SMOK Stick V8

SMOK Stick V8 Review – an In-Depth Look


The SMOK Stick V8 kit is typically a styled vaporizer that generates a very appealing vapor for inhaling. Moreover, it is easy to use, sufficiently chic, and at the same time integrated with a battery of 3000mAh which offers amazing performance. SMOK has proved to be one of the best companies in the industry of e-cigarette, which allows you to enjoy the flavor whenever you are inside or out.

This, therefore, means you can easily tuck it inside the pocket. Therefore, you can enjoy your outdoor camping without necessarily refilling it.

The Product Quality

The most distinctive feature that stands out on Stick V8 is design and color option. Although you can secure different devices of vape that have varied colors, SMOK is so popular for its colors and designs. The stick V8 is available in at least 10 solid colors, 4 options of lustrous, and the camo. With the experience I have about it, I realized it is nicely designed although there is something that didn’t work. Its internal battery is not perfect.

It should be understood that if you like the small tube styled vape, you need to have internal batteries. The reason is that you can get a battery capacity of average level, at the same time ensuring the mod is sufficiently small. Nonetheless, the V8 stick is sufficiently large. Thanks to its internal battery, it lacks enough sophistication that is required. This means a removable battery is more effective.

They have ensured there is an internal battery to be in favor of novices. But, the way it has been constructed, it’s still not perfect for the starters.

Stick V8 boasts of a base which is unregulated. Considering the amount of charge available in the market, you can choose to have varied voltage outputs. This, therefore, means you need a button to engage coil and turn the device on and off. If you have some knowledge regarding the Big Baby Tank, you will realize it is a tank of good quality. It has a lot of modern features associated with products like SMOK.

Some of its features include a simple swivel, which makes it easy for filling and airflow regulation. Sometimes the tank may leak, but the best way to fix the issue is through replacement of the coil. These are some of the things you need to take into consideration if you consider having Stick V8.

The Quality of the Flavor

You will be able to get the best quality of vapor. The reason is that vape is provided alongside a Big Baby Tank while the coil helps to deliver perfect flavors and big clouds. The coils are customized, and they are available in 0.15 ohm and 0.25-ohm ratings. The 0.25-ohm coil provides nice flavor although the cloud is not very big like a 0.15ohm coil. This is provided with less impressive clouds and flavorful coil. The main difference that exists between these coils is that 0.15 ohm enhances smooth and big draw.

The Flexibility of the Power

You may not be able to secure any kind of flexibility, especially on the options of power because the available voltage is all dependent on the amount of charge inside the battery. It is hard to choose the wattage, voltage or the amount of temperature you wish to vape. This kind of vape assures great performance when it is fully charged.

The great thing associated with its battery indicator is that one can tell when a charge is required. Nonetheless, to enjoy the greatest experience, you must ensure it is kept within reasonable charges. It allows you to switch coil to make the kit easily controllable on the power.

The Pros of SMOK Stick V8

-Movable and comes with the colorful design, which makes it easy to pick from different colors of your choice.

-Very easy and compact to move around to ensure it’s perfect for vaping.

-No adjustments are required because you will be able to start using it immediately after buying.

-It comes with wide drip tip, more comfortable since it’s provided with a connection that is well sealed.

– The tank is capable of holding at least 5ml of the e-liquid.

-Can be easily refilled and comes with a few messes alongside a top-hinged fill design.

– Able to switch parts by use of the 510 connectors.

-Boasts of 8 seconds protection alongside other protections.

-It can be used alongside one regulator control.

-Built with pass-through effectiveness.

-One can easily tell when the system is shutting by the use of front LED light.

The Cons of SMOK Stick V8

-Not easy to secure hotter vape compared to the pre-set factory with low power.

-Lacks external source of charging since you must utilize the USB charging.

-Limited control of the device.

-Not the best for more complex vapors.

-Complicated to modify because it’s not easy replacing the tank, batteries or coils.

The Product Suitability

If you are a novice, you are likely to experience a hard time in choosing diverse devices for vaping. In case you realize it is proving difficult to make a good selection, it is advisable to have a ready option, for example, SMOK Stick V8.

