CBD Vape Oil

CBD Vape Oil – Top 6 Best-Selling on Vapingcig

Since the legalization and acceptance of the fact that CBD vaping is outside the mandate of FIDA, there has been a significant rise in the production of CBD oil products around the globe. However, with a vast array of these CBD vape oils being readily available in the market, the most daunting thing is finding a top-quality product that is safe and highly effective. This article highlights the six best CBD vape oils in the market to help you decide.

The 6 Classic CBD Vape Oil

1. Strawberry Milk CBD Vape Juice from CBDfx - 30ml

Sourced from organic hemp farms and carefully produced in a cGMP certified facility, the CBDfx’s strawberry milk CBD is your first-choice e-juice. This top-quality product not only excites your palate with a timeless strawberry flavor but also gives you a strong cannabidiol dose wrapped up in a refreshing and delicious package. It combines the freshness of creamy milk with the sweetness of strawberry, gives you a decadent taste that is perfect for vaping all day long. It is available in 250mg, 500mg, and 100mg, making it easy for you to get your right dosage whenever you feel like.

2. 100% All Natural Koi Blue Raspberry Dragon Fruit Vape Juice - 30ml

Enjoy a tropical treat with Blue Koi CBD vape juice. Koi Blue Raspberry Dragon Fruit CBD e-juice offers the real benefits of CBD imbued in the bright burst of sweet blue raspberries and the exotic flavor of the dragon fruit. Made from all-natural CBD isolate, this product can be used on its own, as a tincture for sublingual application or added to your favorite e-liquid. It comes in a 30ml bottle with 100mg, 250mg, 500mg or 1000mg CBD strength.

3. Nature’s Script Blueberry Jam CBD E-Liquid-16.5ml/60ml

Soothe away your stress and relieve your pain with Nature’s Script Blueberry Jam CBD E-Liquid, which comes in three different flavors, fresh mango, juicy watermelon, and blueberry jam. Created from premium-grade industrial hemp from growers in the United States, nature’s script CBD E-liquid blends the therapeutic properties of CBD oil with a refreshing taste and flavor, offering you a vaping experience like no other. Whether you want to combat insomnia, inflammation, anxiety, or pain, this product has got you covered. You don’t have to think about its effectiveness and safety as a third-party lab has verified its potency and quality.

4. Avida CBD E-Liquid Manga Mango-30ml

Made from 100% natural CBD isolate and fused with a mouthwatering flavor sourced from premium mangoes, Avida Manga Mango CBD is the ideal choice if you want an e-liquid that feels as natural as it can get. This product boasts 0% THC content and can be used as a tincture or vape juice on its own. It comes in a 30 ml bottle with 250mg, 500mg, and 100 mg strengths so that vaping enthusiast can find the right dosage that fits their unique needs.

5. Hot Juice Kiwiberry Stardust CBD Vape Juice - 100ml

Hot Juice Kiwiberry Stardust CBD Vape Juice is a robustly relaxing product the blends fresh strawberries, and kiwi fruit bubblegum with 99% pure CBD isolate. With a sweet and super smooth flavor, this e-juice provides you with value in every puff. It is carefully created to retain the intrinsic benefits of CBD and effectively toned with flavor to offer every vaping enthusiast a tranquil breath of earthy flavor. It comes in a 100ml bottle with 250 mg strength.

6. Hot Juice Island Dream CBD E-Juice - 100ml

Thanks to its unique blending process, mouthwatering flavor, and top-quality ingredients, the Island Dream CBD Vape Juice offers more than you bargained for. Blending authenticity with top-notch flavor, this product gives you pleasure with every puff. It comes with a delicious flavor of tropical fruits mashed into whipped cream. With a mixture of melon, coconut and pineapple, Hot Juice Island Dream CBD vape oil overwhelms you with sweetness and transporting your senses to a beach-side paradise. It comes in 100ml bottles which are airtight and free from contaminants.

In a Nutshell, What Is Vape Juice?

As more individual continue to learn of the harmful effects of smoking marijuana and cigarettes, a constant appeal for safer alternatives has been relentless. It is for this reason that CBD Vape oils have become increasingly popular across the globe. Unlike marijuana and cigarettes, CBD vape juices are devoid of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and nicotine, which are the chemical compounds that offer the euphoric high.

CBD vape juices are made from CDB, which is one of the many substances found in the hemp plant. Once the CBD extraction is complete, it is later combined with a carrier oil. However, for this product to be used in vaping devices, it needs to be mixed with a base, which in most cases is either vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol.

For different purposes, manufacturers produce diverse blends of CBD vape juices by adding other ingredients. However, you should understand that the potency and purity of the CBD e-juices are contingent upon the type of CBD product used and the method of extraction.

Will You Get High When You Use CBD Oil?

Since CBD oils contain zero percent THC, it doesn’t have the psychoactive elements, which are what brings the high effect. CBD e-juices will instill a sense of calm and relieve your pain as it doesn’t have the anxiety heightening compounds.

What About the Safety of CBD Vape-Oil to Human Health?

CBD vaping is generally considered to be safe for most users when used in the correct dosage. It doesn’t have any addictive and psychoactive substances, and it works by helping the body find and use its inherent cannabinoids.

However, CBD oils have proved to have a few side effects. These include dry mouth, which is likely due to cannabinoids inhibiting the receptors on the lower jaw that triggers salivation, drowsiness and dizziness, diarrhea, and changes in appetite.

It’s worth noting that most of these side effects are a result of taking relatively large doses of CBD vape juices. Take a short break and drink a glass of water when you start experiencing these side effects. You should also lower your vaping frequency or reduce your dosage.

Another area that might bring health complication is when it comes to the ingredients used by the manufacturers during production. Since FDA is not vested with the powers to monitor and approve CBD vape juices, their production is unregulated. Some unscrupulous companies may take advantage of the situation by failing to adhere to safe, healthy standards and use harmful ingredients that can be harmful. Therefore, it is imperative that you conduct in-depth research on a product, and consider the reputation of a company that is responsible for that product before you decide to make a purchase.

Which Are the Health Benefits of Vaping CBD?

Vaping CBD vape juice comes with an extensive list of benefits. This is not only stamped by itspopularity, but also the fact that it is legal.Most of CBD’s benefits have been observed in smallscale studies that have no guarantee.

• For starters, CBD is said to have some pain relieving properties, and can also help to reduce inflammation. This is one of the areas that researchers have given great focus, and the studies it has been found that CBD can help deal with chronic pain caused by conditions such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

• Another boon of CBD vape juice is that it can improve mental well-being. It has some unique properties that can aid in combating anxiety and depression, as well as lessen the impact of psychological trauma. Its neuro protective properties can also help boost the nervous system.

• Undocumented research has also shown that CBD has some unique features that can help mitigate the side-effects that stem from cancer treatments.

• CBD can also help prevent acne as it boasts some anti-oxidizing properties and ability to control the overproduction of sebum.

• It can also control appetite, and also has some antiemetic properties.

• For those who have insomnia, CBD can be an excellent remedy as it contains sleep-prolonging and anxiety-alleviating qualities.

• Studies conducted on animals indicated that CBD could lower diabetes incidences by 56%.

• CBD has also shown to reduce blood pressure due to its heart-protective properties, which  prevents the cropping up of plaques in the arteries.

• CBD oil has also been associated with minimizing the symptoms of RBD, a parasomnia disorder characterized by agitation, shouting, and acting out as you sleep.

Final Verdict

While the legality of CBD oil and its other products has been a hot-button issue, it is no longer a secret that it boasts a wide range of benefits (that’s why most countries are legalizing it). And even though there is no preferred mode of using CBD oil, vaping has become one of the most popular methods.

However, before you go full-blown into CBD oil vaping for its benefits, you should understand that CBD’s medicinal effects have not been studied extensively. While it is said to reduce sleeping problems, there are no clinical trials that show how it happens. Additionally, CBD oil comes with a few some adverse effects, especially when taking in large doses

Vape Shop Near Me

Vape Shop Near Me – How to Find the Nearest Vape Shop


Vaping is growing in popularity around the world. As this is happening, we see an increase in both online physical walk-in stores. Should you be new to vaping and need advice on where to buy vaping equipment, please read this article to learn all that you need to be aware of. However, before we begin discussing the “Gear” of vaping, it is important to clarify the different types of stores that sell equipment related to the process. These stores can have physical storefronts or be found on the internet.

What Is a Smoke Shop?

Put simply; you can call a Smoke Shop – a store that focuses completely (or almost exclusively) on the sale of tobacco and products for smoking tobacco. This can include but not be limited to rolling papers, pipes, cigars, tobacco itself, and of course lighters. Sometimes people have called smoke shops head shops, but further discussion of head shops shortly will illustrate how the two are different. Actual smoke shops often deal in just tobacco-related items. However, as many more smokers are now swapping packs of cigarettes for vaping, therefore smoke shops will most likely soon carry vaping products as well so they can stay in business.

