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Best Vape Box Mod Starter Kits

Best Vape Box Mod Starter Kits

A box mod starter kit is a device with power output between 20 and 50 watts. They are more powerful and offer more dense vapor, throat hit and flavor than vape pen starter kits. And with the various mods now available in the market, it’s much easier to get started for newbies. Still, exactly where do you start? Given the vast range of choices, it can be a bit overwhelming. So without further ado, let’s take a look at top 10 best vape box mod starter kits.

The Top 10 Best Vape Box Mod Starter Kits

1. Armour Pro by Vaporesso

Best Vape Box Mod Starter Kits

The slim and stylish durable aluminum alloy structure of Vaporesso Armour Pro ensures a 100 watts power supply. It attributes to its OMNI 4.0 chipset and a 18650, 20700 or 21700. Its fast charging battery comes with TCR, bypass mode and wattage and temp curves. It also features a nice OLED display and a large firing bar.

2. Puxos Kit by Aspire

Best Vape Box Mod Starter Kits

The interchangeable magnetic plates of Aspire Puxos allows for a more personalized appearance that lets you switch between 14 different and unique designs. It works with a single 18650, 207000 or 21700 cell and lists for a 100W wattage vaping. In addition to 2 amp charging, the device features quite a few safety measures and an OLED screen.

3.T-Priv by SMOK

Best Vape Box Mod Starter Kits

In addition to its intuitive OLED display for instant data feedback and intelligent atomizer, its advanced menu system allows for a maximum power output of 220W along with a temperature control system that supports stainless steel, titanium, and ni200 nickel heating elements.


Best Vape Box Mod Starter Kits

The CNC milled zinc alloy body of the “MOJO” features a simple and sleek appearance. The mod utilizes GENE chip and a 2600mAh battery. With the power output of 88 watts, it does not lack behind in either safety functions or temperature control. Its fire button has a classic trigger look to it.

5. V-Grip 75 TC by VaporFi

Best Vape Box Mod Starter Kits

This starter kit offers the flexibility of a removable battery and has fashion and ergonomic design. Besides, it functions temperature control and all common TC coil materials are suitable for it. With output of 75 W and has a single 18650 battery, this starter kit meets the needs of most vapers.

6. Aegis by GeekVape

Best Vape Box Mod Starter Kits

The waterproof indestructible brute with undeniable beauty work with either a 18650 or a 26650 battery. Its compact quality is felt at hand. It stands up to a maximum of 100 watts power output, TCR control for TC, LED display and wattage-temperature curves.

7. MAG Baby by Smok

Best Vape Box Mod Starter Kits

SMOK’s MAG Baby is simple, compact and to the point. This hardened zinc alloy device is very small that ensures the best comfort in portability. The devices works with a 1600 mAh battery and works at a maximum output of 50 watts. Its atomizer comes with intelligent recognition system that prevents unwanted and faulty burning of a coil. It has a simple trigger style switch.

8. Drag 2 by VOOPOO

Best Vape Box Mod Starter Kits

Another VOOPOO makes a list – “formidable yet friendly.” This dual 18650 mod is powered by the GENE Fit chip, which is a step up from the original and is capable of both wattage based (177W) and TC vaping. The coils work at a minimum of 0.05 ohm and support stainless steel, nickel, and titanium. The TCR allows you to adjust performance according to your need.

9. iStick Pico by Eleaf

Best Vape Box Mod Starter Kits

The Eleaf iStick Pico S works on the portability/capability balance of the original iStick and takes it further with the help of a 21700 battery, without compromising its compact look. Its Eleaf Ello Vate tank is 28mm in diameter and 6ml in capacity and comes with 0.2 and 0.15 ohm atomizers. Even with the tank attached to the mod, it’s still definitely one of the most compact devices in the market. While the device does run on 21700, it also includes a sleeve for 18650 in case that is what the user prefers. As the name suggests, the variable wattage mode supports up to 100 watts. On the other hand, the temperature control system supports all available coil materials. A highly responsive fire button complements the intuitive OLED display.

10. Proton by Innokin

Best Vape Box Mod Starter Kits

Innokin’s Proton has solid performance with its dual battery powering up to a maximum of 235 watts. This alone captures a massive portion of vapers, ranging from newbies to the extremely experienced. Versatile temperature control system supports all kinds of TC coil materials and the ease of wattage and TCR control for the TC mode is simply immaculate. Its thin film transistor (TFT) display provides an immediate summary of all the important stats, and it’s very easy to comprehend. The Proton’s Scion 2 tank is 3.5 ml in capacity, however, the alternative glass section allows for a 5 ml one. A firing bar replaces the traditional button/switch, and a highly responsive and accurate joystick like the switch has replaced the adjustment buttons.

Vape Box Mod Starter Kit: Composition

A vape box mod starter kit consists of basically two segments: the box mod and the transparent chamber. The vape mod kits are actually the casing for the battery. Externally, it usually has a display screen, a power button, one or two buttons for adjusting power output and a USB supported charging port. Based on the design, the battery can also be charged using other external means.

The transparent chamber contains the atomizer, coil and the vape juice tank. When power is supplied to the atomizer by pressing the firing button, the heating coil vaporizes the juice. Releasing the button cuts the power off.

Unless the user is highly experienced and has a vast knowledge about which parts of different manufacturers go with which, still, it’s mandatory that the vaper sticks to kits since the parts are complement each other. This holds especially true from starters.

Categorizing Box Mods

The various types of box mod starter kit are categorized based on the following three features:

Form: While a vape box is always rectangular in shape, variation is created by the materials used, ranging from metal to wood, aesthetics of angles, configuration of color and unique features of specific brands.

Battery: Box mods either feature fixed, USB chargeable LiPo batteries or removable, external dedicated/USB chargeable Li-Ion batteries.

Function: A box mod is either regulated, which incorporates a chip that allows for wattage, voltage and temperature value adjustments, or unregulated, which incorporates either a chip or soldered wiring and has some safety features but none of the controls. It’s a complete no for starters.

Box Mod Technology: Evolution

Box mod technologies are evolving through one of the following methods:

Revival: One way is by reviving the technology that was deemed too futuristic in the past. This was due either to the unavailability of complementary science and technology or simply because it was termed as impractical at the moment.

Pairing: This is more of a hybrid method. Vaping technology is paired with others like mp3 players and such to come up with new ideas. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not so.

Breakthrough: This is the introduction of whole new technology that didn’t exist before. Examples of such game-changing technology are Evolv’s DNA chipsets, and the vastly worked on since its introduction in 2014, Temperature Control (TC).

What Suits You Best?

In conclusion, high battery power is well. However, which box mod stater kit is suitable for you depends on the harmony between power supplied to the atomizer and by the battery.

The link between atomizer and battery is watts. If they don’t complement each other, you’re bound to reduce the functionality of your vape box.

In addition to the technical stuff, you also need to have a proper idea about your vaping frequency. And all this has to be done within the outline set by your budget.

Recreational or medicinal, your vape box mod kit could be a very handy asset if you know how to invest in it.

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