MLV introduced a pod-based vape kit, Phix starter kit. It is a innovative pod starter kit with long-lasting battery life. Phix also offers replaceable pods, there are several different flavors for you to choose from. We selected some of them in this section, you can choose from these for your preference.

PHIX Battery Device with USB Charger

The PHIX Basic Kit comes with battery device and charger. It will provide one of the best vaing experiences for you.

PHIX Battery Limited Edition with Charger

PHIX Battery Limited Edition is a limited version that features attractive colors, with rose gold, electric blue, pearl white to choose.

PHIX Pods – 4 Packs / 1.5ml Each

PHIX Pods pack contain the best tasting and most satisfying e-liquid at you’ll find anywhere. Pack of 4, an with 1.5ml juice in each.

PHIX Starter Kit with 1.5ml Single Pod

This vape kit comes with a full kit, a 1.5ml pod and a USB charger, which will perfectly satisfying your vaping needs.

PHIX USB Charger

PHIX USB Charger is a charger specially designed for PHIX vape kit. It is portable and travel-friendly.
In case you want to have a fantastic experience of smoking e-cigarettes, then PHIX manufactured by MLV will be your ideal solution. This brand can boast of having a large pod as well as a long battery life plus an innovative diamond-shaped body which helps it to stay ahead in the competition. It also comes with only one LED that will indicate whether the device is on or off.

According to many vaping enthusiasts, this brand is going to provide a superior value than many other similar products on the market thanks to the large-sized pods, which will last for a long time to come. This product will likewise provide you with various flavors so that you will never run out of choice. Moreover, it is quite handy to carry it within your pocket as well given that its design is sleek as well as elegant.

You can expect the pods to offer you a nicotine boast of approximately 400 puffs which is definitely worth the cost. Apart from this, the pods are attached to the gadget magnetically, thus providing a secure hold as well.

1. PHIX Pods (4 Pack)

These vape pods consist of 1.5 mL e-liquid and also come with groundbreaking ceramic work. The innovative Temperature Control Technology feature helps to regulate the atomizer coil’s temperature within the pod. The mixed flavor of this product pack includes Hard Strawberry, Butterscotch Tobacco, Spearmint, and Ice Tobacco. Moreover, it is 5% nicotine when it comes to weight and makes use of nicotine salt, which almost resembles the natural nicotine’s molecular structure, which we find in the tobacco leaves. All the juices have been specially formulated for this particular device as well as the pod. Last but not least, you’ll be sure of experiencing the perfect throat hit at this percentage of nicotine.

2. PHIX Starter Kit

This product consists of a USB charging cable as well as a robust battery. It is amongst the most popular vape pen starter kits at present. It will provide you with optimum satisfaction as well as safety while you are using it. Moreover, it has been designed in such a way that you will be inhaling the vapor to your lungs from the mouth just as you do while smoking. This e-liquid has been manufactured exclusively for providing a gratifying experience, and it is unlike the other similar products out there. On top of this, it comes with a ceramic exterior and also makes use of an innovative temperature control technology for preventing dry hits automatically. Last but not least, unlike any other e-cigarette on the market, you will not get any unpleasant or burned flavor while using this product.

What can you expect from your PHIX vaping device?

These amazing vapes mentioned above are superior to the majority of the other pod vaping devices out there. Its bigger e-juice capacity, as well as extended battery life, will allow you to savor more puffs in the long run. Furthermore, you will experience great satisfaction irrespective of whether you are spending your time with your friends or happen to be on the go. You simply cannot overlook this revolutionary pod-based vape which can boast of having exclusive as well as flavorful hits for a better vaping experience. Moreover, in case you like to go for nicotine salts, then this brand will be the appropriate one for you. Anybody interested in experiencing a combo of a light and gentle flavor, as well as a strong nicotine hit, is going to adore this device more than anything else.