What Is a Head Shop?

Head Shops are stores that deal in cannabis-related products. This can mean everything from bongs to grinders and other accessories geared towards the smoking of cannabis. The term originated in the 1960s about such stores that would sell cannabis in addition to, “Harder” substances such as LSD or even opiates. Originally the phrase “Head Shop” was used to refer to such stores in a secretive manner. Now, decades later, it has become an extremely common expression. In this modern era, many so-called head shops don’t even sell cannabis or other substances (unless in a location where such sales of recreational cannabis are legal). Often they instead sell vaporizers specifically for dry herbs, wax pens, and other accessories that could be used for smoking cannabis. Again, this is often without any actual cannabis in the store.

What Is a Vape Shop?

A Vape Shop is a type of store focused specifically on the sale of vaping products including mods, e-liquids, and other accessories used for vaping. Within these stores, you won’t find products such as tobacco, pipes, bongs, or other items often seen in the aforementioned other kinds of stores. Plus, at a vape shop, you will often find yourself able to test-out new flavours. Also, at a vape store, you can talk with other members of your local vaping community (one which is always growing). In addition to all that, you’ll be able to see and learn more about all kinds of innovative new vaping products.

In most vape stores you will often see a lounge area. It is a great way to meet new people who share your passion for vaping and allows you to discuss your fondness for vaping with like-minded people. There are vape shops around the world that want to help vapers as well as smokers who want to start vaping with information and support. However, if someone is not sure where they can find a vape shop, they need an Online Vape Shops Locator.

Why Do You Need an Online Vape Shops Locator?

Finding your perfect pocket accessory isn’t always exactly easy. While Google is an amazing search engine, trying to find a quality store by typing something vague won’t help you. A search such as, “Nearest vape shop,” or, “I Need a Nearby vaping store,” is sure to reveal a lot of outdated and inadequate results. Much of what will be displayed is generally so far away you won’t feel like driving hours out the way. This can make you feel extremely discouraged. However, it may surprise you to be informed that there are often stores just a stone’s throw away, which Google may have missed.

The online vape shops locator is a Godsend

Our locator will mean Google and its unreliable searches are something you have to depend on no longer. Now you can locate the stellar vape stores that are nearby in your town. This means stores located by other businesses and places you know well. No longer will you be stuck going to some vape shop hours away in a sketchy area.

But how can I search near me for a vape shop? - you may ask ape shops locator is a Godsend

We already hear you asking this question, and the answer is how there is an online directory. Within this directory is over 300 vape shops. Plus, this list is growing every day and is extremely user-friendly. This is a great resource when looking for all your vaping needs. How do you use this locator, however?

How Does This Vape Shop Locator Work, Exactly?

The website builds-off of the engine from Google Maps but has some of its awesome features too. These features will assist you in finding the perfect vape shop right on your first attempt. Follow these steps below for the best results.

1. Locate the shops nearest you

The best way to do this initial step is by hitting the blue button. This button serves the purpose of navigation. It will illustrate all the vape shops nearby. A convenient geo-location tool is in the locator to ensure optimal results. You can test it right now via entering your area/zip code or via simply clicking-on the cross-hair. This will bring-up whatever vape shop is closest to your location.

Seriously, go ahead and try it now!

It is important to remember, however, that some browsers don’t share location-data unless you say it is okay. This is due to many apps having a permission check. Should this pop-up for you make sure you, click to permit to share your device’s location? After you say it is okay, the app will get to work and soon you’ll be off and ready to vape!

2. If you are travelling, it is easy to find a great vape shop still no matter where you are

If you’re leaving town, it doesn’t mean that while you’re on a trip, you will have to put-up with low-quality liquid from local convenience stores. It also doesn’t mean that should you use-up your last atomizer on your trip you’ll be out-of-luck, hundreds from your house with no supplies. It also does not mean that should you have a relative or friend who’s interestedly vaping (but isn’t that knowledgeable about the internet) that you’ll be stuck. These kinds of situations are exactly when our locator makes things super-easy. You just need to enter the search location you desire within the search-bar. Once you are done typing it out or letting it sense your zip code it’ll get to work; After those steps, you’ll be shown that specific area and no longer need to panic!

3. Turn-by-turn navigation

One of Google Map’s most popular aspects used when driving is its turn-by-turn navigation. We have integrated this into our app. Once you know where to go for your vape store of choice, you simply need to tap the button to get directions. Upon doing this, Google Maps will open and plot you the best route to your chosen shop. Plus, with the ability to avoid traffic you’ll get to your vape shop a lot faster instead of sitting in a jam if you live in a big city.

The Benefit of Buying Online

There may be occasions where you lack time to go to a physical store for your vape needs. Sometimes buying online from a vape store is your only option. You don’t need to be upset or worried, however, because that also brings with it many benefits. Some of them are listed right below:

-It’s more confidential/private: buying on the internet from a vape shop gives you much more privacy. You don’t have to worry about running into your girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s mom or a manager from work when buying vaping equipment.

-It’s easier to find the best price: you will find it is a lot easier to locate the best price online than in a physical store. There are sure to be many convenient shipping options as well. In a physical store, it is essentially impossible to look-through all your options in the limited amount of time you would have in store. However, you can examine hundreds of shops online and figure out which one has the best deal in a matter of minutes.

-It’s less expensive: it is a lot less costly to get supplies online than to go to a physical store. Online shops don’t worry about things like rent, water, electricity, excessive tax-costs, or so forth. That’s why they can pass the savings on to you and have much lower prices than a physical store would.

-It’s convenient: convenience is something busy people always appreciate. It is nice to know you can sit at your computer and look at the specifications of each device, compare various items, and watch reviews all from the comfort of your own home. It is a lot easier than having to go-out to a physical store to make a decision.

-There is a wider variety: when you buy your vape supplies online, there is a massive catalogue of options you can select from. When it comes to brick-and-mortar stores, you have a really small choice in comparison. Online you can immediately access so many different vape tanks, box mods, e-juices, and such. It is just not possible for a physical store to have these same options as an online store. There simply is not enough space for most physical stores to have all this fit in them!

In Conclusion

This article has informed you of the best places to buy vaping supplies, so what are you waiting for? You can utilize this article for finding yourself the best store for your vape needs online or offline. Don’t delay, go ahead and buy yourself some gear than enjoying, “getting your vape on!”

Vaping vs Smoking

Vaping vs Smoking

Any debate held to discuss the health risks of vaping shouldn’t proceed before a comparison is made to smoking. Why? One might ask. Because one, vapes are made to be less harmful substitutes for cigarettes. Two, comparing vapers and smokers has meaning, as most vapers smoke currently or are ex-smokers.

However, most scientific studies evade comparing vaping and smoking. So, something’s missing. People grok that smoking indeed has a plethora of health risks for you, but what about vaping? Does vaping impact on your health? While we’ve probably learnt about the safety of vaping, we should equally compare its safety to that of smoking. Is it safer?

England’s Public Health body has come out clear that vaping is 95% more harmless than smoking. The body knows that since vaping is just another option for smoking, concentrating on the dangers of vaping minus smoking isn’t complete. Due to limited studies that make a direct comparison between the two, the only available information on them must then be used appropriately.

Vaping and Your Lungs - Does It Cause Harm

Well known is the harm by cigarettes to lungs. Esophageal, as well as lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, COPD, emphysema,  are just some of the diseases arising from prolonged inhalation of tobacco. What about vaping?

Smoke from cigars contains myriad types of chemicals. Carcinogens are among them, and they exceed 70. Tiny particles of paper and tobacco that’s burnt are also in the mix. They’re deposited in the lungs, deep inside. On the other hand, vaping has no known carcinogens in large quantities to be declared risky. Furthermore, it has no particles like smoke.

Dangerous components of burning tobacco are mostly missing in vapes. During vaping, no combustion occurs. Consequently, neither tar nor carbon monoxide is produced (another pair of harmful components of smoking). With vaping, heat from a coil is used to turn e-liquid to aerosol, which is capable of being inhaled. The aerosol resembles smoke. This, however, doesn’t mean that vaping can’t be harmful to the lungs.

Propylene glycol, flavours, and vegetable glycerin are ingredients of e-liquid that are feared to have risks. Not a single research has brought out clear harms of long-term inhalation of PG or VG by humans. Research about its inhalation by animals hasn’t realized any harms either. PG has been proved to irritate the airways, though that shouldn’t worry human life.

What Are Some Dangers of Flavors to Your Lungs

The dangers of flavourings of e-liquid haven’t yet been studied well. These flavourings are home to several chemicals, some of which seem to contain more danger to the lungs. The flavours have recently been used only on eaten food, not inhalants. Toxicology studies, as a result, have concentrated on proving their (flavours) safety for consumption alone.

