CBD vs THC: What Are Main Differences



You may have been confused about cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) and their difference when purchasing the related products. Actually they both are the cannabinoids compounds extracted from cannabis plants, sharing simialr structure but have different effects in various ways. we will discuss with you on the difference in detailes in the following paragraphs.

CBD vs THC on Chemical Structure

CBD and THC share the same chemical structure. That is 21 atoms of Carbon, 30 atoms of Hydrogen, and two atoms of Oxygen. Even though the molecular structure is the same, the effects on the body are different. The atoms are arranged on a separate order on each of the two compounds.

It is important to note that the body makes its endocannabinoids, and CBD and THC are similar in structure to it. That being said, the latter two can interact with the body’s cannabinoid receptors.

This interaction causes an impact on neurotransmitters’ release in the brain. Neurotransmitters have an essential role in the human body, including the communication between cells, sleep, stress, immune system, and pain, among others.

CBD vs THC on Psychoactive Components

Even though they have similar molecular structures, there is a psychoactive impact difference between cbd and thc . Although CBD isn’t a psychoactive chemical, it may produce the same elated feeling that’s usually related to THC consumption.

The euphoria effect is caused when, in the brain, the cannabinoid 1, a.k.a. (CB1) receptors bind with the THC. The binding between CBD and CB1 receptors is rather weak. When CBD and THC are taken simultaneously, the CBD can decrease THC’s psychoactive effects.

CBD vs THC on Endocannabinoid System and Cannabinoids

First of all, let’s explain how cannabinoids work in the human body and what they are.

To this day, we know about 85% of the Cannabinoids that exist in the cannabis plant. The most known of them is the Cannabidiol and Tetrahydrocannabinol (CBD and THC). Cannabinoids are chemicals that connect with the body’s Endocannabinoid System. These are receptors that work with cannabinoids to keep the body’s vital functions.

In 1988, the scientists found out about the first cannabinoid receptors. In 1993, they discovered a second one. It wasn’t until 1995 that those two receptors were called CB1 and CB2 receptors. In the brain, CB1 receptors can be found in abundance in the areas related to physiological and mental processes like motor coordination, emotion, high cognition, and memory. On the other hand, CB2 receptors can be found in the immune and central nervous systems.

Health benefits, including a reduction in anxiety, mood stabilization, pain relief, and an increase in appetite, can be achieved when CB1 and CB2 receptors and interact with cannabinoids compound. CBD or THC don’t interact with CB1 and CB2 receptors similarly. For this reason, each of those compounds has a different effect on the human body. It is the main issue that comes to mind when doing a CBD and THC comparison.


CBD vs THC on Legality Aspect

The laws regarding cannabis in the U.S. change constantly. THC and Marijuana cbd are part of the list of controlled substances. That means that according to federal law, they are prohibited.

Marijuana with rather high levels of THC is legal for medical use in some states, including Washington D.C. However, a prescription made by a licensed physician is needed to get it.

On top of that, the recreational Marijuana is legal in some states. If Marijuana is legal in your state either for medical or recreational purposes, you should be able to get it.

It’s essential to review the laws in your state before buying products containing CBD and THC. You may face a legal issue in a state where it’s illegal to possess Marijuana CBD products which is not fda -approved or own it without prescription.

CBD vs THC on Medical Advantages

CBD is considered to not cause the euphoric effects. Many illnesses can be treated with it. The list of conditions is always expanding. It is somehow unknown how efficacious Marijuana can be. However, it is understood that the following diseases can be treated with it:

  • Anxiety and PTSD
  • Inflammation and pain
  • Seizure disorders and epilepsy
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Withdrawal effects from opioid use
  • Multiple sclerosis

Many testimonies and studies are highlighting the benefits of CBD in health-related conditions. It is important to note that it became popular for treating a rare disease called Dravet’s Syndrom, which is a disease that causes epileptic seizures in children. Western medicine has not been proven to be very effective at treating it. This disease cannot only be life-threatening, but it also can impair the life of a person since it can cause as much as one hundred seizures in a single day.

