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Best Unregulated Mods

Best Unregulated Mods

When it comes to vape, people want to customize the experience, control the heating, and vapor production. Vape mods offer this capability as they have robust heating systems now, larger tanks, bigger battery and better wicking system to provide numerous possibilities. Mod devices allow for customization by letting the user regulate voltage battery and search for optimal heating power.

Regulated mods are also known as Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APVs) while the unregulated ones used to refer to Mechanical Mods. The connection from the battery to the heating coil is physical and direct. This allows for customization in that if one knows electricity concepts, they can build coils for the more customized vaping experience.

Unregulated mods are therefore suitable for Rebuildable Atomizers, i.e., powerful atomizers that can be fitted with one’s self-built coils. The coils can be replaced once there’s a significant change in taste.

Top 10 Best Unregulated Mods

1. The GeekVape MECH Pro

Best Unregulated Mods

This is a box mod runs on single or multiple 18650 cells. Besides, it has power safety features. So no firing occurs even if the user places the battery in the wrong direction. It is capable of producing hard hits. The kit has got plates that can be used to replace the sides or customize the device to a personal feel.

2. Silver Stream Titan V3 Parallel

Best Unregulated Mods

It uses aluminum material in the construction process to make it secure. The battery lid is magnetic and easy-to-open and can fit in dual 18650 cells. Both series and parallel battery configuration designs are available and have a universal 510 pin that makes it easy to use with your favorite atomizers.

3. Authentic Dimitri by Vaping Kiko

Best Unregulated Mods

This is a dual battery device with Delrin insulators and alloy casing. There’s no circuitry and wiring but has adjustable negative battery contacts and locking firing buttons that make it fully mechanical. The battery configuration is serial, making it capable of hard hits but needs to charge it frequently.

4. Vaperz Cloud VCP

Best Unregulated Mods

This unregulated mod is mechanical mod with support for dual 18650 cells serially configured. The positive and negative terminals are recessed and have Delrin switch that fires well. It’s entirely mechanical optimized for maximum efficiency as aluminum is used for the anodes to provide the best conductivity and minimize voltage drops.

5. Tugboat Mod

Best Unregulated Mods

This box mod by Flawless Vape Shop boasts of various modifications in terms of design, airflow setting, and power safety. It uses the demagnetize copper inside of the device to keep off static charges from accumulating. This copper surrounds a pin that makes the box mod self-adjusting, i.e., no firing in case of incorrect coil resistance or short circuit. It is compatible with 20700 or 18650 battery and has a magnetized door and bottom adjustable airflow system.

6. MVP4 by Innokin iTaste

Best Unregulated Mods

As an improvement to the Innokin MVP series, this design boasts of new specs such as a 4500mAh built-in battery, a balanced heating coil, temperature control chipset and “vape-while-charging” capability. The operating wattage is 6.0 to 100.0 watts, and the long-lasting battery makes double as a power bank for other devices. It has mechanisms to detect and eliminate dry hits by increasing drips. Precision temperature control makes it suitable for use with nickel, steel or titanium coils.

7. eVic VTC Mini by Joyetech

Best Unregulated Mods

This is a sleek design box mod capable of high power and with temperature regulation system. It supports multi 18650 cells. The battery door is magnetic and integrated using upgradable firmware that makes it easy to open it and fit in the cells. This box mod is fashionable, comes in a range of attractive colors and supports various types of atomizers.

8. Suicide Mods Suicide X

Best Unregulated Mods

This is a light portable mod that uses high-quality materials in construction. It is available in both series and parallel battery configurations and supports 18650-20700 dual battery. It lacks safety features and therefore not recommended to those unfamiliar with Ohm’s law, short-circuiting and heating. But it’s suitable for a wide range of Rebuildable Tank Atomizers.

9. Wismec Luxotic MF

Best Unregulated Mods

Has buttons and pins that allow for modification to suit a user’s vaping demand. It has a bottle at the bottom to support squonk mode. With the push of a button, you can switch from manual drips to automatic drips where the wet socks into the wicks from below leading to squonking. It is compatible with a single battery and has circuit protection features such as short circuit protection, no firing if the battery is reversed and more. The ability to switch between squonk, regulated and unregulated modes make it versatile.

10. Wismec Noisy Cricket II 25

Best Unregulated Mods

This design too is available in series and parallel circuit configurations. Under the circuit series, you can opt for fresh battery output or constant voltage output. The voltage under series configuration can be easily regulated using a switch, and there’s a light displayed indicating battery capacity so far. It also has several safety features and circuit protection systems such as short circuit protection, no firing if revering battery, low voltage protection and atomizer Gaskets that protect it from marks during tightening.

Types of Unregulated Mods

Initially, unregulated mods lacked power safety features, but all that is changing as the term unregulated is expanding in meaning to include mods with built-in protections. They possess a whole range of features such as:

1. Parallel and Series Battery Orientation

Battery orientation determines the resistance required for the coil. Though no actual wires are used to join the battery ends, electronic connections are used to create parallel or series battery configurations. In parallel orientation like terminals are connected so that the cells work simultaneously giving more to discharge, but the voltage is that of a single battery.

With more to discharge, the battery can last for more vaping sessions. The resistance also drops and permits more hits but may get too cold for high wattage.

In a series connection, opposite battery terminals are connected so that the voltage becomes additive while the amperage discharge remains that of a single battery. High voltage output means it can be used with denser wires, but as resistance grows, sub ohm vaping becomes impossible. The battery capacity is also not increased and needs to instantly charge.

2. Multiple or Single-cell Mods

Multi-battery mods increase the size and run-time so that power can last through a few vaping sessions. The caution, however, is to avoid using batteries of different age, brand, and capacity together. Generally, mods have high power output whether multi-celled or single-celled. The single cell batteries too are large-sized with higher capacity as part of the modification processes for great mod vaping.

3. Protected VS Unprotected

Mods with no electronic circuitry to regulate power supply are mechanical. When you press the power button, a direct connection between the battery and the atomizer allows for raw current to flow to the coils. Since there’re no safety precautions, mechanical mods are riskier.

Protected mods have circuit boards and battery safety features such as no discharge if the battery is wrongly arranged, or coil resistance is unsafe. The user can regulate current flow and experiment with different voltages just like in APVs. The only difference between protected mods and APVs is that one gets a chance to experiment with self-built coils.

Are Unregulated Mods Dangerous

There involves risks, but just like driving a car, great mod vaping can be learned then done safely. Understanding the physics and the electrical concepts are key since coils built by the user are riskier than the manufacturer’s pre-made coils.

The other thing is that trying to get more battery power using different configurations can lead to overloading and explosions. However, people have managed to learn and use mechanical mods, meaning it is not rocket science and can be mastered with time. However, for novices, standard vape devices are recommended.


Thus, high mode vaping is not dangerous; once users learn the safety precautions, circuitry, and heating mechanisms, using unregulated box mods will be the best way to get fresh, exciting high-cloud vaping experience. And manufacturers are trying to provide this by using various features such as best conductivity materials, large tanks, battery configurations, and even various circuit protection features.

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