Diacetyl, a known Diketone, has hit the headlines of late, having been found in e-liquids. The group of chemicals of flavours, when inhaled much, is known for causing a fatal disease dubbed “Popcorn Lung”. Commonly, it attacks workers at popcorn-making firms. Some good news is that Diketones aren’t in all e-liquids. In 2014, Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos summarized his study that acetyl and diacetyl are “escapable risks”. To that effect, some manufacturers excluded them while others started indicating their content levels in products.

Diketones are found 100-750 more times in cigars than e-liquids. However, cigarettes aren’t linked to the Popcorn Lung disease. So, with the smaller amounts in e-liquids, it is less likely to be harmful than in cigarettes. But, get this right: that diketones aren’t safe for inhalation, but if a safer inhalation has to be chosen, vaping makes the better choice.

Is Vaping Harmful to Your Oral Health

Smoking is a major player concerning the development of oral diseases like mouth cancer and more. Cigars can also lead to dental, periodontal and a lot more diseases. Gingival disorders are likes. The smoke in cigar can also make the existing condition of periodontal disorder worse by altering the bacteria (microbiome) inside your mouth.

Not much information is available regarding the health effects of vaping on one’s oral health. Recently, a literature review briefed this state, claiming a scarcity of evidence. It noted a “paucity of evidence” in its summary. This was from the Journal of Pathology and Medicine. Nevertheless, the researchers had a few interesting inferences.

They elaborate on a study which has it that there is a higher prevalence of a disease known as Nicotine Stomatitis in vapers. The condition doesn’t, however, originate from nicotine. It is brought about by heat, which causes lesions in your mouth. Luckily, upon doing away with the source of heat, the condition disappears.

Another small study concentrated on 10 individuals of each group of vapers, smokers and neutral participants (neither of the two). It uncovered that the oral bacterial profile of vapers differed from the profiles of the other two, which were the same. It then summarized that vapour does not affect the microbiome. And, the study was on a small scale, so we can’t rely on its conclusions. The review also includes other small-scale researches, questioning their applicability due to their size and absence of reliable controls.

Lastly, here’s the issue of damage to vapers’ mouths due to the explosion of vapes. The cases are quite just a few, but he should be attributed more to the safety of its battery than any other thing. By use of more sophisticated batteries, these cases can be reduced to none.

Vaping and Cancer

When cells’ DNA is damaged and mutated, they grow without limit, and this is termed as cancer. And, the tumor can remain in one or spread to other organs. People often recognize cigarettes are causers of lung cancer. Cancer kills Americans than any other and most of them are smokers.

There are a lot more types of cancer that can arise from smoking since: not only areas that be in contact with smoke gets cancer, but also organs and bloodstreams that contact smoke’s byproducts. CDC claims that smoking can lead to cancer in any part of the body.

Vapes contain carcinogen, but in lower levels that alleviates the risk of contracting cancer. A journal titled Tobacco Control (2017) records that the risk of cancer while using some pharmaceutical products, e.g. patches of nicotine is the same as that of using vapes. This is less than 1% of the risk of smoking. Only carbonyls, which come out as a result of excess heating of the Vale posed quite a substantial risk of cancer.

There are researches with similar inferences. One in 2016 had its findings published in a journal dubbed Mutation Research, after testing the ability of both smoke and e-cig vapour to lead to cell mutation in bacteria. It found out that smoke was both toxic and caused mutations while vape did neither of the two.

Even nicotine – regardless of where it is contained – has never been proven to lead to cancer. A report from the Royal College of Physicians in 2016, after a 5-year study of lung health, proved this. It reports about the relationship between nicotine and cancer, saying that no relationship exists between prolonged use of NRT and any type of cancer.

Is Formaldehyde Contained in Vapes

The EPA defines formaldehyde as a gas that’s both colourless and flammable with a strong odour at room temperature. Exposure to it is harmful.

In 2016, Portland State University stated that vapes emitted much formaldehyde, to levels exceeding cigarettes. They, however, omitted the fact that their experiments were based on huge voltages and that they used smoking machines for producing vapour. One couldn’t bear taking in (inhaling) this type.

This can be similarly done at home by you. Simply place a slice of bread or two inside a toaster then leave it alone until when the toaster starts producing smoke and the bread is now black. The black colour is because it contains carbon. Then you might ask yourself whether the result has carcinogen. Indeed it does, but the associated danger isn’t significant as no one eats them. The same way, toxic aldehydes can’t he inhaled recurrently; thus, their danger isn’t of threat.

Konstantinos, in 2017, did a copy of the experiment by Portland University above and indeed proved that such vapour produced under the conditions by the university were such distasteful that people could avoid them.

Gene Gillman and Konstanitos (2018) also reviewed the 32 studies that attempted to prove the existence of formaldehyde, acrolein, as well as acetaldehyde in vapour. They discovered that these findings were based on the poor methodology that lead to dry puff conditions. As a result, all the 32 researchers could find formaldehyde and the rest of carbonyls. The two researchers then proposed conditions like using modern atomizers and more for more reliable findings.

These authors also demystified that we normally inhale 1mg (of formaldehyde) each day. A vaper that uses the only 5mg of e-liquid every day increases this by an insignificant amount of 0.083mg (less than 9%).

Bottom Line

Cigarettes pose mayhem to the whole body, practically from top to bottom, side to side. There are more than enough proofs for this. To the contrary, no evidence is there to prove similar effects in the case of vaping. Perhaps nicotine… But no! Nicotine hasn’t any effects on the dangers of smoking. So vaping is significantly better than smoking.


SMOK Vape Products – The Best-Selling 5 on Vapingcig


Previously referred to as Smoktech, SMOK is one of the constituent brands of the famous Shenzhen IVPS Technology Corporation LTD. For years, SMOK has positioned itself as a top-tier company in the vaping industry by delivering amazing products that boast innovative features, fresh designs, and state-of-the-art technology.

Renowned for pushing the boundaries, SMOK has set the benchmark for others to follow by broadening the vaping’s horizon. From being the first company to introduce dual coils and integrate Bluetooth capabilities into vaping devices, SMOK is a trailblazer that isn’t afraid to test the limits.

Since its inception, this company has been designing and producing top-of-the-line products which have been experimental and impactful. From box mods that can be operated via Bluetooth and to high-end design features such as duodenary coils, touchscreens and LED lights among others, SMOK has earned their spot as vaping industry’s most influential company.

Best SMOK Products - The Top 5

1. SMOK Nord AIO 19 Starter Kit 1300mAh

With a sleek and luxurious design, the SMOK Nord AIO 19 is an accurate representation of what a trendy vaping kit should look like. It comes in various colour configurations and boasts a long-lasting 1300mAh battery with up to 25 watts of output. The SMOK Nord features a 1.40hm regular coil, but its high side is the 0.6ohm mesh coil which is designed for more refreshing inhales.

Additionally, the kit’s top boasts several airflow inlets which enhance the flavour delivery. Its pen shape, robust construction, and the authentic pentagon fire button gives the SMOK Nord a contemporary appeal and makes operating it more straightforward. This kit is USB rechargeable, meaning that you can plug it to a USB cable if you forget to carry your charger.

2. SMOK E-Priv Mod

The SMOK E–Priv mod utilizes a 1.45-inch TFT screen to showcase the vast array of essential data such as output temperature, output mode, output voltage, output power, atomizer resistance, and puff counter among others. It also integrates a zinc alloy chassis which is embodied with bars on the front panel, and five convex markings on the back. It exudes a stylish V12 engine design which can fire up to 230w.

The kit also features separate dual 18650 batteries which can be installed via the bottom hinged battery access door. The dual batteries are meant to run the cutting-edge display screen and the intuitive user interface. The SMOK E-Priv Mod boasts quick-charging capability owing to their Micro USB port.

3. The 2300mAh SMOK X-Priv Baby Box MOD

SMOK X-Priv Baby Box MOD exudes visually enticing design, and it boasts a crowning achievement of using a 2.0 inches HD screen with full-colour resolution. It also features an intuitive user control area where adjustments can be made via a three-button interface. Besides, more alluring menu design is implemented for more precise control by integrating the full array to essential data. This kit has a 3300mAh built-in battery which can fire up to 80w of maximum power, and a robust temperature suite.

Its temperature control mode also supports Ni200, Titanium and stainless steel heating, as well as the TCR functionality. The availability of both the variable wattage and the temperature control modes allows you to adjust preheat settings freely, thus providing you with a more regulated vaping experience.

4. 1100mAh SMOK Nord Pod Starter Kit

Portable, stylish, and relatively affordable, SMOK Nord Kit allows vaping enthusiasts to vape anytime anywhere. It comes with 1100mAh battery and refillable 3ml cartridge, thereby giving users impressive power and convenient versatility. This kit combines durability with a user-friendly package, a fresh design, and a range of standard colour options (thirteen).

It also comes with two coils: 1.4ohm regular coil for MTL vaping; and the Nord 0.36ohm mesh coil for a more exciting experience. The Nord pods come with 3 ml of e-juice and come with a hard plastic shell. The pods can be filled easily, and the Nord coils can be removed and replaced.