The main advantage associated with Stick V8 is that it’s not provided with several whistles and bells. Instead, it is built with an easy single-click operation. You must understand the location of the fire button, and you will be good to go. If a battery is fully charged with the tank full, you can begin the vaping process.

This leaves V8, an effective kit for vaping among newbies. It is the perfect gift for your grandparents who smoke because it may not be hard for them when compared to the modern devices of vaping.


To wrap up, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a novice or a seasoned vaper, SMOK Stick V8 is going to add great value to your collection of vape. It is easy to use, and this makes it the best for beginners. The experienced vapers will like the solidity of this kit, especially the sub ohm capacity. This, therefore, makes its set-up so easy when on the motion. SMOK Stick V8 is very cheap hence affordable to the common citizen. Currently, it is sold at a discounted price that will leave you very satisfied.


Smok G-Priv 220W Review

A lot of transactions has been taking place in the vaping industry over the past few years. The years had seen and are still seeing the industry changing, evolving, and how revolutions are taking place in it. Extremely sophisticated vaping machines like the Laisimo L3 and Sigelei T200 have been unveiled in these years. They contain even touchscreens inbuilt into them! Then the vape manufacturer and famous brand SMOK came up with vaping devices containing wireless firmware technology and Bluetooth. And now the Smok G-Priv 220W mod is far more equipped than those devices; especially when it is combined with the TFV12 tank.

Packaging Contents

The packaging of Smok G-Priv 220W mod includes a micro USB port cable and a manual in the package contents. And then there are series of several cool features in the vaping device. There is only one thing which is not in the box, and that is the batteries. You will need two 18650 batteries for running the unit.

Important Specifications

The dimension and power specifications are as follows:

-Dimension: 85 x 58.5 x 28 mm is the

-Voltage range: 0.35 to 8v

-Resistance range: 0.1-0.3 ohm

-Temperature can be controlled between 0.6 to 2 ohms

-Power range: 1 to 220W

-Temperature range: 100 to 350 degrees Celsius

Accessibility Options

The following options are provided for connectivity:

-All major wire types are supported

-There is a 510 pin with gold plating

-Touch screen with shutter resistance

-The firmware is of an upgraded version

-Magnetized battery door

-The touch screen of the Smok G-Priv 220W mod

There are some special features in the Smok G-Priv 220W mod which makes it unique compared to other vaping devices. There are two things which decide the popularity of a device. One is its feel and preventability, and another is performance. When both are present, then a device gains preference. The ability to adjust its technicalities through the touchscreen makes it special.

The touchscreen, with its protective shutter screen, is worth a look. The shutter is made from hard glass. This built surely adds more structure and strength to the vape. Talking more about the touch screen, its dimension is 2 x 4 inch. The display is OLED type. The screen operates smoothly, and the graphics quality is nice.

Lock Screen

Just over the firing bar, there is a silver coloured button. This small rectangular button is for locking screen. Operating the touch screen gets so simple with this easy one-touch button, clicking it once locks the touch-screen rendering it black. This protects any accidental settings change of the device while the touch-screen gets accidentally influenced by movements etc. To check the remaining battery or play with the settings, one click of the lock screen button again activates the touch screen.

Firing Bar

Below the touch screen lock button, there is this small firing bar button that can use to change the modes. There are two modes; the same coil mode and new coil mode. When you choose any mode, you will get options on the screen. They are the VW mode, TC mode, and Max Puff.

The VW mode is selected to choose a wattage from the wattage settings. The highest attainable wattage is 220W. What you chose would be displayed on the screen. You would also get a plus and minus button on the screen. Tapping on them would help you increase and decrease the wattage faster.

Atomizer Heat Settings

You would also have the control of the atomizer heating pace. To play with the atomizer heating speed settings, the choices which you get are, soft, max, norm, and hard. Once you chose this, you may start vaping. While you vape, you may do the following:

-Count you puffs

-Choose and change the wattage

-See the resistance

Final Verdict

With a host of settings for adjustments in it, and the interactive touch screen to refer to any settings change in the device and the TFV12 tank, it’s a plain winner. You would love its use, feel, looks, style, comfort, and overall performance.

