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Geekvape has grown to be one of the most popular manufacturers in the vaping industry. It has proven to be a contender through their top-notch engineering and design. You’ll find some of the best vaporizer related products in Vapingcig of this section.

Geekvape Aegis Legend 200W Starter Kit

$96.50 $55.95
Geekvape Aegis Legend boasts ultimate durability due to the titanium alloy frame, leather and silicone components. Featuring max 200W and 5ml e-liquid capacity.

Geekvape Aegis Mini TC Kit with Cerberus Tank 2200mAh 80W

$65.00 $55.25
Geekvape Aegis Mini - adopted advanced AS chipset, built in 2200mAh battery, with the maximum output of 80W.

Geekvape Aegis Solo Starter Kit 100W

$64.00 $44.95
Geekvape Aegis Solo kit consists of Aegis Solo Mod and Cerberus sub ohm tank,it is a compact version of the original aegis, which is smaller lighter an more durable.

Geekvape Ammit 22 RTA for Single Coil Build

Geekvape Ammit 22 RTA is a newly released RTA for single coil build. It features 22mm diameter, three-dimensional airflow, 3.5ml reservoir and top-fill system.

Geekvape Ammit RTA with 20mm Build Deck Dual Coil

Geekvape Ammit Dual Coil RTA features 20mm build deck, 25mm base diameter, 3ml capacity and 6ml expanded capacity, new 3D airflow system, which aim to offer you top-notch flavor production.

Geekvape Avocado 24 RDTA 5ml

Geekvape Avocado 24 RDTA has come out with some specifics: 5ml capacity, easy to build and fill, available for single or dual coil. Perfect flavor experience and 2 drip options included.

Geekvape Blade 235W TC Kit with Aero Tank

$67.90 $57.72
The versatile chassis can accommodate dual 18650 batteries, also compatible with 20700 and 21700 batteries.

Geekvape Digiflavor Ubox Starter Kit with Utank 1700mAh

$29.00 $24.65
Geekvape Digiflavor Ubox - ideal for beginner vapers with its 1700mAh battery and 2ml tank.

Geekvape Digiflavor Upen Kit 650mAh

$29.90 $25.42
Geekvape Digiflavor Upen - a pen-styled vape for beginners. Consists of integrated 650mAh built-in battery and 1.5ml e-juice tank.

Geekvape Flint AIO Starter Kit 1000mAh

$39.90 $33.92
Geekvape Flint - with large-capacity of 1000mAh, meets your daily demands. Ultra lightweight and portable, enables you to take and use it wherever you go. 4 colors are free to choose.

Geekvape Frenzy Pod System 950mAh

Geekvape Frenzy is a pod system that features an intelligent output mode, singular button, and beautiful craftsmanship.

Geekvape Lucid 80W TC Kit

$49.90 $42.42
An innovative mod system that consists of highly-praised AS chipset, Lumi Mesh Sub-0hm tank and single rechargeable 18650 battery. Available in black, blue, gunmetal, orange and red.
It happens to be a reputed electronic cigarette brand which came into existence in the year 2015. Their initial product, the Griffin RTA, was extremely successful, and it helped the company to come to the forefront of the e-cigarette manufacturing industry. It was difficult to come across inexpensive RTAs in those days, while the clone market was nevertheless blossoming.

The Crius was introduced by OBS in 2015, and although it had to go through plenty of modifications as well as quality control problems it was nevertheless not a bad idea after all.

This Crius platform was used by Griffin, and it helped to rectify some of its downsides such as the inclusion of a bigger deck, an improved insulator, as well as an enhanced top filling. All these attracted the attention of vapers who started buying them in large numbers.

1. Nova Kit With Alpha Tank

Nova Alpha Kit happens to be an outstanding product which features a combo of Alpha Meshmellow Tank and Nova Mod. Being a high-performance mod, Nova Mod can power as much as 200W along with robust dual 18650 batteries. Moreover, the presence of the advanced AS chipset generates remarkable power as well as speed.

Apart from this, the sub ohm tank manufactured solely by its Team presents incredible vaping experience to the users. Besides all these features, the innovative MeshMellow Coil System likewise provides the purest flavor too.

2. Avocado 24 RDTA 5ml

The hugely in-demand Avocado 24 RDTA happens to be an improvement upon the Avocado collection given that it comes with a much bigger as well as powerful design with a diameter of 24mm. Besides this, there is likewise an enhanced 5 ml e-Liquid capacity plus a revolutionary hinge lock fill facility for effortless refills.

The product also includes a deck that can work with different types of single, not to mention dual coil builds as well. It will be possible for the user to adjust the flow of air according to his likings, thanks to the innovative airflow control ring.

On top of this, there are other helpful features including a set of spare components, a replacement glass, ceramic block, 510 drip tip plus a hex screwdriver as well.

3. Frenzy Pod System 950mah

This product was produced only recently and has been designed with remarkable elegance that helps to make it a unique masterpiece out there. This particular Pod Kit happens to be amongst the most advanced POD system on the market which comes with the AS Micro Chipset as well.

Furthermore, it can work with the NS coil system too. Although the previously mentioned coil mesh system is considered to be the best fit with this Frenzy Pod Kit, you will likewise come across the 0.7 ohm NS mesh coil as well as the 1.2 ohm NS coil too. All these have the reputation of providing genuine flavor plus fantastic taste.

Last but not least, the product also comes with an innovative battery capacity monitor such that once the battery level is between 0% and 70%, the red LED will begin to pulse; on the other hand, the green LED is going to pulse once the battery level becomes 70% to 100%,; moreover, the green LED is going to remain lit when the product is completely charged.

What to Expect from the GeekVape Vape Products

There is no doubt about the fact that it has become one of the most popular names in the vaping industry right now, and they have continued to establish their reputation by introducing several cutting-edge atomizers. However, besides these breathtaking products, the company has likewise introduced sub ohm tanks on the market, for example, the mesh-driven Alpha Tank which was launched last year.

In this way, the products of this brand have made a tremendous impact on today’s vaping industry and every single time another company introduced an innovative product on the market, it replied it by launching an improved version offering enhance features.

Thus, one thing is for sure that these impacts made by this brand will continue for quite some time from now, and we can expect some exciting brand-new products from it from time to time.