Best Vape Mods In 2019

What are vape mods. And how to choose the best vape mods. Pls find the answer in this article.

If you use a vape pen, then you probably think of a vape mod as a larger, fancier version of the e-cigarette. That thinking is not so far from the truth since vape mods are vape devices designed to be larger, in order to provide higher and better quality vapors (hence the name mod for modified).

The advancements and features provided by a vape mod come in many forms. The features are intended to provide a better vaping experience. For instance, mods come with more powerful mechanisms for heating the vaping liquid and higher quality wicks. They are also larger and hence can hold more e-liquid and large batteries so that you can vape for longer. Most of the enhancements can only be found in vape mods and not in the regular vape pens or e-cigs.

On this page, we list all popular types of vape mods on the market now.

Best Vape Mods In 2019

What Is the Best Vape Mod for a Beginner?

Many beginner vapers typically have a lot of questions on which types of vape mod to use when they start out. The most common question is “what vape mod should I start with?” which usually follows after “what are vape mods?”

We love to give honest opinions to all vapers whether they are veterans or beginners. If you are a beginner, you should not start out vaping with a vape mod. Start with a disposable, cheap and simple vape pen to get a feel for vaping before considering an upgrade. A cheap and simple vape pen will allow you to get the vaping experience. And you don’t need to spend a lot of money on relatively expensive mods.

Moreover, since some people use vapes as a means of taking medication, it is always better to try out on basic vape pens first. Once you determine that the medication works, you can then upgrade to get a better experience or to get a higher dose of the medication with the vape mod.

How to Choose the Right Vape Mod

Once you decide to go for a vape mod, your choice will be constrained by three factors: experience you are looking for, your financial outlay, and how long you have been vaping.

Best Vape Mods In 2019

Experience You Are Looking for:

What you are looking for in your vape mod will determine what mod to get. You need to find a mod that will be suitable for the experience you are looking for. Most people will enjoy their vapes in the 50 to 100-watt sub ohm range. Some people might find a single 18650 mod good enough for their needs while some need the extra battery capacity and hence may need a dual 18640 box mod. For instance, if you love huge clouds with your vapes, you need to get something like a quad mod or at least a triple 18650 box mod.

Your Financial Outlay:

It is not only about the price you pay when acquiring the vape mod from the shop. Other factors that you need to take into consideration include chargers, batteries, and longevity of the device. If you are a beginner, you can start out with cheap vape mod and then upgrade when you have the money for it. Because cheap vape batteries do not necessarily mean poor quality, though higher priced vapes generally provide a better experience.

How Long You Have Been Vaping

If you are a beginner, the best vape mods are the ones with as few options and settings as possible. The best vapes for beginners are typically pod mods and pen style vape batteries. These provide simplicity due to either being already customized off the shelf or requiring very little modification. Experienced vapers can go for mods with advanced capabilities and features that provide a very good experience. These include box mods and mechanical mods that provide more power and more customizations for a better vaping experience. Nonetheless, the higher power, customization, and lack of regulation mean that you have to be more careful. As such, these are best left to veterans.

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  1. Best Vape Mods In 2019 Joey K says:

    Why doesn’t Sigelei on these lists? I think Sigelei is a good brand. I always purchase mods from them. It’s durable and relatively not so expensive than other brands I think.

  2. Best Vape Mods In 2019 says:

    I have several Smok mods, they look beautiful and have many features. I bought those mods because smok is famous. But after some time, they didn’t work. The best Smok mod I have ever owned is the the g-priv 2. Now I want to try some other brands

  3. Best Vape Mods In 2019 Arthal Smith says:

    Helpful! I don’t know there are so many kinds of mods out there for me to choose. Still need some time to figure out those mods. But I’m sure I will never try mechanical mod

  4. Best Vape Mods In 2019 Rachel Wilson says:

    I bought a smok mag a month ago and it cost me $80. I never dropped it and just normally used it but when I changed my coil and I took the tank off and the little thing connected the tank to the mod just fell out! That’s unbelievable! I will NEVER use a SMOK MAG again!!!

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