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Best Sub Ohm Tanks

Best Sub Ohm Tanks

What is sub ohm vaping? It is the use of vape pens whose atomizers have heating coils with a resistance of below 1-ohm to vaporize oils, and other concentrates to huge high-flavored vapor clouds for a direct mouth-to-inhalation.

The sub ohm tanks contain the atomizers with a low-resistance coil called a sub ohm tank. In addition, it has also been designed with airflow systems, wide bore drip tips and wicking holes for the great vaping experience. These tanks are perfect for cloud chasers. That is to say, they allow for big cloud vaping without compromising flavor integrity.

Best Sub Ohm Tanks in the Market

1. Innokin iSub-b

Best Sub Ohm Tanks

The strength lies in the chimney mechanism which is spring loaded to avoid flooding during refills. Its Plex3D coil system with micro-grooves support up to 40 watts and give it the capability for sizeable cloud and flavor. It is universal to 510 vaporizers so it can be used with any favorite pens.

2. Aspire Cleito120

Best Sub Ohm Tanks

This tanks is suitable for vapers who desire huge cloud as well as high-wattage vape experience. The Cleito 120 is a great success due to revolutionary design based on the former Cleito. It increases the airflow and maximizes its performance. This sub-ohm tank offers a great platform with numerous versatility.

3. Geekvape Cerberus

Best Sub Ohm Tanks

The Geekvape Cerberus features a revolutionary threaded top fill design along with dual adjustable bottom airflow ring. It has a vape juice capacity of 5.5ml. Its coil resistance is only 0.2 ohm. The glass serves as a protective armor so that it can make sure this tank is strong. Besides, it’s also compatible with baby coils.

4. Uwell Crown IV Sub Ohm Tank

Best Sub Ohm Tanks

The capacity of 6ml helps avoid constant refills. Airflow technology enables air gets recycled through the core twice so that each draw contains maximum flavor. This tank is durable since it’s constructed from stainless steel. The coils have a self-cleaning mechanism in the form of a condensation holder that gather un-vaporized liquid and get it to the coil.

5. Horizon Falcon King

Best Sub Ohm Tanks

This tank from Horizon Tech is designed to be filled up to 6ml with the press of a button. Its coils are made of bamboo fiber mesh and vertically oriented for more air flow that gives an excellent vaping experience.

6. FreeMax FireLuke Mesh

Best Sub Ohm Tanks

This tank provides an increased surface area that makes it possible for huge watt heating that retains the flavor of the vapor even at 70 watts. The flavor is mute if vaping under 70 watts. It has an airflow control valve for air regulation.

7. Smok TFV12 Prince

Best Sub Ohm Tanks

This TFV12 Prince is not only powerful but also the best sub ohm tank for daily use. The strip coils, made of Kanthal, are revolutionary and capable of providing dense flavor and huge cloud. Besides, it’s convex glass tube effectively enlarges the capacity to 8ml!

8. Horizontech Falcon Artisan Edition

Best Sub Ohm Tanks

Its standard 7ml tube can allow all day vape longer without guzzling it. The tank is of 25.2mm width and 55mm height. The best part of this tank is the max amount of vape juice it can hold. Besides, the 510 Artisan Resin Drip Tip provides you large cloud and dense taste as well.

9. Sense Screen

Best Sub Ohm Tanks

Sense screen takes up to 7ml of e-juice so constant refills have been eliminated. Filling is simply done by sliding off the top. The resh mesh coils support up to 140 watts and optimize flavor and vapor production. The tank material is stainless steel, and the drip tip is covered with resin to make it tough and durable.

10. Freemax Mesh Pro

Best Sub Ohm Tanks

It is straightforward to refill by just opening the top and placing the e-juice in the bubble tank that takes up to 6ml. The coil is multi-mesh and permits temperature control. It has an airflow system at the bottom and can be regulated. Coils are available as single, double or triple mesh and included in the purchased kit.

With the above solid examples of the best sub ohm tanks, here’re some tips on how to use these tanks for a great vaping experience.