First Look and Design

The Smok G-Priv 220W mod is bound to mesmerize any user with its power punched attractive looks. If you are looking for the right combination of performance and style, with a sturdy design, then this is it. It looks enviously stylish, and you will fall in love with it.

The body design

The body of the vaping device is made from zinc alloy. It has a smooth and lustrous texture. The firing bar is plastic built and is rectangular. The battery door is magnetic and has a strong built. Users get many colour options to pick from. Among metallic colours are gold and silver. And then there are blue, black, red, and purple.

The TFV12 Prince Tank

What to pair with the G-Priv mod is the TFV12 Prince tank. The tank features top filling and airflow from the bottom. With the dimension of 63 x 23 mm, thread of 510, 8 ml capacity, and a build of Pyrex glass and stainless steel, the TFV12 tank is just superb performance enhancer.

Feel and grip

With a height of 85 mm, a width of 58.5 mm, and a thickness of 28 mm, the Smok G-Priv 220W offers the right comfortable grip and a nice balance of holding. The lock screen button, atomizer button, and firing bar, all accommodate super fine into the device and still doesn’t make it feel weighted.

Battery life

The battery is decent in longevity. One full charge lets it serve you though the day. You have to take small precautions like locking the touch screen when idle. This will help you avoid power wastage. Also, you should figure out the ideal settings working in your case to use it longer. However, it works pretty long even when used in higher temperatures.


The best part of using the Smok G-Priv 220W mod is its performance. Users will have to use it to believe that such a high-class design with sophistication of the latest technology can be so very easy to handle. Getting used to the squeezing of firing bar to activate it will take very little time. Once you are habituated, you would love it.


SMOK TFV12 – an In-Depth Look

A Quick Look

SMOKTECH remains one of the top brands in the vaping industry. The company supplies its customers with state of the art vaporizers,cloud-chasing tanks, and related equipment. SMOK vaporizers and cloud-chasing tanks are popular on the market. It is because of the popularity of earlier cloud-chasing tanks such as the TFV8, the reason why SMOK sought to introduce SMOK TFV12.

Looking at SMOK TFV12, you will see that it is not only bigger but also more powerful. This cloud-chasing tank has been named as the mother of all the available cloud-chasing tanks on the market. This serves to continue to honour the tradition of SMOK in offering big clouds of vapour. The vape tank also features a better design. The SMOK TFV12 comes with:

-0.15ohm V12 Q4 quadruple coil

-A 6ml tank capacity

-Three coils options

-The provided coils heads include V12-T12, V12-X4, and V12-Q4

Design and Build

The SMOK TFV12 is available with major changes incorporated into its design and build. As I had said before, this is a huge tank and as a result, not made for people who love those that are small and stealth and do not like giant warm vapour plumes. This cloud-chasing tank has a base diameter of 25mm while the glass tube diameter is almost 27mm. The tank has an impressive height of about 70mm.

Having seen the gigantic dimensions of this tank and with each part having measurements that are different, it means during designing and building, attention was focused on individual parts. So, while this tank is not uniform, still it has been made to be able to work together as a solid unit. The design strategy implemented serves to highlight the impressive manufacturing quality and detailed concentration relied upon by SMOK.

SMOK TFV12 has aggressive knurling incorporated both on the top and of course, the bottom parts. Just likeTFV8, this tank has maintained the three-piece design and the two-slot bottom airflow system. The only difference is that the holes are now bigger. The airflow vents can turn around all the way. Turning one slot is guaranteed to make the other slot follow suit. At the tank’s bottom, there is the standard 510 connector pin which is gold-plated.

The top cap and the atomizer base are both perfectly well-threaded. The thick threads serve to make it uncomfortable when unscrewing them.

Even though the tank has a capacity of 6ml, it would have been nice if the capacity was further expanded since this particular tank kills e-juice faster. For this reason, you need to have gallons of e-juice to keep the huge tank happy if you plan to regularly use the TFV12. The 6 ml juice capacity is not as impressive as it may sound when it comes to the TFV12. If you vape only premium e-liquids, then that means you will have to spend more regularly. Also, ensure that you prepare yourself to be not worried about battery life. Your batteries are guaranteed to be drained pretty fast if you happen to be vaping at above120W.