What gives this device the flare and allure is the firing button which has to be pressed five times to turn on, or long-pressed when users are smoking. Atop the intuitive design, you should expect excellent performance and usability since the SMOK Nord’s high-performance chipset boasts terrific functionality.

5. SMOK 220w Alien Kit with 3ml TFV8 Baby Tank Atomizer

The new high wattage Alien Kit from SMOK is the first choice kit for vaping enthusiasts that enjoy massive clouds of vapour. This product has received lots of positive feedback due to its remarkably designed housing, intuitive OLED display, and the 220w large-capacity battery. The kit’s ultra-clear OLED screen is designed with a premium operation interface which allows you to observe the working status anytime.

It also boasts a robust airflow system which was developed after precise calculation and optimization. The airflow system boasts outstanding features which include the bottom pair air-slots, the drip tip, and the chamber. This kit comes in two choices, the 2ml EU edition and 3ml and 3ml standard edition.

Combined with the TFV8 Baby beast, the Alien kit is an ergonomic and visually attractive addition to the extensive line of high-quality products from SMOK. This device features a lightweight zinc alloy construction, and it stands at 85 mm tall and 44mm wide. It also boasts a curbed chassis which offers unique futuristic feel. It also has a Micro USB port on the front for charging and upgrading the system functionalities.

Final Verdict

It’s no longer a secret that SMOK is one of the leading companies when it comes to vaping products. Committed to their role as the industry leaders, they seek to provide vaping enthusiasts with top-of-the-line products by incorporating high-end technology and in-depth research into their design and development processes. Their relentless commitment is evident in their broad range of devices.

If you are trying to find the best SMOK vape products in the market, this article highlights the top-rated vaping starter kits that are sure to meet and surpass your expectations. Don’t grapple with sub-standard and odd-looking vaping devices, scour through the list provided in this write-up and you might find a kit of your choice.

Vape Kits

Vape Kits: How to Find the Best One to Suit Your Needs

Switching from smoking to vaping is not easy. The first important step in this long journey is finding the best vape starter kit that you can afford. Many new vapers make the mistake of choosing a vapor pen based on affordability alone. But if you’re looking to quit smoking, a basic vapor pen that only gets the job done won’t cut it. You need a quality device that’s not only affordable but also a high-quality one that offers a satisfying vape.

With that said, choosing the best vape kit is easier said than done. Don’t worry though; we have compiled a list of some of the best vape kits on the market. If you need a guide on the basics of vape kits and what you should look out for when choosing one, check the bottom section of this article for a few tips.

Top 10 Best Vape Kits Starters on Hoocs

1. Smok 220W Alien Kit with TFV8 Baby Tank

The Smok Alien kit features a TFV8 baby tank with a capacity of 2.0ml/3.0ml. It is specially designed for users who want a massive cloud of vapor. It has a built-in battery with a 220W capacity, and you can easily switch between TF mode and power mode. The kit is equipped with an OLED screen with a user-friendly interface. Here you can view the working status and current battery level.

2. Innokin Kroma-A TC Kit with Zenith Tank 2000mAh

Innokin Kroma-A kit has a maximum power output of 75W. Its zenith tank can hold up to 4ml for the standard version and 2ml for the TDP version. The vape features an OLED screen alongside a three-button control face to enhance smooth operation. Its design incorporates a fill twist making it convenient when you’re dripping e-juice.

3. Aspire Spryte AIO Kit 650mAh

Aspire Spryte AIO pod system is specially designed for users on the go. Spryte combines the advantage of an all-in-one vape kit with the convenience of tiny size. It has a maximum juice capacity of 3.5ml and is equipped with adjustable airflow control with three air inlets to suit varying preferences. It is fitted with two coils (1.8ohm and 1.2ohm), which are easy to install. Charging and filling are also quite easy.

4. Wismec Motiv 2 AIO Pod System 500mAh

Wismec Motiv 2 AIO Pod System features a 500mAh battery with a maximum power output of 10W. It comes with 2ml and 3ml e-liquid capacity options, and you can quickly fill the cartridge from the pod’s bottom. This all-in-one vape kit is fitted with a LED light indicator to display battery life, and you can charge it via Micro USB.

5. IJOY Cigpet Ant Starter TC Kit

IJOY Cigpet Ant TC Kit is perfect for beginners. It’s compact, lightweight design makes it convenient for the everyday, on-the-go vaper. Featuring a removable 18650 battery with a maximum power output capacity of 80W. It has a 1.8ml e-liquid capacity and is fitted with airflow control. It consists of titanium, Nickel, and stainless steel for temperature control.

6. Snowwolf Mfeng Baby Kit 30W 2000mAh

The Snowwolf Mfeng Baby Kit is a more compatible version of the Mfeng kit. It comes with an in-built 2000mAh battery with a power output capacity of 10W-80W. It allows you to switch between power mode and TC mode depending on your unique preferences. It’s baby tank as a 50ml juice capacity, and the kit’s leak-proof top-fill system makes the refilling process easy.

7. Vaporesso Drizzle Fit 40W Starter Kit with Tank 1400mAh

The Vaporesso Drizzle Fit 40W Starter is perfect for on-the-go adventures and traveling. It comes with an in-built 1400mAh battery with a 40W power output capacity, and you can charge it via USB. The drizzle tank of it uses the new Mini EUC Coil Family and can accommodate up to 18ml of e-liquid. You can quickly fill it via the threaded top cap.

8. Geekvape Lucid 80W TC Kit

The Geekvape Lucid 80W TC Kit features a Lumi Mesh Sub-0hm tank with a maximum e-juice capacity of 4ml. The tank is fitted with a leak-proof silicone plug that makes it easier for you to refill without dripping oil. Its single 18650 battery has a maximum power output of 80W. The kit is available in blue, orange, black, red and gunmetal colors.

9. Vaporesso Sky Solo Starter Kit 1400mAh

The Vaporesso Sky Solo Starter Kit comes with 3.5ml and 2ml e-juice capacity options. It features a top-filling design that makes refilling quick and convenient. And it comes with an internal 1400mAh battery, and it will produce dense vaporous clouds when needed. It is available in rainbow, blue, silver, and black colors.

10. Eleaf iJust 3 Starter Kit with ELLO Duro

The Eleaf iJust 3 Starter Kit is an upgraded version of the iJust series. It features an Ello Duro Sub-Ohm tank with a 6.5ml maximum e-juice and a retractable top-fill for easy refilling. You can read the data easily via its four-color LED battery indicator. The Eleaf iJust 3 Starter Kit introduces two new coils: a 0.15ohm HW-M Multihole Kanthal Coil (50W-100W) and a 0.2ohm HW-N Net Kanthal Coil (40W-90W).

Choose a Quality Vape Kit to Increase Your Chances of Quitting

If you want to switch from smoking to vaping successfully, choosing the right vaping kit to suit your needs is imperative. Don’t just pick the first affordable vaping kit you come across. Take time to think about what you need and consider different options before you decide to commit. There are many high-quality starter kits on the market, including the ten listed above. If you do due diligence instead of just diving in, you will have a better chance of finding one that suits your specific needs.

Complete system or rebuildables

You can either choose to buy a complete kit or mix and match individual components to create a customized experience. It will all depend on your personal preference. Here are a few things to consider:

-Disposable vs. refillable: You can throw away disposable vape kits when the battery dies, or the liquid runs dry. On the other hand, refillable kits can be refilled when the e-juice runs out, and you can recharge the battery.

-Coil resistance: The resistance of standard coils are usually above 0.5Ω, while Sub-Ohm coils are lower than 0.5Ω. Low resistance coils allow for more vapor and flavor production since more juice is in contact with the coil. However, they consume more power and generate more heat.

With so many different styles and types to choose from, the process of buying a vaping kit can be overwhelming. The tips listed above can help you streamline this process and help you pick the right vape device to fit your budget and needs. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect one, try any of the vape kits recommended above for a start.

Cheap Vape Juice

Cheap Vape Juice: The Ten Best Budget-Friendly E-Liquids

Many people consider vaping prices to be too high. But due to lack of enough information, they wrongly assume that e-juices used from the devices cost just as high. Nothing can be farther from the truth. It is quite possible to find affordable alternatives without breaking the bank owing to the vast market available for cheap e-liquid and vape juice.

Cheap vape juices come in different shapes and sizes with varying nicotine and PG/VG ratios. Although we don’t expect cheap e-juice to have the same level of quality as premium e-liquids, the quality is reasonably acceptable. Here is a list of ten of the best competitive vape juices available on the market.

Best E-juices: The Top 10

1. Solace Vapor Salts Butterscotch – 15ml

Solace Vapor Salts Butterscotch combines the sweet flavor of butterscotch dessert with the crisp tobacco flavor. If you’re into tobacco vape but still have a soft spot for delicious flavors, this unique mouthwatering e-liquid will enhance and stimulate all your senses. Solace Vapor Salts Butterscotch contains 50% PG and 50% VG. It is available in 30mg and 50mg nicotine levels.

