Cloud Vapes Company Review

Cloud Vapes

Cloud Vapes is an award-winning electronic vape-selling company headquartered in Glendale, California. This company is on a mission to create and distribute a wide selection of vaping products and accessories made of high-quality materials with great designs. Their products are efficient and easy-to-use – not to mention the pocket-friendly prices and discounts on offer. Simply buy one online and discover it for yourself.

Products and Services

This company boasts of an extensive line of vaporizers which come in different colors and styles to suit vapers with both reserved and bold personality. The styles available include the Original Cloud Vapes Pen, the Updated Version, and lastly, the e-liquid vaporizer.

1) Cloud Pen

For around $80, you can get this slim, oval vape pen that is easy to empty, clean, refill, and turn on. Customers will also receive an atomized cartridge, battery piece, tool, and a retractable USB charger. Furthermore, you can check how much of your e-liquid is remaining thanks to the small window built into your mouthpiece.

However, you will agree with me that the $80 price tag is a bit expensive. Not even most high-end atomizers will justify such a steep price because most of the materials used to make them are cheaply available. But all in all, this vape pen still represents excellent value for the money.

2) Quality Battery

Nothing can give you a more secure feeling than owning a vaporizer with excellent battery life. That said, Cloud Vapes Pen comes with a battery capacity of 180mAh, which is quite okay for a device of this size. The battery is quick and easy to charge and can last you through the entire weekend after charging it fully.

You can’t compare this with what you’ll get with most ordinary vaporizers out there which give a mere 4 hours at most. According to their website, it’s recommended to charge the battery for at least 45 minutes for its first charge.

3) Better Heating Atomizer

I’d like to say something about Platinum Tornado atomizer, which is the best when it comes to giving great clouds and flavor.

But if you’re on a budget, you can opt for the Classic, which comes with the old atomizer. Although it’s an improvement on some older vaporizer versions, it’s still nothing compared to the Tornado. So I find it better to add another $10 to my budget and get an efficient Cloud Pen.

Still, on the atomizers, they come with a screen for protecting the materials from your heating element. This is a major plus since it prevents you from burning the aromatics. And to make it even better, hot air will still move as expected through your product.

4) Cloud Liquid

This $35 vape pen works like any typical e-cig from Kanger or Volcano E-Cigs. That aside, Cloud Liquid is sleek but offers nothing new in terms of design. It comes in a slightly altered shape with the clearomizer taking the form of a mini-wine carafe. This device also has a flared top portion.

As for the atomizer head, it’s placed right through the middle. This type of design makes it easy to load your e-juice into the pen. Don’t forget that the device doesn’t come with any wicks to replace, so you don’t have to worry about those dry-outs and burns.

5) Mouthpiece

All the vape pens sold by Cloud Vapes come with a mouthpiece. Changing the tip of the herb vaporizer or changing your oil vape pen’s color can make a difference in your vaping experience. You can purchase a silicon tip for your dab pen if you’re planning to share your portable vaporizer with others.

Glass bubblers will also give you a filtered and clean experience while the glass globes give you the fun experience of watching the vapor brew. All in all, mouthpieces will help you maintain clean, colorful wax vape pens, and happy friends.

Where to Buy

You can get a whole host of Cloud Vapes products online or in their vaporizer store. I, however, advise that you get your Cloud Pen online. Because you won’t have to go through the hassle of driving to a Glendale store, especially if you’re miles out the town. Remember that you will get free shipping if you can spend more than $59.99 on their products.

For those who are on a budget, make sure that you know the type of materials used to make your vaporizer. This way, you’ll probably be avoiding the generic case. Most importantly, be sure to find out the kind of atomizer inside your device as this tiny portion can make a big difference in your vaping experience.

Return and Refund

If you experience problems with any Cloud Vapes product, you can easily reach them via their telephone number (800-707-4206) or email address ([email protected]). You will be given an RMA form full of instructions which you will return along with your package for faster processing. Make sure you haven’t used the product or any of its accessories and repackage it in the original box.

Also, ensure that you make the return within 14 days of the purchase date and then wait for 3-4 business days after the item has been received to get your full refund. Keep in mind that the shipping fee is non-refundable.


As I mentioned before in this post, Cloud Vapes is an award-winning company, so their products can be trusted to be generally worth your money. They seem to have permanently addressed the biggest vaping problem – burning.

Another thing that I like is their excellent customer service that is always ready to answer emails and phone calls. In short, apart from the high pricing of some of their products, we find no other downside with this company or any of their products.

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