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iJoy will be an ideal choice for opting cutting-edge & high-performance & cost-effective vape devices. From vape pens to box mod kits, or from RDTA to RTA, iJoy has gained great reputation in the whole industry. Now there are hot-sell products of it are available on Vapingcig, below are some of the products we elaborately selected for you:

IJOY Avenger 270 234W TC Starter Kit

$89.95 $54.95
IJOY Avenger 270 kit epitomizes the technological advances in the industry, featuring a dual 20700 platform capable of Voice Control System with futuristic design elements.

IJOY Captain PD1865 Mod 225W

$56.95 $48.41
The IJOY Captain PD1865 Mod, a mod capable of 225W maximum output, 0.96-inch OLED screen, temperature control suite, and effective fine-tuning settings.

IJOY Captain PD270 Mod 234W 6000mAh

$80.90 $68.77
IJOY Captain PD270 mod carries a full suite of features that make it competitive in today’s selection of devices.

IJOY Captain X3 Mod 324W – Triple 20700

IJOY Captain X3 324W TC Box Mod, as true masterpiece with max 324W power output. It is powered by 20700 batteries, also compatible with 18650 battery with the included adapter. USB rechargeable, you can choose battery replacement method or charging method to get your vape device to live again.

IJOY Cigpet Ant Starter TC Kit

IJOY Cigpet Ant TC Kit measures 47mm by 70.8mm by 24mm, powered by a single 18650 battery and is capable of firing at a max power output up to 80 watts, which is compact and lightweight, no matter for on-the-go use or daily use, it is an ideal kit for all vapers.

IJOY Combo RDTA Tank 6.5ml

$49.95 $24.95
IJOY Combo RDTA Tank is another ingenious work after IJOY Limitless RDTA. It features a 6.5ml juice reservoir, and is the very first RDTA tank with interchangeable building deck.

IJOY Mercury Resin Kit 1100mAh

$35.99 $30.59
IJoy Mercury Resin kit is powered by a single 13350 battery(built-in), with a tank of 2ml capacity.

IJOY Mystique Kit with Subohm Tank 162W

$66.99 $56.94
IJOY Mystique is powered by replaceable dual 18650 batteries(not included), this lightweight and pocket-sized IJOY Mystique Kit is easily to carry around.

IJOY Mystique Mesh Kit 162W

$49.99 $42.49
IJOY Mystique Mesh kit features nnovative mesh coils, dual adjustable airflow, sliding top fill, etc.

IJOY Mystique Mesh Tank 3pcs

$10.79 $9.17
IJOY Mystique Mesh - a disposable subohm tank for IJOY Mystique Mesh, comes with 3pcs, 2 editions with different capacities are free to choose.

IJOY Mystique Subohm Tank

IJOY Mystique tank can accommodate your favorite E-juice and the adjustable airflow allows for ample vapor intake.

IJOY Saber 100 Tube Starter Kit with Diamond Sub Ohm Tank

$87.95 $58.00
IJOY Saber 100 is comprised of a single 20700 battery regulated tube mod and a Diamond sub ohm tank, it integrates the IWEPAL chipset with 100W of maximum power output.
The iJoy brand was founded with a mission of, “Making Life Better,” through their innovative designs and technology that expertly marry a beautiful, sleek look, with high-quality and expertly-produced products–in other words, style AND substance working together to give consumers the best vaping product possible. They strive to have the optimal and highest-class e-cigarette and work to achieve this through speedy and efficient research to create the best product, fair pricing, high-quality products, and always keeping the responsibility to customer in the forefront of our minds. It has become a leader in the vaping industry through these principles and believes their immense success can be attributed to our character, originality, and innovation.

Three Top Products

Wand Kit:

One of the best choices around if you want a vape pen that is small and discreet, but still packs plenty of power. The Wand Kit features a compact style that fits a built-in chargeable battery with short-circuit protection, a control chip to further safety as well as reliability, and an atomizer with automatic detection and an ample output thanks to its max wattage of 100W. This is a fantastic kit to choose if you’re just-starting-out vaping or want something small but mighty!

Mercury Kit:

This kit is a prime example of how modern innovations have been expertly applied to vaping. With its compact structure and a powerful battery that holds an extensive charge, the Mercury Kit is highly reliable. It also is as gorgeous as it is intuitive, with a single-button firing mechanism that makes using it easily as can be. This user-friendliness also extends into the highly accessible top-filling tank and adjustable bottom airflow design. If you want a vape kit that is as good-looking as it is easy to use, this is a stellar choice.

Shogun JR Kit:

The Shogun JR Kit is what you should think of when you think, “Cutting-edge.” Between its dual internal batteries, and revolutionary mesh coils with an enlarged e-juice capacity of 6ML to assist with flavour optimization, the Shogun JR Kit is the kind of high-quality product excels at producing. As with all our products, it has a wide range of gorgeous colour-finish options and built-in features that can be tweaked to your liking. This is a top-of-the-line Kit for perfect for your busy life!

What to Expect From Its Product

Whether you buy one of these top-rated items listed above or any other of the stellar vaping products, there are some elements you can expect that help to illustrate why it will be the best choice for your vaping needs.

1. Gorgeous products:

Before you even use an iJoy vaping product, you will already be pleased when you take it out of your pocket/purse/bag. Compared to bland and ugly vaping items, the products of this brand always look stylish and attractive. You don’t have to be embarrassed by a hideous vape-kit when you use us.

2. Ease of use:

Their vape products are extremely user-friendly and intuitive. They are easy to fill, activate, and utilize. Compared to some vaping products that are confusing and have multiple steps even to turn them on, iJoy’s are straightforward and designed to be simple to use.

3. As discreet as you desire:

Even though their vaping products are gorgeous to look at should you want to show them off, they always are small and discreet enough that should you feel a little self-conscious about vaping you can do so with minimal attention brought to what you’re doing with their vaping products easily being concealed within your hand.

4. The highest quality:

At the end of the day you may be pleased if your vaping kit looks pretty, is easy to use, and is discreet, but the most important thing is undoubted that your vaping products are high-quality. A vape-kit that breaks or cracks is a waste of money, but with iJoy vape products, you get strong and durable products and still pay a great price!