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Best Vape Pen Starter Kits

Vaping is becoming a household phrase all over the world. More people are adopting it for medicinal and recreational reasons. If you have not vaped before, you need to use the best vape pen starter kit but not the advanced types.

What are some of the advantages of these starter kits? Vape kits do not emit smoke. Thus, they are safe for the people around you. The starter kits are easy to use. These kits use less harmful substances that save your respiratory system from more harm as compared to smoking. A vape pen is discreet, so you can vape without anyone near you noticing.

Herein is the comprehensive list of the top ten vape pen starter kits worth considering.

Do you intend to start vaping? Here are the best vape pen starter kits.


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Smok Stick Baby Beast V8

  • • Longer coil life with descent flavors for weeks.
  • • It gets powered by a powerful 2000mAh battery for longer vaping sessions.
  • • Large 3ml to hold more vape juice.
  • • It's visually pleasing, and you can select from 15 excellent color options.
  • • It delivers raw unregulated current. It has as powerful as a mech mod but without the hassles of assembling your coils. You get 2 V8 Baby-M2 coils with 0.15ohm and 0.25ohm resistance.

The battery capacity of Smok Mag puts it ahead of the game. A single charge of the 3000mAh battery will last you a whole day. Like any other top best starter kits, it does not have many controls to confuse you when using. One button is enough to let you vape in peace. It has a capacity of 5ml, which lasts longer than kits of lower capacity. Get treated to more vapor in one tank refill.

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Aspire Tigon Kit

  • • Supports both MTL & DTL: Swapping between nic salts and freebase E-liquid is possible with both 0.4ohm and 1.2ohm coil options available..
  • • Revolutionary features are available which include cleanliness and child-protection.

Aspire has several things to offer users. For example, it has a tank that is compatible with a variety of coils which increases convenience. Besides, this brand guarantees you no leaks, as it has a self-sealing housing that closes wicking holes when removing the tank and it is possible to replace coils without emptying the tank. Aspire is powered by a 2600mAh battery that ensures you get rich vapor with original flavor.

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Innokin Endura-T20

  • • It features the use of proprietary T20 prism coils suitable for high VG E-liquids. 
  • • Suitable for beginners with MTL design that maxes out at 13W.

Innokin is the definition of elegant vape pens. They come in varying colors for you to choose from. With Endura, you have a 2ml tank capacity to enjoy. The built-in battery lasts for a while before needing a recharge. Refilling from the top part makes it a lot easier to use the device not forgetting it is easy to operate, as it has one button only. The model provides users with a rich vapor and amazing flavors that leave you relaxed and ready to handle tasks ahead of you.

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The Top 7 Best Vape Pen Starter Kits


  • 1. Best Vape Pen Starter Kits in This Roundup

Best Vape Pen Starter Kits in This Roundup

1 Smok Stick Baby Beast V8

  • $27.95
  • $34.99
  • $43.92
  • $27.99


  • • • It delivers raw unregulated current. It has as powerful as a mech mod but without the hassles of assembling your coils. You get 2 V8 Baby-M2 coils with 0.15ohm and 0.25ohm resistance.
  • • Longer coil life with descent flavors for weeks.
  • • It gets powered by a powerful 2000mAh battery for longer vaping sessions.
  • • Large 3ml to hold more vape juice.
  • • It's visually pleasing, and you can select from 15 excellent color options.


  • • It features a swing-out top mechanism that tends to swing open when in transportation or inside your pocket, leading to spillages.
  • • The factory settings are limited. The vapor is not that hot for advanced vapors, and there's no way to make it warmer due to limited controls settings.
So, you’re into box mods and those heavy-hitting tanks, and you are skeptical whether the Smok Stick V8 vape pen is suitable for you? Well, most vape pens tend to be flaky, but the Smok Stick V8 is not one of them. It’s a simple straight up vape pen without display features. It just does what a vape pen should do; vaporize the E-liquid to flavor-rich vapor. To fire up the device, click the fire button in 5 quick successions.
The mod pairs flawlessly with the 3ml TFV8 Baby tank. The tank features the use of pre-made coils. The vapor clouds from this device are flavorsome with the 0.15ohm coils.
Expect some thick and sweet vapor from this tube-style device though there’re no settings to control the device. You are only allowed to adjust the airflow. Otherwise, everything else is factory set; which brings me to the pros and cons:
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2 Aspire Tigon Kit