2. Solace Vapor Salts Strawberry – 15ml

Solace Vapor Salts Strawberry is designed for the everyday fruit lover. It infuses the essence of strawberry freshly plucked from the field with salt nic creating a flavor that will entice every nicotine fanatic. The e-juice is only available for low-wattage devices and comes in 30mg and 50mg nicotine strengths. It contains 50% PG and 50% VG.

3. Rockt Punch Island Ice Cannon – 120ml

Rockt Punch Island Ice Cannon is an excellent blend of tropical flavor with a splash of menthol and citrus. Its smooth and chilly flavor will stimulate the taste buds and evoke the mind. Rockt Punch Island Ice Cannon comes in a 120ml bottle and is available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strength. It contains 30% PG and 70% VG.

4. Ethos Vapors Blueberry Crispy Treats – 60ml

Ethos Vapors Blueberry Crispy Treats combines a rich marshmallow flavor with blueberry tastes and fragrant. One puff of this is enough to awaken your taste buds. It will reward you with a crispy flavor after exhaling. Ethos Vapors Blueberry Crispy Treats comes in a 60ml bottle, and it contains 25% PG and 75% VG. You can choose between three nicotine strengths: 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

5. Cosmic Fog Milk Honey E-Juice – 30ml

Cosmic Fog Milk & Honey E-Juice contains an ice-cold whole milk base flavor blended with fluffy marshmallows and sweet natural honey. The three flavors combine to create a mouthwatering e-liquid that will leave your taste buds asking for more. The e-juice contains 30% PG and 70% VG. You can get it in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg nicotine strengths.

6. Naked 100 Original Fruit Amazing Mango – 60ml

Naked 100 Original Fruit Amazing Mango mixes tropical mango with peach-infused cream to create a sensational flavor that will leave any fruity fanatic craving for more. The irresistible Naked 100 Original Fruit Amazing Mango contains 30% PG and 70% VG. It is available in nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg.

7. Naked 100 Original Fruit Green Blast – 60ml

Naked 100 Original Fruit Green Blast contains a delicious fruity flavor made by an excellent blend of sweet honeydew and kiwi. Each puff of this sensational liquid will feel like heaven on your taste buds. Naked 100 Original Fruit Green Blast comes in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg nicotine strengths. It contains 30% PG and 70% VG.

8. The Milkman Churrios Salt – 30ml

The Milkman Salt Churrios Salt blends warm churros with sugar and cinnamon to create an irresistible flavor that will awaken all your senses. This mouthwatering e-liquid is packed in a 30ml bottle and is one of the most intoxicating flavors among the milkman salt line. It contains 40% PG and 60% VG. You can get it in 40mg nicotine strength.

9. Charlie’s Chalk Dust Pops Sweet and Sour Melon – Stumps – 100ml

With Charlie’s Chalk Dust Pops Sweet and Sour Melon, you can now enjoy your favorite candy’s flavor without feeling guilty. The e-juice mixes sweet and sour juicy fruits to create a delectable flavor that will refresh your taste buds. The e-liquid is one among four flavors made by Stumps. It contains 70% VG and 30% PG and is available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strengths.

10. Charlie’s Chalk Dust Apple Tobacco – Pacha Mama Salts – 30ml

Pachamama Apple Tobacco combines freshly plucked apples and lights tobacco leaves flavors that will make any fruit and candy vape fan fall in love after the first vape. It comes with a refillable pod system and is crafted for ultra-low wattage. It features a child-resistant cap and is available in 25mg and 50mg nicotine strengths.

How to Get the Best Deal on Cheap E-Juice

Do you love vaping? If yes, there’s a high chance you’re on the lookout for the most favorable e-liquid deals. Although there are e-juices retailing at low prices, you can still save a lot more by doing the following;

-Be on the lookout for flash sales.

If you buy vape juice from a particular site, make sure you sign up for their newsletters, follow their social media pages, including liking their Facebook page and accept their push notifications. A significant number of these sites will often use these channels to make regular sales. Ensure you’re always on the loop to avoid missing out on these rare opportunities.

-Target holiday coupons

 If you haven’t signed up for their newsletter and are not receiving all notifications, you can still buy e-juice at lower prices during the holidays. Most sellers will always have sales during major holidays. One advantage of holidays is they are hard to forget. You can start scouting for offers a couple of days prior.

-Buy online

You can save a lot of money by choosing to buy e-juice online. Compared to the local brick-and-mortar stores, online stores offer some of the best deals on the market. If you still want to purchase e-juice online at a lower price, you can try this sure trick: Fill up your cart and leave it for a couple of days. The online store will most probably send you a discount code in an attempt to incentivize you to complete the purchase.

-Look for coupon codes.

Just like in the old days of coupon clipping, this method will demand a significant amount of effort on your part. However, don’t trust any coupon code website you come across. Some of them don’t offer any value, while others will give you codes that don’t work.


Granted, cheap e-juice can’t compete with premium brands in terms of quality. They are cheap for a reason. However, you can still enjoy your budget juice if you manage your expectations. If you’re vaping for the nicotine and are not necessarily concerned about flavor, cheap e-juice is the best option for you. The nicotine present on your budget juice is no different from that in premium brands.

Vape Tricks

Vape Tricks: Impress Your Friends with These 5 Tricks

Vaping has gained immense popularity in the recent past. Besides the ordinary facts known concerning vape, it has confirmed that it is not as harmful as the conventional cigarette or marijuana.

A good number of people do vape for entertainment. There exists a variety of great ploys with examples of Ghost Inhaling, waterfall, Tornado Trick, Os Blowing, French Inhaling, Vapour Bubbling and many more vape tricks.

Luckily, several of the vape tricks can be perfected by the beginners. In the process of your mastering, however, you will improve the tricks of vaping up the time you will achieve the best level. For this reason, below are the best tricks of vaping every time.

Best 5 All-Time Vape Tricks

1. The Ghost Inhale

The ghost inhale is one of the unique tricks of vaping. It is also known as the snap inhale or the mushroom cloud. The vape trick involves out blowing the vapor that looks like a cloud before it is hastily sucked. Without any doubt, this trick is the simplest to master. For this reason, this is the starting point if you are new in vaping tricks.

Below is the guideline to follow to try out this trick of vaping:

– Make a good drag from your vaping device and give it some substantial amount of time in your mouth.

– Try pushing the entire amount of the vapor in a ball. Do this exercise several times to master the art of engaging an inhalation that is short. At the same time, the vapor exits the mouth in short but a burst that is round enough.

– Inhale all the vapor in the mouth in rapid succession. During the process, you are supposed to notice some amount of ghost vapor that is being back-sucked at the time.

The Ghost Inhale is a simple vape trick that is made up of three steps only. It does not demand you to do the practice repeatedly to be perfect in it.

2. Dragon Vaping Trick

The Dragon is the second easy step that guarantees you a hang of that is excellent. Before you learn and practice the trick, you will appear like a dragon that is monstrous every time you want to do vaping. In dragon trick, the vapor erupts typically from the mouth in 4 different streams.

It is therefore right that you secure a pen and a paper next to you and commence the practice as this trick might be taxing when it comes to timing.

The below are the steps to follow to make a dragon trick in vaping:

– Make a drag that is quite long by use of a pen vape and makes sure that no vapor is inhaled at the time.

– Try out forcing it out through the nose as you give a trial in an exhalation through the two mouth parts. You should ensure that you remember to use your tongue or the lip center to erect a block at the mouth center.

– Well, the shape of the tongue at the moment may make you uncomfortable but remember that the trick is not sophisticated in any way. Since the trick is straightforward, there is no doubt that you will be able to master it fully.

This is a trick that you can even think of utilizing in all your sessions of vaping.

3. Tornado Vape Trick

The Tornado trick has taken the internet with a storm s being the most famous trick. It is all about whipping the vapor pool that is flat while on a surface that is plain. It later spins to assume the tornado shape hence the name. The trick is quite great and easily such that it can be mastered within a little time.

To learn the Tornado, practice the following steps:

-Get a flat surface and ensure nothing is upon that surface. If you are a beginner, you can still take a trowel roll that is empty to give yourself an opportunity to breathe compactly. However, if you are an experienced user, you can slowly breathe the smoke and form a table to prevent the vapor from escaping to the atmosphere.

-Try taking the most substantial amount of vapor that you can

-Give an attempt to breathe the vapour out

-You can finish the step in two significant ways that include the following: try to separate pinky and ring finger from the others and rest them on the table; all your fingers can be placed together and place the hand in the smoke

– Among the two, you can choose the alternative that you are sure will work for you or at least what you are comfortable doing

– In the final step, try to remove the hand vertically to create a spin and rise tornado vapor

4. The Waterfall Vape Trick

The amazing trick of vaping converts the vapor into a massive and fun substance that looks like water that moves out of the bottle. Do not think that the trick is hard to master, and it is easy as usual.

