snowwolf, Snowwolf
With an intuitive and attractive 3D wolf logo engraved on the body of vaping products – it is the Snowwolf. The iconic and signature snowwolf emblem represents the essence of the brand, imposing a high-end impression that truly stands out from other devices in the market.

Snowolf Wocket Pod System 25W

$45.99 $31.95
Snowolf Wocket, a lightweight pod system that is made of aluminum alloy for lasting durability. Integrating with 1150mAh battery and 3.0ml top-refill tank.

Snowwolf Exilis Xpod Pod System 15W 980mAh

$34.99 $21.95
The Snowwolf Exilis Xpod is designed with power and airflow delivery in mind. The exquisite 3D log makes it up-to-date and attractive.

Snowwolf Mfeng Baby Kit 30W 2000mAh

Snowwolf Mfeng Baby Kit boasts portability compared to Mfeng kit. Built in a 2000mAh battery to meet your daily vaping needs. Optional power mode and TC mode. A child proof safety lock is added to this device.

Snowwolf Mfeng Kit with Wolf Tank

Snowwolf Mfegn starter kit is the luxurious rendition, integrating a high-end structural design with the iconic logo to pair with a powerful Wolf tank. With the maximum power output up to 200W, it allows you to experience massive vapor as you want.

Snowwolf Mfeng UX 200W TC Starter Kit

$89.99 $57.95
Snowwolf Mfeng UX is a beautiful well-crafted vaping system, featuring zinc alloy chassis construction, various temperature control settings, and is paired with the Snowwolf MFENG UX Sub-ohm tank.

Snowwolf Mini 100W TC Starter Kit

Snowwolf Mini 100W TC Kit is a luxury kit with exquisite 3D sculpture on its mod. It allows you use either 21700 or 18650 battery with the included adaptor. 5ml capacity tank enables you to fill your favorite e-juice.

Snowwolf O-100 100W Kit

Snowwolf O-100 100W kit offers tremendous power, high accuracy, and sophistication combined with an ergonomic and nicely-crafted chassis, stunning and robust display technology and a 7ml squonk bottle.
Snowwolf is a leading brand in the vaping world. They produce some great vaping products with modern technology. They make different types of vaping kits like – Snowwolf mini kit, Exillis xpod, Mfeng Ux, Vfeng, Vfeng version 2.o, etc. They also make vaping tanks.

The air flow systems on their vaping kit are good for vaping. The filters on their vaping kit are also great. Moreover, the bottom section of their vaping device is adjustable. This helps to flow the air smoothly. Apart from that, their vaping kit has excellent coiling. Moreover, their vaping devices throw air with a good amount of power. Even, they have child lock system to protect children from these devices.

At the ECC Expo (2018) in California, the Snowwolf team was present. Their devices were really attractive, and lots of people from Canada and the USA visited their stall.

1. Snowwolf Exilis Xpod Pod System

This Pod has an attractive design. It has five colors – Black, Pearl white, Blue, Red, and Grey. It has a pocket-friendly design. Moreover, the Snow wolf logo on the pod makes it more attractive and stylish.

The device has 0.06s firing speed. Consequently, it has good power for vaping.

The vaping device can be filled through its bottom. It has a battery with 980 mAh power.

2. Snowwolf MFENG Kit With Wolf Tank

This vaping device has a modern and luxurious design. It has a Snow wolf logo on it. Moreover, the wolf tank on it is really big. It has a capacity of 6 ml juice (max). As a result, it can be used for a long time.

With 200 watts (max) output, this vaping device is truly powerful. It can provide instant vaping. Even, you can select the percent of the power you want from it. This device is capable of providing with the fast vaping experience.

This device has T.F.T color screen, and it has two fire button at its side. It has a big tank. Moreover, you can control the temperature of this device. You can fill the juice from its top. This will avoid wasting of your juices.

It has many ranges of colors. It has a great look, and this vape kit has an ideal size. It’s an ideal vape kit for those who want to vape continuously.

3. Snowwolf Wocket Pod System 25W

This vape kit has a light body. It looks great, and it’s available in many colors. Its body is built with aluminum alloy. This ensures that it will last long.

It has a 25-watt power output. As a result, It can provide a good thrust. The vape kit can produce great flavors. This feature makes this vape kit highly attractive.

This vape kit has an excellent coil (Nichrome). Apart from that, the vape kit’s wattage can be adjusted. It has a large battery (1150mAh). The vape kit can produce a good amount of vapor, and this vape kit uses food grade drip tip. All the features of this vaping kit make it an ideal and modern vaping kit.

What to Expect from Your Snowwolf Vape Product

Quality & Technology

Snowwolf makes their products with excellent quality. They never compromise with their quality. They make every vaping kit with safe and modern technology. Their vaping kits will never put your health at risk because they use perfect coils and filters in their vaping kits. As a result, you can always expect safe and high-quality vaping products from them.

Style and Design

The vaping products of Snowwolf have great designs. They are crafted with subtle artistry. With their vaping kits, you will always be the center of attention. The logo, color, and the style of their vaping kits are simply remarkable.


This brand may produce some great vaping products. But, they never overprice their products. Their products are affordable, and the products are durable.

Snowwolf strives to produce the best vaping products for you. For healthy vaping, you can always rely on this brand.