How Sub Ohm Tanks Work

In short, sub ohm tank itself is a build of glass whereas the coils are made of stainless steel, Kanthal, Titanium, Mesh or Nickel, and with a 5-10 days lifespan – i.e., disposable. Consequently, this low resistance material enables high wattage output that heats the concentrates faster.

For instance, the wicking material fixed on the coil head has cleverly been chosen from wood pulp, cotton or mesh to preserve the flavor of the vape juice.

The tanks’ material soaks up the juice and the suction force created when puffing pulls the vape juice towards the hot coil. Therefore, once the juice makes contact with the hot coil, it vaporizes because there is a specific temperature range that when reached the terpenes, cannabinoids boil off into vapor.

Airflow is an essential factor in vapor production, and sub-ohm tanks have been designed with airflow settings to enable air to flow to the coil freely. The air helps in condensation, cooling hot coils, allowing easy draws to the lung thereby making room for more vapor to be created. In addition, they also keep the wicks from combusting.

Since sub ohm tanks enable high wattage heating, the device battery has to be powerful so that the power can last through a few vaping sessions. Sub ohm tanks capabilities make them a bit expensive than regular clearomizer and cartomizers but for cloud chasers, the skills make them advantageous and worth it. Here is a look.

Why Are Sub Ohm Tanks the Best for Cloud Production?

Best Sub Ohm Tanks

1. Huge cloud production and great taste

Sub-ohm vaping has been made possible because of the low resistance coil, the airflow setting, and the more massive wicking holes. No tighter draws due to the free-flowing air and the wicking material preserve the taste. Being able to draw in huge clouds at once enables tasting more flavor.

2. No more dry hits

The larger wicking coils in sub ohm coils improve wicking. Therefore, the vaping performance by mimicking the dipping experience such that more e-juice is pulled directly towards the coil during puffing.

3. Convenient to beginners because of disposable coils

The knowledge of electricity and coil building is not necessary because the coils are pre-made and disposable. Replacement is done merely by fitting in a pre-built coil.

4. Compatible with high-VG vape juice

Its coils are disposable, therefore, vaping high-VG concentration is possible as one doesn’t have to worry about substantial replacement costs – only the coil is to be replaced. The wicking technology enables the viscous e-juice to drip towards the coil easily, and you can adjust the wattage to the right level.

How to Pick a Good Sub Ohm Tank

There’s relaxation in puffing and putting out vapor watching it get patterned into sizeable clouds. Therefore, the flavor helps relieve anxiety and focus the mind. In addition, there’re several ways to make vapor clouds with serious sizes, but among them, none beats using the right sub-ohm tank and here’re some key points when choosing one:

User-friendliness: pick one that is easy to refill

Capacity: picking a sub ohm tank that holds more e-juice helps avoid the irritation of making constant refills.

Does the wicking material preserve flavor? Trust your taste buds to pick tanks with great flavor production.

The e-juice type: e-juice with high-VG concentration is more viscous and requires more airflow.

Sub Ohm Vaping Tips

Firstly, start by familiarizing yourself with the tank using the user manual provided. Read on how to pop in replacement coil and how to adjust power settings. The key points to note for sub-ohm vaping are:

• Adjust airflow to get larger vapor

• The ratio of PG to VG determines cloud size and flavor. PG stands for Propylene Glycol while VG is for Vegetable Glycerine, these are the liquids mixed with flavor and nicotine when creating vape juice. PG is for flavor and throat hit while VG is for vapor production

• Close off air flow during refills to avoid leakages

• Place a few drops of vape-juice on the surrounding of the wick or directly on it

• Wait for a few minutes after refilling for e-juice to soak

• Install coils that suit the battery mod to get appropriate resistance


In conclusion, getting plenty of power and tons of airflow in vape tanks was once a dream. Therefore, only those with knowledge of coil and electricity could achieve IT. However, thanks to sub ohm tanks that use low resistance disposable coils and air regulation settings, anyone can become a cloud chaser with the above basic steps. The only emphasis is: Trust your buds!

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