You only need to include a bottle that contains some water that is frozen on the bottom. At the time of engaging the drag, give it a blow inside and then try to pour the content of the bottle out.

Yes, the vape trick is as easy as that but tremendously fun and fabulous.

5. The vapor Bubble Vape Trick

The vapor bubble trick is also easy to make. It is associated with a big bubble. The so-called big bubble incorporated in the vape trick is made from trapping some vapor that has been exhaled in a bubble.

To do the trick, you are expected to form a cut at the bottom of the plastic and use a combination of soap and water. You must make sure that the bottle being used is small to create an active vapor bubble. Finally, lower down the bottle end in the liquid and try to remove vapor at a slow pace.

First, you can take a deep draw on the device being used for vape. Open your mouth in slow motion and insert a finger in the middle. Then, try to exhale the vapor gently while you are tapping the throat’s inner part using a different finger. Well, it may seem a bit hard to do, but when you get some experience in it, you will create a room that contains quite several minute vape rings with a lot of ease.

The Definition of the Enticement Connected with Tricks of Vape

The tricks of vape occur when people start vaping. It is similar to the rings of smoke and several other shapes of smoke which emanate from things like cigarettes.

Vaping has made the tricks to come out as fun and enjoyable in a significant way. First of all. It is because all the smokes that originate from things like a vape pen are quite de. It ensures that you get a more considerable amount of smoke that you can enjoy playing with.

Secondly, vape tricks seem better and more productive when juxtaposed against the usual smoke from cigarettes and cannabis. For this reason, you can practice and enjoy your Tornado or Dragon easily. After mastering the basic movement of smoke in your mouth, you can practice creating real shapes.

Well, it might be challenging when beginning. However, you should not give up at any particular time. A few trials will guarantee your perfection. The tricks of vaping have already proved to be exciting. They are an easy way to make fun and show your ability to make vapes to your friends.

The Process of Vape Tricks Engagement

The vapers who are well experienced have devised new and exciting tricks of vape. It is out of this reason that Worldvaping keeps you to date with a different list of tutorials about the tricks on vaping. It is out of this that even your friend develop trust in you to devise amazing things.

Make sure you that have the appropriate vape tank and mod to ease the process of making the above tricks. It is because the normal vape pen might not be able to deliver above vapes. To learn, you can use the videos and follow what they explain and then share how successful they are.

By the way, you do not require to have the best vape to do above tricks, utilize what you think can do the tricks.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, vaping is one of the ways of hitting cannabis. It is seemingly healthier when juxtaposed against conventional cannabis. As vaping gains more fame over time, you will be motivated and urged to devise more tricks to please your friends and be conspicuous.

We are hopeful that this rigorous guide will assure you of the top tricks of vaping. However, practice the tricks in a moderated way as each has its risks on health. You should put your health first before the fun involved with vaping tricks.

What Is Vaping

What Is Vaping – – – All You Need To Know About It


Vaping may often be confused with smoking cigarette. However, the two are completely different from each other. Vaping involves the inhalation and exhalation of flavored aerosols through a specialized electronic device. The substance inhaled during vaping, also known as the vape juice, comprises of chemicals that are converted into fine particles before they can be puffed.

However, amidst the blissful feeling that vaping presents, the constituent chemicals in vape juices are known to be very harmful to your body. Some of them have been linked to the development of respiratory problems, cancer, heart disease, to mention but a few.

Where Did It All Begin

Vaping has existed as a practice for many years, actually. However, it was popularized in the 2000s by a Chinese pharmacist known as Hon Lik who took the first recorded vape. In 2006 and through the efforts of Ruyan Group, the first vape was launched in Europe.

Vaping would later make it to America in 2007, and from then, it has only increased in popularity, especially among traditional cigarette smokers. The most common vaping devices include vape pens and the e-cigarettes. However, manufactures have tried to keep up with the rising demand by producing more custom vape devices.

What Makes Up a Typical Vaping Device

First, a vaping device contains a mouthpiece from which you inhale. The mouthpiece is normally designed with a tip that fits into the user’s mouth.

Inside the device is a cartridge whose function is holding the e-liquid. Lastly, there is a heating compartment that contains the battery that supplies power to the device.

In most vaping devices, the battery is normally in-built. Some manufacturers have even incorporated LED settings screen. From this screen, you can monitor the progress of the battery. If you are lucky enough, you might also get vaping devices with controls that enable you to adjust the amount of power flowing through the device.

But even those that do not have such provisions, you do not need to fret as it is fairly easy to replace the batteries. Vaping devices that feature removable batteries are called mods. One advantage that mods have over standard vaping devices is that you do not need to monitor the progress with your battery. Instead, you could seamlessly charge the spare battery and replace the fully-used one.

How a Vaping Device Works

As we have already mentioned, there are three main components of a vaping device, namely the battery, mouthpiece, and e-liquid. As you vape, the battery produces power that supplies heat to the heating compartment. This causes the e-liquid to vaporize. Consequently, the vaporization leads to the formation of an aerosol which you then inhale into the lungs through the device’s mouthpiece, and out through your nose.

From this explanation alone, we can already see a glaring difference between smoking and vaping. While smoking requires you to ignite a cigarette and smoke the tobacco as the cigarette burns, vaping uses the heat from the battery compartment to vaporize an e-liquid that is then smoked as an aerosol. However, there are those vapors that still prefer to use nicotine. In most cases, the nicotine may be added as a flavor to the e-liquid. As there is no combustion in vaping, there is no smoke produced.

Apart from the three basic components highlighted above, most vaping devices also come with an atomizer. An atomizer comes with a coil. It is this coil that is heated and in return, heats up and subsequently vaporizes the e-liquid. Atomizers are designed with openings that allow free flow of air. The role of the air is to blow up the vapor resulting from heating the e-liquid towards the mouthpiece, from where the user can conveniently inhale it. Additionally, there is a tank that holds the e-juice in place during the whole heating process. Between the tank and the coil lies a wick. The purpose of this wick is to deliver the e-liquid from the tank up to the coil where it is then heated.

As we already mentioned, there are vapors that prefer custom-devices. As opposed to standard vaping devices, custom devices are common among vapers that wish to use vaping as a means to quit smoking. In such custom devices, the atomizer is normally removable. This allows the vaper to experiment with different flavors.

What About the E-Liquid

As blissful as vaping is, it is worrying to note that many vapers do not understand the nature of the chemicals that comprise their e-liquids. This explains why there has been a lot of myths and misconceptions around the safety of such chemicals. There have been various obnoxious notions to the origin of most e-Liquids, with some believing it could be an adulterated liquid imported from China. There are those that believed it is a special oil that contains tobacco.

However, vapers need not worry so much of the safety and quality standards of their e-liquids, as most of them are made of vegetable glycerin mixed with propylene glycol. These are two common substances used in various food substances as well as certain FDA-approved drugs. Therefore, it is easy to vouch for their safety, quality, and effectiveness. Even more reassuring is the fact that there are very many licensed e-liquid manufacturers in the US. Therefore, though you can have some imported from other countries, much of the liquid is locally manufactured in well-controlled and highly-regulated conditions.

It is also important to remember that the e-Liquid is mainly flavored using food-grade ingredients. However, as we already mentioned, those wishing to quit tobacco smoking through vaping might benefit by going for small flavors of nicotine. Even then, you need not worry as there is specialized nicotine added to the liquid, in the form of pharmaceutical-grade liquid.

Should You Smoke Or Vape? Uncovering the Differences

First and foremost, it is important to remember that both vaping and smoking come with their fair share of health concerns. They usually affect our bodies in more or less the same manner. However, according to Neal Benowitz, MD, a renowned researcher at the University-of-California, smoking remains the more harmful practice, and there are numerous studies to prove that.

According to statistics, cigarette smoking claims some half a million lives annually in the US alone. And contrary to popular perception, the deaths do not directly result from the inclusion of nicotine in most tobacco products. Rather, it results from the many harmful chemicals produced in the process of combustion.

As there is no combustion taking place, a vaper is already relieved from the possible harmful chemicals given out during smoking. A 2015 study by the Public Health England suggested that vaping could be up to 95 percent less harmful as compared to smoking. However, a University-of-Michigan tobacco policy-researcher named Kenneth Warner took an issue with the above study. According to Mr. Warner, vapes can only be between 80 and 85 percent safe. However, he was still cognizance of the fact that most critics of vaping believe it is only between 50 and 66 percent safe as compared to smoking.

Mr. Warner also remarked that most states, communities, and jurisdictions that impose bans on cigarette smoking in public areas usually include vaping in the ban. According to him, these two should be treated separately. This is because while a cigarette passive smoker is highly exposed to the possible danger caused as a result of smoking, the case is not the same with secondary vapers. Well, Mr. Warner does not adduce any concrete studies to back up his assertions. However, he draws his conclusions from the fact that vaping has been instrumental in helping some people quit smoking.

