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With a true passion for craftsmanship and engineering, every product from Lost Vape fuses unique visuals with cutting-edge technology to create an exclusive product line. With the corporation with DNA, it produces many vape mod with advanced and intelligent DNA chipset. Take a look at this section and find the best one fits your needs:

Lost Vape Orion DNA Go AIO Pod Device

Lost Vape Orion DNA Go is an all-in-one pod device that adopts DNA Go chipset, and provides vapers the ultimate portability and functionality. It is a true masterpiece with perfect performance and practicability.

Lost Vape Orion Q 17W AIO Pod System – Full Kit

Lost Vape Orion Q follows the notable success of the original one, it adopts an advanced chip with maximum output of 40W, 950mAh built-in battery, and presenting a 1.0ohm KTR Orion Pod while maintaining the solid chassis construction.

Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C Mod 200W

Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C box mod is the latest product which integrates Evolv dual battery chipset in the DNA 250C for a higher performance.

Lost Vape Quest Orion Q Cartridge – Pack of 2 / 1.0ohm

Lost Vape Quest Orion Q replacement cartridge features adjustable airflow that allows for changing between MTL & DTL vaping. It is available in 1.0ohm atomizer resistance and is suitable for both nicotine salt and regular e-liquid use.

Lost Vape Therion DNA166 Mod

Lost Vape Therion DNA166 TC Box Mod is the latest generation of the Therion platform, it integrates the advanced Evolv dual battery chipset in the DNA 166, and maintains the beloved chassis design the luxury materials. Overall, it is a high-performance box mod that is renowned.

Lost Vape Therion DNA75C Mod

Lost Vape Therion DNA75C box mod is designed with class-leading class-leading chassis, which works perfectly together with the intelligent otput technology of Evolv’s advanced chipset, it is a truly mast-have for dedicated enthusiasts with a taste for premium functionalities.
It is a brand lauded for its manufacture of luxurious and affordable vaping products. Over the years, would-be vapers have always had the false impression that vaping products come with hefty price tags, and especially so for high-end vaping products. However, since the establishment of it, it has increasingly become clear that you can puff from your favorite vape devices without having to spend through the nose, regardless of how luxurious the device is.

It was established in 2014 by one Rocky Guo, and since then, the company has endeavored to live up to their motto which is ” Action Secundum-Fidei,” that loosely translates to “we deliver on our beliefs.” One of the most remarkable things you will discover about itd vape devices is that the company integrates Evol’s DNA-chipsets to present a complete package of ergonomics, high functionality and aesthetic appeal in all their vape devices. Another great selling point of it is the belief that each vaping product should be designed in a manner that it meets an individual vaper’s identity and passions. Some of their most notable products include the Triade, Paranormal, and the Orion.

Lost Vape Orion-DNA Go AIO-Pod Device

This was the company’s first portable vape device designed with DNA Go-chipset. With this device, you are guaranteed a continuous power output of 30W, and if you like, you can go for the max boost output of 40W. You can determine the right output level according to your vaping requirement. White signifies Low; Blue stands for Medium while Red denotes High.

In addition to tracking your power output level, you can also track the battery life. There is an indicator that flashes on as a warning that the battery needs charging. The device also features two different replacement pods. There is a 0.25ohm pod for regular vaping and a 0.5ohm for flavor.

You will find an adjustable airflow slot beneath the pod’s drip tip which allows you to choose whether you need a Mouth-to-Lung draw or a Direct-to-Lung draw. The manufacturer has included a micro-USB Cable and an instructional manual in the package, and the device comes in black, blue or gold colors.

Lost Vape Paranormal-DNA250C Mod-200W

This vape product by Lost Vape also makes use of new DNA250C-chip and also incorporates an aesthetically-appealing chassis. For more enhanced output, the company has adopted DNA250 Color-Chip. This new addition enhances the product’s wattage control, replay function, boost mod as well as temperature protection, preheat and onboard-programmable multicolor-LED.

The range of output is between 1 and 200W, depending on your requirement. The product has also been lauded for its remarkable power efficiency that currently stands at 97 percent. Included in the package are a USB adaptor, a micro-USB cable, an instruction manual, and a warranty card. The product is predominantly silver in color.

Lost Vape Quest-Orion Q-Cartridge – Pack-of-2 / 1.0ohm

The 1.0ohm atomizer-resistance is this device’s greatest selling point. In addition to that, there is an adjustable airflow that’s found on its drip tip. This kind of flexibility makes it easier for you to experiment with both your regular e-juice and nicotine salt.

Whether you choose the salt-based nicotine or settle with your preferred e-juice, you get a whopping 2ml of the liquid, ensuring you blissfully relish your puffs before you can refill it. Also, the vape device has been designed to make it easier for you to either vape from mouth to lung or direct to lung. When you buy the product, you get two replacement cartridges.

What To Expect From Lost Vape Products

Lost Vape is probably the only vape brand that offers advanced vape products at fairly competitive prices. Apart from electronic cigarettes, the company is also known for manufacturing high-end personal vaporizers. The company prides itself in the ease of use, ergonomic design, and aesthetic appeal of their vape products. Their electronic cigarettes mainly make use of the Evolv DNA-chipset. Like many other established brands out there, Lost Vape believes in customer satisfaction and safety. Their products are a result of years of laboratory trials to ensure they pose minimal side effects to users.

And in an industry where brands strive to copy from each other, Lost Vape has proven that there is more benefit in being different. In 2018, they released the first DNA-chipset pod-system, the Orion DNA-GO. This pod system was a groundbreaker in terms of design, quality, and innovation. However, this was not the first time the Lost Vape proved their products are trendsetters in the vaping world. We can remember they one time experimented with the Ante Meridiem’s Axis box-mod and in the end, were able to create something very close to this box mod in beauty and functionality. Therefore, when it comes to innovation and creativity with vape products, Lost Vape is only second to none.