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The STIG pod by VGOD is an all-in-one device designed specifically for use with nicotine salts.

Stig Pod Disposable – 3Pcs

$20.00 $14.90
Stig pods is taking vaping salt based nicotine to a whole new level. With four flavors are available to choose.
Stig” started their journey to provide optimal vaping experience. This vaping brand always strives to produce healthy vaping pods. Their goal is to save people from smoking. Hence, they produce some of the best class, vape pods.

Why Should You Choose Stig?

1. Advanced Vape Pods

This vaping brand uses advanced technology to make their pods. They call it “STIG.” This vaping device is unique. In reality, this vape device is disposable. This unique feature of the pod makes this company the safest one.

A stig pod is packed with e-liquid. The amount of nicotine in this device is equivalent to a packet of cigarettes. As a result, there will be no dearth of satisfaction with these devices. You can dispose of it and use another one. Hence, it would provide you great performance every time.

2. Easy To Use

These vaping pods are made with simple technology. They have no buttons. For vaping, you just have to draw it. Consequently, you can get a simple yet satisfying vaping experience.

3. Excellent Flavors

These vaping pods have some great flavors. The company uses Salt-Nic vaping liquid. As a result, you get complete satisfaction from vaping.

They have mango, mint, Cuban cigar flavors. Apart from that, they have watermelon and menthol flavors. These flavors can give you an amazing experience.

4. Light-Weight Design

These vaping pods are light-weight. So, you can carry them into your pocket, and you can vape anywhere.

5. Low Maintenance

There are many vaping kits in the market. Most of them require high maintenance. But, these vaping pods come ready. As a result, you just don’t have to charge them and maintain them. You can use them anytime.

Such innovative features make ‘Stig’ an excellent brand. Their vape pods are modern and advanced. The pods are also safe to use. Moreover, these vaping pods are disposable. So, you won’t face any health problems. For healthy vaping, you can always rely on them.