A classic case of how effective vaping is with quitting smoking is that of Caren Kagan-Evans. According to the 56-year old lady, she began smoking aged 13. At the time, she saw it as a fanciful thing to do, but when the habit completely took over her life, every attempt to stop resulted in total failure. Some of the remedies she tried included using gum, hypnosis, and even nicotine patches.

But after trying vaping, it only took a month for Caren to break free from the habit. Two years and still counting, and the Washington, DC-based lady has not smoked. She claims that aside from ridding her of the foul cigarette smells, her eating and sleeping habits have also improved since she quit smoking.

Caren’s story is clear proof of how vaping can help a chronic smoker quit the habit. However, Benowitz believes that there should be more people coming out with such success stories for vaping to be truly revered. According to him, most smokers in the US are unable to shake off the habit as they normally smoke alongside vaping. He adds that this especially happens when cigarette smokers find themselves in public places where smoking is banned but vaping allowed. In such situations, they deem vaping as the easier alternative to quenching their thirst for smoking. Therefore, when they finally realize that vaping could be a solution to quitting smoking, it becomes difficult for them to vape without incorporating some cigarette puffs in it.

But as a caveat, it is important to remember what regulators say about vaping. According to the FDA, there has not been sufficient evidence to prove that vaping could help quit smoking cigarette. Therefore, it advises anyone wishing to quit smoking to go for approved drugs or discuss with their physicians before vaping.

More importantly, the American Heart-Association advises that vaping should not be used as the last resort for quitting smoking. The body argues that there could be various underlying problems making it difficult for you to quit smoking. And if all other avenues like medication and rehabilitation therapies have failed, then vaping will by no means help.

What Does It Take to Vape Safely

The first safety measure is to refrain from all vaping or smoking if you have never done it before. You do not want to deal with the addiction that comes with either habit.


However, if you must vape, insist on high-quality vaping devices; ranging from the vaping unit itself to the e-liquid. As there is heating taking place, going for a low-quality device could expose you to risks that may not even be connected directly to vaping.

For the e-liquid, opt for one that contains ZERO nicotine concentration. And whenever you are done vaping, keep the vape device out of reach of children and pets. This is because they could get their hands on the device and drink the potentially poisonous e-liquid.

Last but not least, avoid building your mods unless you understand the Ohm’s Law.


Though it may not be as harmful as cigarette smoking is, vaping still has its inherent dangers. It is imperative that before taking to the habit, you think carefully about the possible addiction and any other harm it could cause to your body.

Best Vape Mod

Best Vape Mod: The Ultimate Shopping Guide

If you are familiar with vape pens, then you can think of a vape mod as a bigger, more stylish kind of an e-cigarette. A vape mod provides a better experience to the vapor. Undisputedly, vape mods boast a more superior quality in comparison to vape pens.

Mods are uniquely designed with advanced features. For instance, they are built with a more efficient heating mechanism. Additionally, they use high-quality wick.

Given that they are bigger, they have a larger liquid storage compartment as well as batteries. For this reason, you can smoke for longer using a vape mod. Moreover, you will not find these enhanced features on typical e-cigs or vape pens. In this article, we are going to list for you some of the best vape mods.

If you too want to enjoy the vaping experience, it is essential to choose such a vape tank. With numerous options available, it is difficult to find the right one. That is why we will today share with you the top 5 vape tanks which will help you enhance your experience. Before that, however, we will help you understand the different types of vape tanks and how they differ from one another.

Top 5 Best Vape Mod

1. Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C Box Mod 200W

Thinking of trying out a vape mod? The Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C Mod 200W is one of the best currently. The design itself looks sleek. One of its best features includes the DNA250C chip.

What you get with this mod is a more controlled wattage, a temperature protection unit, preheat capabilities and multicolored LED display. Further to that, it is rated at 97% when it comes to power efficiency.

2. SMOK Trinity Alpha Battery 1000mAH

Visually, the SMOK Trinity Alpha Battery 1000mAH is eloquently designed. Besides its good looks, it has an efficient power output, and you get numerous vaping models. With this device, you are guaranteed to satisfy all your vaping needs. It also comes with a lock button which enables you to adjust the pod.

3. Vapresso Luxe TC Mod 220W with Touch Screen

Vapresso Luxe TC Mod uses the much acclaimed OMINI board 4.0 chipset. This means that it has a quick firing speed. Also, it is endowed with a 2-inch touch screen, which enables you to access the data with utmost ease, and set your device just how you like it. Furthermore, it comes in several colors, including blue, silver, red, and bronze.

Unlike the delicate vape pens, this device is extremely sturdy and can serve you for a long time.

4. Eleaf iStick Mix Mod 160W

The iStick Mix Box Mod is made by Eleaf who are among the leading companies in vaping devices. The technology used in this mod allows charging quickly. You conveniently recharge your mod through the type-c port. Moreover, its curvaceous design makes it feel very natural to hold. It is strong and built to last.

In comparison to the industry standards, the iStick has an outstanding, powerful battery capable of firing over 150 watts.

5. Aspire Zelos 50W TC Box Mod 2500mAH

The Aspire Zelos 50W TC Box Mod 2500mAH is one of a kind. Its control interface makes it user-friendly. Apart from its compactly built, you will also be impressed by its great power output.

With a micro USB port, you can recharge the inbuilt battery. The battery comfortably powers up its 0.69 LED display screen. For your convenience, the screen auto-rotates to serve your interests. The screen is also large enough to scroll through the different operational modes.

What Is the Ideal Vape Mode for a Beginner?

In case you are just starting on vaping, it’s important to find a vape mod that can suit your level of use. As a beginner, you certainly don’t need a sophisticated and expensive vape mod. More so, you haven’t developed a particular style of vaping.

Therefore, a simple, inexpensive, disposable vape pen should be enough before you get the hang of it and define your needs.

Once you get used to vaping, you can move on to a stylish vape mod for the ultimate vaping experience.

How to Choose the Right Vape Mod

Finding the right vape mod is a personal journey. This is because what may be right for you can be unsuitable for another person. You may end up trying a few before you land your gem. However, there are several factors that can guide you before you settle for a particular vape mod.

Your vaping experience is a consideration. If you’ve been vaping for a long time, then you may want a highly sophisticated vape mod. This is because it is likely to be endowed with lots of exciting features. On the other hand, you may have a wealth of experience in vaping and still prefer a simple, effective vape mod. Nonetheless, a 50-100 watts mod is reliable.

Secondly, the price of a vape mod can be looked at from different angles. The first one is longevity. You can buy an expensive mod if it’s sturdy enough to stand the test of time. However, if you can get a cheap, yet a durable mod, then it is a plus.

Also, the battery life may come into play. Mostly, those who prefer long-lasting batteries pay more.

Finally, the kind of vaping experience you are looking for matters. For a rich vaping experience, you should go for the best vape mod. A versatile vape mod will deliver much more when compared to a standard mod.

Besides that, sophisticated mods may demand a lot of care. If you a rookie, it is best to stick for simple, user-friendly modes.

A stellar vaping experience calls for the best vape mods in the industry. However, just like every other activity in life, you have to start somewhere and upgrade. Therefore, if you have been thinking of vaping, don’t shy from taking the baby steps. Start with a vape pen, and if you enjoy it, then play around with different devices.

There is more to a vape mod than just using it. You ought to learn how to use it well and keep it safe. Otherwise, you might buy an expensive vaping mod that could last but end up using it for just a few days. If you aren’t sure of what you are looking for, then just pick one of the five mods listed above, and you can rest assured that you will not be disappointed.

Vape Tanks

Vape Tanks: A List of Best-Selling 10 Vape Tanks

The popularity of vaping is increasing at a rapid pace. People are looking to move from harmful cigarettes to a better alternative. That is what is fuelling the growth of vape tanks. Another advantage is that you can easily modify it to enhance your vaping experience. It is one of the main reasons why vaping has become highly popular. The essential accessory which allows you to improve your vaping experience is the vape tank. It maximizes the capacity of the vaping stick to hold the vapor juice.

If you too want to enjoy the vaping experience, it is essential to choose such a vape tank. With numerous options available, it is difficult to find the right one. That is why we will today share with you the top 10 tanks for vaping which will help you enhance your experience. Before that, however, we will help you understand the different types and how they differ from one another.

Types of Vape Tanks

There are three types. The variation is mainly in the vapor coil. These types include clearomizers, glassomizers, and cartomizers. We will now go into the details of these three vapor tanks to help you understand more.

1. Cartomizers

The vape tank which we are talking about now consists of cotton or the poly-fill material around the heating coil. This material performs great in absorbing the vape juice. Since the material is present around the coil, when the coil heats up, the liquid is diffused. The advantage is that the vapor juice can last for a long time due to the diffusion process. Due to this very reason, it has a higher vape time on a single refill.