Additionally, the condition may become worse with age. Specific diets, brain surgery, and earing an eyepatch are traditional methods of treating it. A girl named Charlotte became an example of the first successes in handling it. In her case, an edible oil coming from Charlotte’s Web was given. She took a specific CBD strain that gave her all of the health benefits of it without the “high” for less than two years. Initially, she had 1,200 seizures a month. At the end of the treatment, she only had three. Testimonials then followed, and to this day, many parents have learned about this crucial treatment to help for that specific disease.

When it comes to THC, there are some similarities in what CBD and THC can treat, Dronabinol is an FDA approved synthetic THC for use. And THC is particularly outstanding in some files such as:

  • Relieving nausea
  • Appetite loss
  • Insomnia, among other symptoms

CBD vs THC on Side Effects

Even when taken in large doses, the human body can tolerate CBD. However, if there are side effects, they may come from the fact that CBD and other drugs interact individually.

THC may cause temporary side effects like the following:

  • Dry mouth
  • Heart rate increase
  • Coordination problems
  • Memory problems
  • Reaction times that are slower than usual
  • Red eyes

These side effects can be blamed mainly because of the psychoactive compound of THC. Both CBD and THC are not known to be fatal.  THC may be related to psychiatric conditions such as schizophrenia. It is true, mostly in teenagers that take large portions of THC.

Drug Testing

Body fat accounts as a thc and cbd storage location. For this reason, even when some days have passed, these substances can be identified in drug tests. There are specific tests that can spot them, such as CBD-sensitive tests. Regular tests can identify chemicals related to the use of THC. An ingredient that contains both is hemp. For this reason, consuming this food can result in a person’s showing up positive results in these tests.

CBD vs THC-Drug test

CBD vs THC on Origin

Marijuana is the plant in which both thc and cbd can be found. But there are different versions of Marijuana. For instance, a CBD dominant version of medically Marijuana is made from CBD coming from hemp. A normal marijuana strain has around 12% THC (trusted source). Even though CBD oil may have a small quantity of THC, it may not contain more than 0.3% of THC if it intends to be legal according to federal law.

CBD vs THC on How to Consume

Although vaping or smoking marijuana may be an option for some people, people with certain health conditions may not consume it that way. Some ways in which they can take CBD are;

  • Oils
  • Supplements
  • Gels
  • Gummies

THC can be consumed in the following ways:

  • Oils
  • Tinctures
  • Edibles (brownies)
  • Smokable products
  • Capsules

Where Can Buy

Different marijuana plants and strains may contain different CBD levels. Some strains are specially grown for higher CBD levels. Marijuana dispensaries can be the right place to buy them. Check on the strain map page to find a dispensary near you. They can give you specific information on the strains they sell. Products that have been tested on a laboratory and that state their CBD and THC levels can give you a hint in regards to what you can expect from them.

THC vs CBD -where can buy


Anecdotal and scientific evidence exists for their medical benefits. A typical medical prescription for medical marijuana use is that CBD strains that contain the substance with getting people “high” after consuming it. Side effects may not be fatal but can occur mostly from consuming THC instead of CBD. These include memory loss, red eyes, increase in heart rate, among others. A prevalent condition treated with it is Dravet’s Syndrome. Patients have commented on decreasing their epileptic seizures from around a hundred times per day to single-digit numbers. Other conditions that may be treated with it are anxiety, PTSD, Opioid use withdrawal, etc.

They can be bought at dispensaries, where you may get more information on the strains as well as the CBD and THC levels of them. In some states, CBD is legal for medical use. However, it’s essential to know the laws of the state you are to avoid penalties that come from CBD possession.

It’s popular for people to smoke or vape marijuana. However, certain health conditions make it hard for some individuals to take it in those two particular ways. For this reason, other methods of consuming it are capsules, oils, gummies, etc. depending on whether CBD or THC is consumed.Your perfectly optimized content goes here to read through!

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