  • $33.95
  • $24.99
  • $39.99
  • $33.99


  • • Supports both MTL & DTL: Swapping between nic salts and freebase E-liquid is possible with both 0.4ohm and 1.2ohm coil options available.
  • • Revolutionary features are available which include cleanliness and child-protection.
  • • Ultra-portability: This stick-style device boasts of small size but the compact frame as compared to similar e-cig designs.
  • • The Tigon tank has quite a smooth airflow without any turbulence. It boasts of five large-sized airflow rings.
  • • The fire button is responsive with a soft nice click feel.


  • • Doesn’t support variable wattage vaping: The Tigon device fires at some fixed output with the max power dependent on the installed coil.
  • • Its leakproof design means changing liquids gets difficult as you’ve to force it out through the top
  • • Vapers in the EU get lower battery capacity because of EU shenanigans.

In an attempt to give vapers, the best of both worlds, the Tigon brand packs a sub-ohm device into an MTL starter kit. The result is a tidy package that offers powerful and flexible vape for various vaping style. Every hardware you need has been included in the kit; from the 2ml Tigon tank to the extra drip tips and user manual. You just need to get your E-juice and begin vaping.

You’re going to love the style stick design of the Tigon. The chassis is fashioned from zinc alloy and made available in stylish color finishes: Rainbow, blue, black, and stainless steel – you can fit the tank to your mood. It pairs well with the 2ml Tigon tank (TPD version) or 3ml so you can utilize 0.4ohm or 1.2ohm Nichrome coils for both MTL and DTL flavor chasing experiences.

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3 Innokin Endura-T20

  • $23.95
  • $21.99
  • $22.6
  • $21.99


  • • IIt features the use of proprietary T20 prism coils suitable for high VG E-liquids. 
  • • Suitable for beginners with MTL design that maxes out at 13W.
  • • No complicated settings: fill the tank and fire it up in 3 quick successive battery clicks then hold the power button down as you make your draw.
  • • Drip tips feature a cover that makes it easy to pack and transport your Endura T-20 E-cig.
  • • Easy top-fill design by simply twisting off the cap.


  • • No variable wattage vaping. Voltage drops with decreasing battery charge.
  • • No air controls so the vaper doesn’t have much say in the vaper production process..
  • • Accessing the coil is a bit hard. You've got to twist the tank off, so coil swapping is only smooth with empty tanks otherwise you’re not going to like the spillages.
Endura T-20 is an MTL flavor chasing kit that features the Endura T20 mod that pairs flawlessly with the T20 prism tank for simple operations. It’s button-operated – click three times to fire it on or off.
This starter kit is an improvement to the T-18 and T-22 series. To begin with, it makes use of disposable flavor-optimized 1.5ohm prism coil heads. The coils can be pulled or popped into the tank easily.
The wicking material is organic to help maintain the flavor. Airflow is from the top where it is sucked in and flows over the coil to the bottom and up the chimney making the pod perform like a champ the coil system here are the 1.5ohm MTL wires that can. Here is a look at where it excels and where it doesn’t.
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4 Joyetech D22 XL Kit

  • $17.95
  • $32.9
  • $19.95
  • $18.95


  • • Packs powerful features in an AIO design for under $25
  • • Two extra drip tips with double O-rings to fit in the position.
  • • There's a top adjustable airflow system on the vaporizer.
  • • Large 3.5ml E-juice capacity.
  • • Powerful 2300mAh battery for longer vaping sessions.