2. Clearomizers

Clearomizers consist of silica wicks instead of cotton to absorb the vape juice. The wicks can vary in size from one tank to another. The absorption capacity of silica wicks is on the higher side. Hence the concentration of vapor juice is also more.

Another advantage of these tank types is that they consist of transparent reservoirs made of plastic. You can determine the level of the vapor juice with the help of this transparent reservoir. So, you can refill the tank before it runs out. The high density of the vapor along with the transparent reservoir makes this a good option.

3. Glassomizers

These are similar in design to the clearomizers; however, the reservoir uses glass or Pyrex material. As a result, the durability of the reservoir is on the higher side. The wear and tear of the reservoir due to its acidic nature is minimal. If you’re looking for a durable one, this is the one which you should buy.

Top 10 Best Vape Tanks

So, when looking for the vape tank, broadly speaking, these are the three categories available. We will now share with you the top 10 which can help you enhance your vaping experience.

1. Aspire Nautilus 2S Tank

The Aspire Nautilus 2S Tank has a capacity of 2.6 ML. It comes along with a pre-installed drip tip. Hence; the use of vapor juice is highly efficient. Moreover, with the help of top-filling tank design, pre-filling the tank is quite easy. To install the coil, all you need to do is to unscrew the base and place the coil.

The tank makes it easy for you to adjust the airflow, which means that you can regulate the heat as well. It is available in 4 color options. With the help of the transparent part, it is easy to monitor the level of the vapor juice. All in all, it is one of the best vape tanks.


-The capacity is 2.6 ML

-Four different color options

-Easy to monitor the level

-Ability to control airflow

-Mess-free refilling

2. Eleaf ELLO Duro Tank

Eleaf ELLO Duro is available in six color options, you have a color choice when looking to choose this vapor tank. There are two different editions on offer as well. The first one has a capacity of 2 ml, whereas the second one has a capacity of 6.5 ml. With the help of enormous capacity, it is easy to get a long-lasting vaping experience.

The bottom consists of dual air slots which help you in getting proper air flow for forming the clouds. In the middle of it, the transparent allows you to monitor the level of vape juice. The large capacity makes it a great option.


-Two different variants

-Six color options

-Easy to get intense airflow

-Transparent tank and design

3. Eleaf Melo 4 Sub ohm Tank

The Eleaf Melo 4 Sub ohm Tank has two variants with a capacity of 2ml and 4.5 ml respectively. With six color variants available, you have plenty of choices. The middle part of the tank is transparent, which helps you monitor the vapor juice level. Also, with dripping design, the vapor juice can last for a long time. It also consists of dual air inlets which help you make those clouds easily. The sleek design makes it the right choice.


-2 different variants

-6 color options

-Dual air inlets

-Elegant design

4. Hellvape AmbitionZ VapeR Aequitas 24mm BF RDA

Hellvape AmbitionZ VapeR Aequitas RDA, is available in 4 color options. The design of this tank is elegant, which means that it is aesthetically pleasing. With the help of a unique airflow system, you can be sure that you can get an intense flavor. It consists of an elevated postless build deck, which makes it easy to integrate with the vaping stick. When looking for something different, you can buy this one.


-Available in 4 color options

-Aesthetically pleasing design

-Postless build deck

-Unique airflow system

5. Horizon Falcon King Tank

The feature which you will notice about Horizon Falcon King Tank is the slim design. In spite of that, it has a capacity of 6 ML, which makes it one of the most efficient options. The central part is transparent, that helps you monitor the levels. With the help of Pyrex glass and stainless steel construction, durability is on the higher side. The heavy-duty construction is visually appealing as well, which is another advantage. In terms of slim design and high capacity, you cannot go wrong with this one.


-The capacity is 6 ML

-Heavy duty construction

-Visually appealing

-Easy to monitor the liquid level

6. IJOY Mystique Sub ohm Tank

There are plenty of choices available when looking to choose IJOY Mystique Sub Ohm Tank. It is available in 6 color options. There are two variants available as well with a capacity of 5ml and 3.5 ml. You can not only choose the color which you want but also the capacity. Additionally, it comes with the replacement glass, which is another advantage. With the help of dual air slots, there is no problem with airflow.

It is compatible with various types of coins, which mean that you will not be hard pressed to find one. The replacement glass, multiple color options, and capacity variants make it an excellent choice.


-Available in 6 colors

-Two variants available

-Comes with the replacement glass

-Excellent airflow

7. SMOK TFV8 Baby V2 Tank

In terms of color options, this one has the highest variants available. There are seven color choices. The capacity of SMOK TFV8 Baby V2 is 5ml. Additionally, it consists of a Pyrex tube and has a glossy finish, which makes it aesthetically pleasing. It comes with two powerful coils so that you will not have to worry about buying them separately. The dual mesh structure can help you in forming vapor clouds.

With the help of glass structure, monitoring the liquid level is not a problem at all. Instead of just two airflow slots, this vapor tank consists of 3 airflow slots, which means that forming the clouds is quite easy. With the help of large seating capacity and three airflow slots, it is certainly superior to many other options on this list.


-Three air slots

-5 ml capacity

-Seven different color options

-Comes with two heating coils

8. SMOK TF Tank

With five color variants, it is easy to choose this tank in the color which you prefer. SMOK TF Tank consists of a mesh coil which can heat the liquid. Due to this very reason, the intensity of the flavor is on the higher side. The top fill system means that you don’t need to worry about leaks at all. The capacity of the tank is 6 ML, which is more than adequate.

It comes with a glass tube replacement, which makes it easy for you to use it for a long time. Additionally, transparent architecture helps you monitor the levels. All the features which you might look for in a tank are available in this one.


-6 ML capacity

-Mesh coil

-Not prone to leak

-Comes with glass replacement

9. SMOK Trinity Alpha Pod

The construction of Trinity Alpha by SMOK is a bit different as compared to others. The capacity is 2.8 ML. It comes with a dual coil, which means that the heating is on the higher side. The push to open and the top filling system allows you to refill it. Moreover, the design is such that it is not susceptible to leaking at all. Hence you can have a smooth vaping experience. The elegant design, along with dual coil makes it a great choice.


-The capacity is 2.8 ML

-Comes along with two coils

-Top filling system

-Not susceptible to leaks

10. Aspire Tigon Sub ohm Tank

Whenever you’re looking for the best vape tanks, it is essential to consider these ten options. Rather than comparing the numerous options and spending a lot of time, you can choose between these ten options as they are the best on offer.

When using a tank for vaping, you need to retain it properly to get the right vaping experience. The coil is one of the most crucial parts of the vape tank. If you want to maintain it, it is essential to know how to clean the vape coils. Before we conclude this article, we will help you understand the same.

The last vape tank on our list – Aspire Tigon tank comes in the 2 ml edition and 3.5 ml edition. Also, it is available in 4 color options. The design of the tank is such that you can easily attach it to the vaping stick and remove as well.

With the help of interchangeable drip tips, you can easily use it for a long time. It offers two coils so that heating is not a problem at all. The dual function airflow setting helps you in getting an intense flavor. With the help of transparent design, you can fill the tank in time. The main USP of the tank is easy to attach and remove design.


-2 different size variants

-Incorporates 2 coils

-4 different color options

-Interchangeable drip tips

Easy and Efficient Ways to Clean Weight Coils

Mostly, there are two different methods with the help of which you can clean the vape coils. We will highlight both of them below.

1. Cleaning procedure for replaceable waypoints

In most cases, replaceable coils are available in clearomizer and sub-ohm tanks. The wicks of these coils are a bit difficult to clean. With proper effort, however, it is possible to get an acceptable result.

You have to use the soak and rinse method to clean the coil. The solution should consist of water, vinegar, or ethanol. You have to soak the coil in the solution before rinsing it. The dirtier the coil, the longer the time for which you have to soak it. After that, you have to clean it under running water. You have to then wash it off with distilled water.

If you want to clean it thoroughly, it is advisable to blow some air into the coil head to ensure that the water evaporates entirely and also the wick holes are completely clean. Air drying is the perfect way to dry it off. After that, you can install it back.

2. Cleaning procedure for the rebuildable coils

The cleaning procedure is different if you’re using the rebuildable atomizer. You have to first and foremost remove the wicks. You have to dry burn them but only for a short time. You can do so using the fire button in the atomizer itself. It will ensure that the entire juice gets removed from the wicks. So, it is important to rinse it under tap water to clean the coil. You have to use a proper cleaning tool or a toothbrush to remove the debris. You have to do so one more time before installing it back.

Depending on the exact vaping coil which you use, you can choose between these two procedures.

So, when looking to buy the best vapor tank, these are the ten options available. Also, it is necessary to maintain them right. With the help of coil cleaning tips which we have described above, you can easily maintain your coil and tank. All in all, our guide above can quickly help you enhance your vaping experience.