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Suorin, as one of the most renowned vaping manufacturers in this industry, is known for its sleek and aesthetics design & practicality & portability & competitive price. It’s innovative product such as Drop Pod Kit features water drop shape and performs really well. We also offer replaceable cartridges and batteries, capable of satisfying your rebuilding needs.

Suorin Air Cartridge 2ml

$5.99 $5.09
Suorin Air Cartridge is a replacement spare part for Suorin Air Kit, and it comes in 2ml e-liquid capacity for your favorite e juice.

Suorin Air Kit 400mAh

$34.50 $29.33
Suorin Air is the device you’ve been waiting for whether you are seeking to streamline your setup, add a reliable backup, or start with a stylish and dependable device. A combination of practicability and portability, it’ll be an ideal choice on-the-go.

Suorin Air Plus Pod System Starter Kit 930mAh

$29.99 $26.90
Suorin Air Plus is an updated version to the previous Suorin Air. Powered by a built-in 930mAh battery, it implementing a maximum output power of 25W and longer vaping time than the 400mAh Air.

Suorin Air V2 Ultra-Portable Pod System

Suorin Air V2 is a ultra portable pod device that presents a cutting-edge platform with one of the most ergonomic chassis in the market

Suorin Drop Kit 310mAh

$22.95 $19.51
Suorin Drop kit is a revolutionary pod kit that is designed for functionality and portability. It is equipped with 310mAh battery, LED display, 2ml cartridge and USB port to meet your daily or on-the-go vaping needs.

Suorin Drop Replacement Pod Cartridges 2ml

$3.75 $3.19
Suorin Drop pod is a replacement spare part for Suorin Drop Starter Kit and it comes in 2ml e-liquid capacity and an unique coil head. 1 piece each pack.

Suorin Edge Battery 230mAh

$9.95 $8.46
Suorin Edge battery utilizes advanced technology, supports quick charge(fully charged within 30 mins). Paired with Suorin Edge pod cartridge, you can enjoy great vaping. Available in 6 vivid colors.

Suorin Edge Pod Device Ultra-Portable Kit 230mAh

$22.99 $19.95
Suorin Edge Pod System, an ultra portable one-of-its-kind pod vaporizer, deploying a removable 230mAh battery design and 1.5ml juice capacity.

Suorin Edge Replacement Pod Cartridges 1.5ml

$2.75 $2.34
Suorin Edge Pod Cartridge - refillable and leakage-proof, it features a 1.5ml capacity for your favorite e-juice, allowing you to enjoy convenient vaping experience.

Suorin iShare Single Starter Kit 130mAh

$14.95 $12.71
Suorin iShare Single Starter Kit, presents integrated 130mAh battery and 0.9ml refillable pod cartridge for on-the-go set-up. Extremely portable and sleek. Your ideal choice to satisfy your daily vape.

Suorin iShare Twins Starter Kit 1400mAh

$59.99 $50.99
Suorin iShare Twins Pod Kit features a 1400mAh power bank that houses two Suorin iSahre single unit to satisfy daily vape needs. Filling your favorite nicotine salt based e-liquid, it'll surely become robust and versatile pod device for on-the-go use.

Suorin VAGON Ultra Portable Pod Kit 430mAh

$22.95 $19.51
Suorin VAGON Pod Kit is a great vape system for MTL vapers. Featuring integrated 430mAh battery, paired with 2ml refillable VAGON pod. VAGON pod kit features glossy finish for comfortable gripping. Having this in hand, you’ll get the vaping experience you’re desired for.
It is a vape brand that was founded in 2013 to bring back style and technology into the vaping industry; and to do so, they partnered with Foxconn – an electronic products manufacturer whose technologies have ended up in devices such as iPhone, BlackBerry, and PlayStation.

This partnership led to their first product – the Air – hailed greatly by vapers around the globe because of its sleek design that allowed for covert vaping. It was a pocket fitting vape device smaller than a credit card in size and became the most successful-selling pod device of 2017.

The pod was 88mm x 45 mm x 8 mm in size, weighed only 36 g and carried up to 1.2 ml of vape juice. It was manufactured by Foxconn. And Designed by the technology firm Golddreams. It had a top to bottom refilling system where you just had to remove the rubber plug and get you e-juice in it.

It’s aim was to offer newbie vapers something simple enough to operate but powerful enough to deliver fresh and exciting vaping experiences. The Air was, therefore, a pod device intended to help smokers make a smooth transition to vaping.

And while the buzz around Air version 1 had not yet died down, the company in conjunction with BlueMark Technology updated it by releasing yet another sleeker version of Air with intelligent temperature control mechanisms. The Eva packed a punch in just the same size but slightly less weight – it weighed 1.2 g less than its predecessor.

Both versions of pod devices have been engineered to exacting tolerances – to limit errors and allow for quality control over the vaping experience. They are draw activated with the Air balancing between MTL and DTL draws while the Eva provides for MTL vaping for cigarette-like experiences.

It has continued to combine energies, expertise, and personnel with leading electronic device manufacturers to bring the latest in vaping technology to a store near you. In 2019 they are promising members of the vaping community some cloud nine experiences with two new releases: the Edge and the Air Plus.

Edge Pod Kit:

The Edge Blue pod is a futuristic looking 1.5ml capacity low-resistance pod with a mouth-to-lung system for both standard E-juices and nicotine cravers.

Powered by an in-built 230mAh rechargeable battery, this pod can get you back to vaping in just under 30 minutes of charging. However, power should not even be an issue as the kit contains two battery cells you can switch between when one is down.

Air V2 Pod Kit:

Superbly engineered for reliability and durability so whether you are looking for a starter kit, an add-on or some reliable backup this 35g pod is the device just for you.

Edge Replacement Pods:

This all-in-one pod allows for convenient switching between vape juices with its refilling system. The pod has been hailed for its quick heating and tasteful vapour output.

What to Expect from its Vape Kits?

In retrospect, it is keen to redefine the phrase “covert vaping” with its sleek ultra-portable pods that heat up quickly to produce tasteful vape. What you can expect from its vape kits is:

User friendliness:

To refill the pod, there is a port at the top or bottom of the pod that you can use to squeeze your E-juice in comfortably. Then you can mount the pod back easily because the magnetic locking allows for simple plug and play simple plugging in and out. In just a matter of minutes, you can get to vaping with the draw-activated mechanism also firing up the pod once you make a draw – No complex settings.

Style and discreetness:

Suorin vape kits are designed for the modern vaper; one who is not afraid to chase flavour but not willing to compromise on style and throat hits. Its ultra-portable pocket-fitting pods are designed with low resistance atomizers and better wicking material for excellent tasty flavours, and they come in an assortment of sleek Steel or Zinc finishing. Whether you are looking for a replacement vaping kit or a starter vaping kit, this versatile, durable kit has got your back.