Best Weed Vaporizers In 2019

Vaporization enables the utilization of marijuana in its purest natural form. Unlike in smoking where the cannabinoids (compounds responsible for all the health benefits) are burnt down, vaporization releases these compounds without destroying them. Here we list the best desktop vaporizers, portable dry herb vaporizers and the best wax vaporizers.

What Is a Weed Vaporizer?

A weed vaporizer is a device used to heat marijuana below its burning point of 392° F. Weed vaporizing has been around for a long time, but its popularity is now increasingly booming due to the many health benefits of marijuana discovered. That has also been accompanied by wide-scale legalization. The magic herb is a solution to nearly all the health problems which afflict humanity. Nonetheless, smoking weed as you can expect is not healthy for the lungs, thus the need for vaping.

To that effect, there have been many weed vaporizers hitting the market. There are portable weed vaporizers, pen vaporizers, and stationery vaporizers among others to facilitate the proper use of weed for medication. All vaporizers have one thing in common: they have a delivery system plus a heating source.

Manufacturers are now creating advanced models, including vaporizers that you can control via a smartphone application. The combustion point of marijuana is 392 degrees Fahrenheit, but most weed vaporizers are calibrated to vaporize at 285 degrees. Nonetheless, users can get the option to heat the weed to 400 degrees.

Conduction VS Convection

Best Weed Vaporizers

All weed vaporizers use either conduction or convection as the mode of heating. To start vaping, you place the weed in a loading chamber and turn on the vaporizer. The device will then heat the grass to the temperature where it releases vapor. You then inhale the weed steam via the delivery system of the vaporizer.

With conduction vaporizers, the herb is heated directly from a heated surface, usually a metal plate that is heated to the right temperature. The herb will start to steam without burning. Even though the conduction method of vaporization has a high risk of combustion, it is usually ideal when you want to vaporize the herb quickly.

On the other hand, convection involves heating the weed by passing heated air over it. Air is heated to the right temperature and then moved with a fan or a delivery system to the area holding the herb. The hot air produces cannabinoids vapor from the marijuana without burning it. Convection is the most effective method of vaporization because the heat reaches all the weed powder at the same time. Convection vaporizers are usually costlier than conduction vaporizers.

Main Types of Weed Vaporizers

There are weed vaporizers of different designs and sizes in the market. The most popular vaporizers are desktop vaporizers, portable vaporizers and pen vaporizers.

Desktop Vaporizers

Desktop vaporizers are big and often need a wall outlet power source. They are not portable, but they can deliver high-quality vapor. Most desktop vaporizers are convection vaporizers. Typically, your desktop vaporizer will come with a large bowl (to accommodate large volumes of weed) and a strong heating system. The massive build will enable you to vape for longer or share around with friends. The heating system often comes with many temperature settings to choose from depending on your strain of marijuana.

Portable Vaporizers

The compact size and easy portability make them the most preferred devices by vaping enthusiasts. A portable vape is highly convenient. Nonetheless, they are a bit larger than pen vaporizers. Unlike desktop vaporizers, portable vaporizers use rechargeable batteries, but you can also go for butane and flame options.

Portable vaporizers use a single preset heating temperature, which might either be too high or too low depending on what strain of herbs you are using. Even though you will not have absolute control over the vaporization temperature, the device still manages to capture the natural aroma and flavor of each strain.

Pen Vaporizers

Where the portable vaporizers are compact, pen vapes are even smaller, lightweight and discreet to use. They are ideal for all those that want to get their medicinal weed dosage on the go. Most pen vaporizers are conduction vaporizers.

How to Use a Vaporizer

Best Weed Vaporizers

First, find a suitable weed vaporizer that suits your budget and vaping needs. Things to look at when shopping for weed vaporizers include size, price, and design. It would help if you had a vaporizer that can allow you to vape at least three grams of weed. After acquiring a vaporizer, ensure to read the manual that comes with the product so you can master its use.