  • • Gets hot on longer vaping sessions.
  • • No variable wattage vaping
  • • Slow charging 
Vaping excellent has been made easier with the D22 XL tube-style mod in this kit. The kit sells for about $22 depending on the vendor but expect some stellar performance from the AIO tube mod.
It’s an easy to use design: To get your E-juice in the tank pull the atomizer from the tank and inject your juice into the atomizer slot.
Click the fire button five times to fire up the device, and you are set. Atomizer head replacement is easy too: unscrew the atomizer and unscrew the head from its base then replace it with a new one. Overall, here is what to expect from this kit.
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5 Smok Vape Pen-22

  • $19.95
  • $18.99
  • $30
  • $18.99


  • • Supports pass-through vaping so you can get toking while the device charges.
  • • Leakproof design so you don’t have to worry about spillages.
  • • Insulated Delrin drip tips that do not get hot as you vape give comfortable vaping experiences.
  • • It has well-machined threads for hassle-free coil replacement in less than a minute
  • • Bottom airflow to encounter more resistance and cool the vapor accordingly.
  • • Battery safety features such as low-circuit protection are included


  • • No additional glass tanks. If the one provided a break, then bang! Goes those fond hopes of toking on flavorsome vapor. 
  • • Incompatible with other Smok coil heads.
  • • No wattage controls. 
  • • Chipset firmware cannot be upgraded.  
  • • One-button design means a few vaping settings options 
AIO starter kits are all the rage now in the e-cigarette scene, and the Smok Vape Pen 22 is one of them. It features the use of an eGo style battery whose charge determines the power output. The tank is in-built in the mod and offers sub ohming capabilities with coil options such as the 0.3ohm strip coil and 0.15ohm strip-coil or mesh coil. Both coil heads support 20-50W vaping are cheap to buy. Expect some crispy flavors and powerful performance from this MTL kit.
Operation is simple: one single click of the button fires up the device then you’ve got to press and hold the button down as you draw the vapor. Overall, the experience is enjoyable with the pen-22 simple-to-use features, easy to fill and easy to clean.
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6 Freemax Twister Starter Kit

  • :$31.95
  • $31.95
  • $60
  • $34.99


  • • The mod allows for variable wattage vaping.
  • • You get an additional tank capacity with the extra bubble glass provided.
  • • Little to no ramp-up firing time so vaping can be done on-the-fly. 
  • • Advanced Freemax Twister Chip with a 0.1-3.0ohm wide resistance range and fires the device to 80W.
  • • The x1 coil gives decent flavor and vapor production.
  • • The x2 coil gives smooth airflow with sensational flavor.


  • • It takes more than 3 hours to charge.
  • • The battery does not last long when vaping at 70watts.
  • • The bubble glass may break if kit drops accidentally.
  • • Lacks coils for vaping under 50W: All coil options support about 40-90W vaping.
A regulated variable wattage in-built battery; a mesh-powered tank for sub ohming and up to 150 puffs per charge, surely this is a game-changing starter kit. Freemax took a gamble with this addition into the tube-style mod market, and it paid off as the reviews have been stellar.
To begin with, the mod is available in funky graffiti designs of space black, red, green, orange, black and blue. You’re going to like the black one with solid metal construction and a design resembling a “Dias de Los Muertos” skull. It features the use of button operations with a sizeable clicky button design for comfortable operations.
The 3ml tanks adopt the mod’s graphic design too. The filling mechanism is the updated slide-filling, and there’s a feature that releases air pressure when the tank is getting filled. Expect some flavorsome vapor with the proprietary 0.2ohm and 0.15ohm vertical Mesh coils. The coils have better wood pulp wicking material for faster absorption.
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7 VaporFi Vape Pen Rocket 3

  • $49.99


  • • Descent vapor production courtesy of sub-ohm coils, temperature control, and higher power output.
  • • Easy to fill with a top-filling mechanism
  • • Offers vaping settings such as 30W/400ºF, 40W/500ºF, and 50W/600ºF.
  • • Auto-detects coils.
  • • The kit comes with two coils: one kanthal 0.5ohm has been pre-installed and the other Ni 0.1ohm coil is provided as an extra. Both have a nice flavor and cloud size.