I must stress that high juice consumption and rapid draining of battery are not disadvantages of the TFV12. My intention was just to let you know that for you to benefit from the amazing and huge vapour production it offers, you have to incur some costs.

The wattage range of the V12-T12 is from 60W to 350W. At 60W, you will only be able to experience a small vapour amount whether with Max or High VG liquid. At this particular level, the flavour is virtually non-existent. With the 60-190W wattage range of the V12-Q4, you should expect more vapour and flavour and more power. You should understand that the TFV12 is meant for those who like hot vapour and like getting a crazy wattage.

Insane Huge Clouds

The TFV12 can treat you with insane cloud production courtesy of the new coil structure incorporated in its design and build. The coils are structured in a way that there is maximum e-juice saturation. The coils are also carefully wrapped to enable an even distribution of the heat produced for optimum vapour production of the insane amount. The TFV12 as per now represents the dream of Cloud-Chasers in the vaping tank world.

Over the past few months, I have been able to use the SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast, the Baby Beast, and even SMOK Big Baby. Of course, the latter tank was able to be made through a combination of all the best features offered by the earlier TFV8’s. The tank was able to utilize the use of coils of the Baby Beast while still being able to guarantee more capacity for juice, which results in less refilling frequency.

For now, though, having experienced what SMOK TFV12 has to offer in terms of cloud production, I will stick with this one. This tank is a must-have if you own 3x or even 4x box mods.

Final Thoughts

SMOK TFV12 has managed to justify its name as arguably the only Cloud Beast King! Just like other previous tanks by SMOK, this latest tank has been built with only one thing in mind, and that is yielding of insane performance.

You do not have any reasons why you should not buy and use this tank if you like popping flavours and you are a chaser of big vaping cloud. This tank is not only well-priced, but it is also insanely powerful since it comes with three impressive coils.

SMOK TFV12 has managed to justify its name as arguably the only Cloud Beast King! Just like other previous tanks by SMOK, this latest tank has been built with only one thing in mind, and that is yielding of insane performance.

You do not have any reasons why you should not buy and use this tank if you like popping flavours and you are a chaser of big vaping cloud. This tank is not only well-priced, but it is also insanely powerful since it comes with three impressive coils.

Smok Alien

Smok Alien 220W Review

Health experts recommend vaping instead of smoking for any loyal puffer. What more can anyone ask for, than the Smok Alien 220W the ultra-modern vaping kit? If you haven’t tried it yet, you are missing out. But what makes this kit so special?

A lot of thought and research has been put in this renowned model. Alien symbolizes a reminiscence, of how much effort has gone in this model to distinguish it from its predecessors. It makes you forget all about the jumble associated with other models. One year after its launch it has largely received positive reviews and stayed at the top of the global rankings, despite that several rivalries have introduced their models to the market, last September.

Smok Alien 220W Specifications

-Capacity: 2.0ml /3.0 ml

-The dimensions of the atomizer: 22mm by 53mm

-Battery Capacity: 2*18650

-Battery Size: 85*44*28.4mm

-Max Wattage: 220W

-Resistance: 0.1Ω-3Ω (VW) / 0.06Ω-2Ω (TC)

-Connection Threading: 510

-Weight: 366g

What Makes the Smok Alien So Unique

Smok Alien 220W allows you to customize your experience, allowing you to measure how much you vape.

Its special calibration is excellent. It has standardized its lateral firing bar, incorporated with a friendly user interface. This model is distinguishable by the attention they put into making it very user-friendly. The real-time display of statistics gives it a bonus over the other kits.

Let us explore the exclusive features of the this kit, together.

Smok Alien 220W Design

The mod

It has a very sturdy body, which gives you a good experience of holding it. It includes two compact 18650 batteries. On the other hand, it still feels smaller and more portable. Adding battery has prolonged the Aliens life and gave the user more time to enjoy it. The solid construction of the body captures the awe of any user. Maroon and black combination gives it a feel of power and finesse.

The firing bar works like a charm, and it’s easy to accustom.