Grind the weed

Before you can start vaping, you will need first to grind up marijuana. For a vaporizer that works through conduction, the herbs need to be as fine as possible. Powder fine herbs reduce the risk of combustion that is associated with conduction vaporizers. On the other hand, you can safely use a medium grind when it comes to convection vaporizers.

Pack it

After grinding the herbs, use a spatula to scoop and feed the cannabis powder into the heating chamber of the vaporizer. Every vaporizer has a different sized chamber. The rule of thumb is to always leave some room for air to flow over the weed during vaping.

Turn the device on

After packing the vaporizer with the cannabis powder, power it on and allow it to heat up. For a vaporizer that features temperature customization, you can turn it higher to achieve a highly potent and thick vapor. For other devices, the temperature self-calibrates after turning on the device.

Inhale the vapor

Your vaporizer might light up to indicate that the vapor is ready for use. For other types, you will have to make an educated guess based on the vaping temperature calibrations. Vaping involves inhaling marijuana steam via the mouthpiece. This sipping action is quite so unlike the drag done when smoking joint.

As you sip the vapor, you will notice that temperature starts to drop – in this case, you will have to reheat the weed. Then also, if there is not enough steam or flavor coming through, you would need to add more cannabis powder. The chamber is usually very hot so exercise utmost caution when refilling weed.

Clean the vaporizer

After you finish vaping, it is imperative to clean the device before storage. Usually, there is debris that can clog and impair the proper functioning of the heating chamber or inhalation system. In light of that, it is advisable to clear the heating chamber and rid all residues in the mouthpiece and the tubular pathway.

You can use pipe cleaners and rubbing alcohol during the cleaning process. It is also recommended to charge the device after use so that it will be ready to use next time when you need to vape.

How to Vape Weed Correctly?

Once the vaporizer reaches the required temperature, inhale via the mouthpiece, then pull the device away from you and exhale. The only challenge is that there might be a low-quality vapor leading to a thin and flavorless mist. There are several things you could do to get the best out of the experience. First, use high-quality fresh weed and ensure it is moisturized before turning on the vaporizer.

It is also advisable to regularly stir the heating chamber for even heat distribution. You can mix this chamber in between inhalations. Also, when inhaling the vapor, ensure to start smoothly.

If you choose to work with convection vaporizes, they will require minimal stirring on your part. Conduction vaporizers are notorious for uneven heating and therefore will need regular stirring between draws.

Also, noteworthy is the fact that you get different vaping results with different temperatures. At high temperatures, you will get a dense and highly-flavored vapor. Nonetheless, the high temperature might overheat the device and make it harder to hold it.

4 Benefits of Using a Vaporizer

Best Weed Vaporizers

Health: Vaping is the healthiest way to use medical marijuana. Smoking marijuana has been found to pose health risks to the lungs, and the tar and toxins from the burning pot can cause a horde of health conditions. Vaping is cleaner, safer and enjoyable.

Discreet: With devices like pen vaporizers, you can vape anywhere. The vapor is odorless and disappears immediately after exhalation. That is unlike smoking which attracts unnecessary attention and releases smoke and bad odors into the atmosphere.

Instant onset: Using a vaporizer will allow you to start experiencing the benefits of CBD without waiting a long time for it to kick in. With vaping the onset of the relief is rapid, with the effects lasting for more than 3 hours.

Efficient: Much of the cannabinoids are burnt down during smoking. With vaping, however, you will be able to get the most out of your stash of weed. Experts estimate that the actual value between vaping and smoking is a ratio of 5: 2. That means that your cannabis will be efficient in small amounts.

In a Nutshell

Vaping is the healthiest way of using medicinal marijuana. It is convenient, discreet and helps you get the most out of the precious herbs. There are different types of weed vaporizers including tabletop, pen vaporizers, and portable flower vaporizers. All vaporizers either work via conduction or convection.

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