so you have to manually do the refilling. It may seem like a lot of work, but it worth the trouble considering the variety of flavors you have at your disposal.

Merits and Demerits of Pod Vapes


Easy to use – They have been simplified to ease their usage. These pods are prefilled; hence a user doesn’t have to worry about refilling or anything of the sort.

Compact design – Most pod vapes are small compared with other vapes out there. The design allows you to carry it around easily.

Easy to carry around – Pod vapes are small and don’t require refilling, hence easy to carry them in your pocket. They are portable.

Cost effective – Pod mods usually use little e-liquid in a day. They can help the user to save some coins.


Short battery life – Pod vapes batteries usually have a capacity of 300mAh while box modes usually come with 650mAh. This power is so little, which means you’ll have to change your pod vape from time to time.

Limited flavor choices – Vape pod mods have limited options when it comes to the available flavors.

Less vapor – If you love clouds of smoke, pod vapes aren’t your thing. They produce little vapor.

Price – Pod vapes are usually expensive compared to other vapes in the market.

How to Use a Pod Vape

– Ensure its fully charged, if not, charge it.

– If you’re using a refillable one, ensure you fill it with the e-liquid.

– Give the juice some minutes to allow it to settle well into the wick.

– Insert the pod well into the device. If it has an on/off button, put it on. Go ahead and take a puff.

Bottom Line

Vaping devices are popular and trendy with people nowadays. Companies are competing to make vapes that compete well with each other in the market. They make vapes of all sizes and shapes. One of the trendy vapes in the market right now is the pod vape. If you are a smoker who loves the class, or you love being unique, pod mod is the real deal here.

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