The downside of the 220 maximum power output is, that it “eats up” the e-liquid far too quick.

The user interface

The creators of the Smok Alien knew that a larger LCD would complement the mod’s impressive features. The screen is bright, and it gives a superb view of selection toggles. It displays the time of the last use, display of voltage, watts, ohms, and modes. The selection screen allows you to view the internal PCB board in real-time. The screen is effectively distributed, and the menu can be accessed by swiping. Here are the contents of the pop-up menus.


It allows the user to access three different modes in temperature, wattage, and memory. You can use it by simultaneously pressing the left control bar and the fire bar.

– Temperature: It allows you to control the number of watts, comfortable for you. All you need to do is, choose the coil material suited to your needs. You can choose Titanium, Stainless, or Nickel. This is optional if you decide not to use the preheat menu. We will talk about it in a bit.

– Wattage: Wattage underlines the uniqueness of this particular kit. Users can choose soft, normal, or hard preheated options. To do that, you have to simultaneously press the right control button and the fire bar. That will take you to the preheat menu. The soft option will enable you to conserve power, and the hard option will give you a much-needed turbo boost. The normal option is convenient for standard wattage use.

– Puffs: An interesting feature of the display screen is, displaying the number of puffs you have taken. It also holds an option to limit the number of puffs one can take, within a limited timeframe although it doesn’t sound like too much fun!

– Setting: The control board is for users who want to achieve maximum performance with the least of worries.

Stealth mode enables you to adjust for how long you would want the screen to stay on. The contrast option enables you to manually change Ohms as indicted by the atomizer.

The Auto-lock options will keep your device locked, when not in use — substantially saving you power.

– Power: When you want to shut down this mod, always select Off and press the fire bar. This last display pane also enables you to return to the Main screens by hard-pressing the fire button for 2 seconds at the most.

The tank

Also known as the TFV8 baby tank, it has precision- based airflow control for flavor and cloud chasers.

Featuring the 2ml/3ml reservoir, it makes it less likely to run onto dry hits, even if you increase wattage beyond the recommended level. The tank can get hot from chain hits, but this can be solved by the Delrin drip tip, which effectively cools the tank lips when necessary.

Updating Your Smok Alien

No one wants outdated content. Make sure your Smok Alien doesn’t run obsolete. A lot of YouTube videos offer you step-by-step solutions for updating, but such tutorials can be lengthy and tedious.

It’s important to remember when you do update your kit, hard press your fire button throughout the whole process.

Here is a quick gate away to save you that clicking and time:

– After removing your previous firmware, click the APROM button that is under “load files,” while making sure each of the extracted folders is still selected. Carefully click on the bin file contained in the BIN files on the lower right side of your screen, and choose the “HEX” file from the drop-down menu of Intel Hex files. Once you clicked on the hex file, select open.

– Above the status bar, click on the Program Menu and select APROM. Hit the stationed start button, to enable your new firmware to be installed on your mod.

– At the end of the process, it should show PASS in green, which indicates that you have been successful. Your Alien is now updated.

– Ensure you know the version that your mod belongs to (Version A and B).

– If it displays V1.x.x, then it certainly belongs to version A, while VB.x.x shows that version B is required.

– Download the appropriate version in the compressed format on your computer. Extract the executables to a folder. Double-clicking with your mouse, enables you to choose the location for your decompressed files, best is if you extract them on your desktop.

– An executable file called NuMicro ISP Programming Tool should be run.

– Remove the batteries from your Alien and connect your mood to the computer, using a transfer-enabled USB cable. Best is to use the same cable that was purchased alongside the mod if you have it.

– Once you have connected your mod, click on the connect button in the software which should show, connected with a green background.

– The box labeled Config 1:0x should now be showing 00013000. If it fails to display this figure, re-download the software and try again.

– On the bottom of your screen, above the status bar, select the “erase all option” found under the drop-down Program menu. Click the start and wait for the software to erase the previous firmware. Once it’s completed, the word PASS will show in green, on the bottom or below the window

Does Smok Alien Fit the Best Starter Pack Tag

We have explored this impressive kit and its an absolute state-of-the-art vaping mod, which leaves its market rivals on their laurels.