  • • No pass-through vaping.
  • • The coils only last for about 4 days and you’re going to have to replace them.
  • • Limited vaping settings/features: advanced vapers will find it very basic.
  • • the tank makes use of 510 style drip tips with a proprietary top cap that will only work with VaporFi drip tips. You cannot use other over-the-counter drip tips on this top cap
This is a cylindrical futuristic-looking flavor chasing vaporizer. It’s an upgrade to the original Rocket in terms of sub-ohm coils, improved battery capacity, and temperature control. The kit is designed for both noobie and advanced vapers. Inside the kit, you will find a 2500mAh battery, a Rocket 3 tank, a USB charger, an extra 0.1ohm Ni200 coil head, and more accessories.
The new battery design is meant to outdo the competition because it boasts of a larger capacity. It also features a smart sensor that makes it easy to switch between kanthal and Ni200 coils. Switching between favorite vaping modes TC or VW is also possible.
The tank too is an improvement from the original: it boasts of a 3.5ml E-liquid capacity, detachable drip tips, and sub ohming coils compatibility.
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Components of Vape Pen Starter Kits

A vape pen starter kit is a package containing all the necessary items you need to begin vaping as a newbie. The kit usually comes with a vape pen, atomizer, tank, battery, and charger. A vape pen is for not only vaping marijuana but also other things as well such as glycerin and oils. Do you intend to quit smoking or reduce intake? A vape pen starter kit is a good place to start.

A vape pen consists of various parts as mentioned earlier. You have the pen, atomizer, tank, button, battery, and charger. They work together to ensure a smooth vaping experience.

-Tank: a refillable vape pen has a tank while a single use one has a cartridge. The tank or cartridge holds the e-liquid that ensures vaping occurs. They are made from different materials such as stainless steel, glass, and plastic.

-Atomizer: it is responsible for heating the e-juice to convert it into the vapor you inhale.

-Battery and charger: without batteries, vape pens cannot work. They provide the atomizer with the necessary energy to heat the e-liquid. Recharge the battery whenever necessary to continue vaping.

Factors to Consider When Buying Vape Pen Starter Kits

The market has a wide range of vape pens. It can be confusing to decide which one to purchase. It becomes easier when you know what to look for in a vape pen starter kit. Below are factors to keep in mind when shopping.

Ease to use

A starter kit includes items that make it easy for you to vape. Avoid complex kits that give you a hard time. For example, a vape pen is always better than a vape mod because a pen has removable batteries. Carry extra batteries to replace another in case it runs out of charge. Vape mods, on the other hand, do not offer the privilege of battery replacements because their batteries are inbuilt.


When shopping for vape pen starter kits, it is crucial to go for high-quality products. Such have high performance and are reliable enough to provide you a fantastic vaping experience as a beginner. Low-quality kits only perform you less powerful puffs. Besides, poor quality kits do not last.


The cost of vape pen starter kits has something to do with quality. The higher the cost, the higher the quality. You will be vaping vapor into your body. Avoid cheap products that fail to deliver high performance. There are vape pens below $50 that are high-quality, safe, and durable. Anything under $20 is questionable.


The size of cartridge or tank of the vape kit you buy depends on how often you vape and for how long. If you do it more frequently and for a long duration, then you need to buy a product with a large tank or cartridge to prevent frequent refills.

What Are the Merits of Using Vape Pens?

Vape pens offer vapers with various benefits for beginners. Read on to find out more.


The pens are highly portable. They are small, lightweight and takes up little space in your pocket. You can vape wherever you are without worrying about extra weight. This way, you get to enjoy all the convenience you can get.

Easy to use

Vape pen starter kits exist for a reason. Manufacturers understand that not everyone is a pro at vaping. Therefore, they make pens that are easy for anyone to use. Afterwards, they can use sophisticated vape devices.


Unlike smoking, vape pens do not restrict you about where to use them. You can vape wherever you are whether indoors or outdoors. There is no need for leaving your room or office. You do not have to worry about other people around you inhaling smoke because vape pens do not burn marijuana or oils. Vaping does not leave behind odors.

Powerful puffs

Vape pens use lasting substances specifically concentrates. They do not lose strength, taste, or flavor. You get the best puffs from the first time you start vaping to the last drop of the e-liquid.


Vaping is enjoyable when you have the right vape pen starter kit. That is why it is essential to keep in mind the above factors when shopping for pens. Find something easy to use, durable, high-quality, and within a reasonable price range. All the products in the review section are great. Choose one that best appeals to your needs.

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