The fact that we are still reviewing a product, which was launched months ago speaks for itself. It’s perfectly suited for the customers, especially in the ergonomics sense.

Its 18650 dual battery features, coupled with its consistent performance, definitely beats most of the other kits. Even the kits that hold from 3-5 batteries, simply cannot compete with the Smok Alien.

To cut the long story short, every vaping fan needs a Smok Alien kit. It’s sleek, and custom design will attract the attention of newbies or veterans in vaping. You simply can’t go wrong with the Alien.

If you are a clumsy fellow, it has you covered with two durable rubber bands, to protect the tank in case of falling on the floor.

The comprehensive and useful manual that accompanies the kit teaches to the user, how to take good care of the device and gives you top advice on achieving proper and safe battery usage.

Deciding the color of your choice might be the only difficulty in picking your Alien 220W.

You will be making the best investment in the vaping market, that will constantly remind you of the good decision you made, choosing the Alien.

Aspire Breeze 2

Aspire Breeze 2 Review

The latest Aspire Breeze 2 continues where the first one left off. However, it now has a better design. Aspire Breeze 2 features better performance, a refurbished refill system, and a long-lasting battery of 1000 mAh. When you first look at it looks like the first Aspire Breeze, although the old fashion refill system is substituted for a 3 ml refillable pod (TPD compliant) featuring a fancy pod-release system.

However the Breeze 2 utilizes similar kind of U-Tech coils like before, it now also has a legit MTL draw up to a limited lung hit. The kit will cost you approximately $34.99, and a five pack coil will cost $9.49.

Quality, shape and design

This gadget is ergonomic and compressed. Similar to the first one, it has a rounded rectangular build and a finish comprising of Zinc alloy. While the original one felt relatively run-of-the-mill, the Breeze 2 is more executed. It features a fantastic fit and finishes, and the latest pod system improves the functionality of this gadget and its appearance as well.

The Breeze 2 pod is sturdy and thick, and it is not the cut-rate disposable pod like other devices. Besides, it is easy to clean and check the juice levels. Even though it is dark-tinted, nothing blocks the view.

The Breeze 2 has the following dimensions – 95 mm by 35 mm by 19 mm, and it is slightly wider and taller as compared to the first version. However, the difference is not quite noticeable. Remarkably this gadget weighs somewhat less than the first one, most probably because it does not feature the metal chimney, and the mouthpiece is composed of thinner plastic than the first one.

If you fill both devices with juice, the Breeze 2 comes out at 74g as compared to the original one which comes out at 81g.


Aspire Breeze 2 is a simple device, but if you are a beginner, you might get confused. The Breeze 2 has five major parts – an airflow controller, a battery, pod, coil heads, and a mouthpiece. It consists of a fire button at the front, as well as two pod-release buttons located on the side.

How to begin

-Remove the dust cap which covers the mouthpiece. It is ideal for travel, although it is not practical for everyday use;

-Open the mouthpiece in the side airflow vents then squeeze both side buttons at the same time to release the pod, and afterwards pull it off;

-Open the screws of the airflow controller from the upper part of the pod – set it aside;

-Pick your coil head – between the 0.6-ohm and the 1.0-ohm and screw back the airflow controller at the upper part of the coil head;

-Attach the coil head to the pod, then screw it by the airflow controller but try not to over tighten it;

-Flick the pod upside down and remove the thick side of the orange stopper and fill it to its maximum after which you will pull the plug – ensure the orange plug does not hang on the sides, or it can affect the pod going back in;

-Return the pod to the battery housing then modify to the airflow you prefer by twisting the knurled ring, and then put the mouthpiece back;

-Wait for the coils to saturate for roughly 5 minutes then swiftly press the fire button five times to turn the gadget on.

And finally vape

Utilizing the pod release key is fun. They function well with the neck latches on the deck to protect the pods. With a nice click the pods pop out approximately one millimetre, and it slides back in with a loud click. If the button gets stuck, it can be rectified by pressing the pod back in.

Some users have complaints about how they access the mouthpiece using the fingernail. Some have a problem with it in the beginning.

However, the mouthpiece is firm and ergonomic, although it feels cheap and thin as compared to other devices. Fortunately, after setting the airflow, you will only require to remove the mouthpiece again when switching the coils. As compared to other devices, it is still not very user-friendly.


This is simple since the Breeze 2 has a 5 mm opening, and the affixed plug completely seals the ports – thus there is no leaking. Maybe a minute layer of condensation once in a while but usually the bottom part of the pod together with the battery housing is dry.

The refilling is not messy if you utilize squeeze bottle droppers. If using a standard dropper, it is the best to place the whole dropper to prevent the forming of an air pocket and leaking juice.

Breeze 2 coils

0.6-ohm U-tech coil

-Ideal for a limited lung hit although it is also capable of MTL with modifications.

-A trivial ramp delay

-Good flavour

-Perfect for low to medium nic

-Swift wicking to max VG

-Ideal for 50/50 to max VG

1.0-ohm U-tech coil

-Ideal with MTL

-Swift ramp

-Excellent for high nic


-Excellent throat hit

-Good flavour

-Perfect for from 70 PG to 60 VG (vegetable glycerin)

The first Breeze came out with the 0.6 ohms before releasing the 1.2-ohm coil. The higher coil should cater to the MTL fans although it never managed a tight draw on the first breeze because of the adjustability of the airflow. The 1.2-ohm coils will function with this version, and the MTL is legit.


Most users have described Breeze 2 to be amazing. You get a flavour and warm MTL vape with a fantastic throat hit which can be twisted with the adjustable airflow. It is ideal for users who prefer high nic juice. Usually, the hits are natural, no hard draw even when the air is closed off and since the mouthpiece has both sides vented the draw feels extra balanced.

The airflow is perfect now, although the performance is excellent since the chimney is gone. The airflow travels a short distance, thus making the experience more direct and sustaining.


The battery is amazing. You can get through the day with one charge, depending on how much you vape in a day. It is approximately one and a half tanks before the battery dies – roughly 5 ml before you require recharging.

The battery is watched by two flashing lights on the deck which shine up via the pod like the Suorin Drop. They are somewhat bright; you can barely see them when you are vaping. And they are slightly dim when charging.

You should charge the battery having removed the pod so you can quickly tell when it is fully charged.

-The blue and orange light indicates the device is fully charged (3.8 Volts)

-Double blue lights indicate it is charged over 50 % – 3.5 to 3.8 volts.

-Double orange lights indicate the device is charged below 50 % – 3.5 volts or less.

Fortunately, Breeze 2 features a pass-thru charging since it takes a long time to charge sometimes up to more than 1 hour 10 minutes. All things weighed, it is better to take a long time to charge and long battery life afterwards that the opposite.


-Excellent coil performance

-It offers a warm and flavorful hit.

-It features an adjustable airflow – MTL to limited lung hit.

-The decent flavour on each of the coils

-Swift wicking

-There are no dry hits.

-There are no leaking issues.

-It features a Click-friendly fire button.

-Pass-thru charging

-The device features a fun to use the pod release button.

-Its dusty cap is useful when you are travellin.g


-It is a challenge removing the mouthpiece.

-The mouthpiece feels somewhat cheap as compared to the rest of the gadget.

-It takes a long time to charge it fully.

-The fill plug can at times affect the pod going in.

Final word

Other than the small issue, many users have raised with the opening of the mouthpiece, Aspire Breeze 2 did a fantastic job in terms of design. The design is unique, and it vapes very well. Some have even said they never leave home without it since they enjoy it very much.

Hopefully, Aspire will retail the pods too so that the users have various juices loaded up. If you prefer the original one, you will love this. It is not perfect, although the Aspire Breeze 2 is among the best refillable devices in the market. This device has been highly recommended by numerous users.

Its battery life and compact size are simply two additional reasons why you should be interested in this device. The battery lets you use it for 24 hours without needing to recharge it, while its portability makes it simple for a vaper to carry with them wherever they go.

There are numerous reasons to recommend this amazing device to users as you have seen above. It also comes with cons as with the other device, but the pros outweigh the cons.