Conduction Vaporizers & Convection Vaporizers-How to Pick


Conduction vaporizers means heating something directly while convection vaporizers , on the other hand, means heating something indirectly (i.e., with hot air) blow via a heating element.

In regards to vaporizers, the difference is the oven styles, i.e., how the vaporizers are heated. It has a significant effect on an individual’s vaping experience. Conduction vaporizers utilize the traditional method of heating e-liquid. They have been in use for years, but they are still popular. Conduction vaporizers still have a “hardcore clientele” made up of old users who aren’t interested in using any other type of Vaporizer.

Convection vaporizers heat e-liquid via hot air. They are generally new but gaining popularity very fast. Their unique method of thermal transfer makes them different from conduction vaporizers. Convection vaporizers offer a better/more superior vaping experience.

The Best Convection and Conduction Vaporizers

Best Convection Vaporizers

i. G Pen Elite – $69.95

G Pen Elite

Main features

  • Large chamber 0.11 cubic inches
  • Rapid heating (vaporization temperature in 30 seconds)
  • Custom temperature setting (adjustable between 93 and 220 degrees C or 200 and 428 degrees F)
  • Brilliant display (Has an LED interface display showing temperature and battery life)
  • Fully ceramic and coil-less chamber

Main pros and cons


  • Vaporizer offers unrivaled flavor. The full ceramic and coil-less chamber allows even heating from all sides.
  • High tech vaporizer. The rapid heating, custom temperature setting, and brilliant display are just some of the high tech features that make this convection vaporizer stand out.
  • Loaded package: Comes with a vaporizer, pen tool, USB charging cable, cleaning brush, and 1 G card.
  • Quick shipping: Shipping is done within 24 hours after purchase.


  • Free shipping only if you purchase $75.00.
  • Ground material isn’t included in the purchase
  • Not compatible with liquids or concentrates

ii. Arizer Air 2 - $169.99

Arizer Air 2

Main features

  • Temperature control (Single degree)
  • OLED screen
  • High capacity Li-ion battery
  • Rugged build quality.
  • Small and portable
  • Heating in 60 to 90 seconds
  • Available in carbon black and mystic blue
  • Comes with many accessories

Main pros and cons


  • Has a screen that allows users to monitor battery life and change menu settings
  • 18650 high capacity Li-ion battery allows 60 to 90 minutes of usage for every full charge
  • Vaporizer can be used when charging
  • Has an isolated pure borosilicate vapor path that offers the best flavor. The path also keeps harmful components away
  • Heats up quickly (in a minute to 1.5 minutes)
  • Sizable and highly portable. Can be carried around with ease
  • Easy to use. Users don’t need a learning curve


  • Few color options (two only)
  • Can be costly
  • Rugged design may not be universally appealing

iii. Firefly 2 – $249.95

Firefly 2

Main features

  • Borosilicate glass vaping path
  • Quick charge in 45 minutes
  • 3-second heat up time
  • Instant convection heating
  • 2-year warranty

Main pros and cons


  • Firefly 2 comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can get store credit or a 100% refund within 14 days. More extended return (within 30 days) for unused, unopened merchandise.
  • Delivers vapor instantly (within 3 seconds). No long heating times typical with convection vaporizers.
  • Great flavor, thanks to the borosilicate glass chamber. Instant convection heating also offers a great taste from the beginning of your session to the end.
  • Temperature control: You can personalize temperature control in seconds (from room temperature to a record 500F). Temperature control is custom via a smartphone app allowing 10-degree increments between 200 and 500F.
  • High-tech design: The Vaporizer has two touch sensors that activate heating and go “to sleep” when they aren’t touched periodically. The Vaporizer is also designed for lightness (features a magnesium alloy shell).
  • Battery charges in 45 minutes
  • Easy to clean


  • Costly at $250
  • Can be bulky

Best Conduction Vaporizers

i. Boundless CF– $98.99

Conduction Vaporizers-Boundless CF

Main features

  • 80w hybrid conduction heater
  • Five preset temperatures
  • Large capacity oven
  • Quick heat uptime

Main pros and cons


  • Affordable choice when you want an easy to use but robust and sizable Vaporizer with a quick heating up time((under 20 seconds) as well as great vaping clouds
  • Consistent: Unlike most conduction vaporizers, this one offers consistent results with large or small loads which tightly or loosely packed.
  • Easy to use: You don’t require prior conduction vaporizer knowledge to use this Vaporizer. One button control
  • Five temperature settings offer a vaping experience perfect for all kinds of vapors
  • Isolated airpath separate from the electronics
  • Perfect for concentrates and dry herbs
  • Comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Bulky according to some consumers
  • One button for all settings

ii. DaVinci IQ– $229

Conduction Vaporizers-DaVinci IQ

Main features

  • Pure Zirconia Ceramic durable and inert vapor path
  • High tech with Zirconia pearl ensuring even heating. Haptic feedback vibration notifications. Physical and optional app control
  • Temperature range (250 to 430 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Heat up time (30 to 60 seconds)
  • Display: 51 led GRID
  • Removable battery (3500mAH)
  • 10-year warranty

Main Pros And Cons


  • Comes with many items, including an adapter, cable wipes, brush, keychain tool, replaceable battery, and material canister. Other inclusions include a free aluminum grinder.
  • Sleek design
  • Impressive heat up time (30 seconds to a minute)
  • Lengthy 10-year warranty. Testament of quality
  • High tech: Impressive heating, notification, and app features.


  • Costly

iii. Pax 3– $249.99

Conduction Vaporizers-Pax 3

Main features

  • Pax conduction oven for gently and even heating
  • Temperature setting for custom vapor and flavor experience
  • Vibration notifications giving distinct timelines on when to vape
  • One-button control to turn Pax oven on/off as well as change temperature
  • High-tech and sleek design: 3-Screens, multi-tool, and concentrate insert.
  • 10-year limited warranty

Main pros and cons


  • Record heat-up time (22 seconds). Offers on-demand conduction vaping experience
  • Custom temperature settings allow the user to enjoy custom vapor and flavor
  • Great design perfect for any occasion
  • Lengthy warranty (10 years) is a testament for the quality
  • Quick heating time averaging 20 seconds
  • Has an app and Bluetooth capability


  • Costly at $250. Ideal for vapers who want high-end conduction vaporizers only
  • One-button control isn’t universally appealing
  • 8 to 10 sessions only per charge

How Do Convection Vaporizers Work?

When the fluid becomes hotter, it becomes less dense and rises, resulting in a heat transfer. To understand this concept better, think of how convection ovens work. They use heated steam or air to warm/cook food. It results in an evenly cooked meal that doesn’t have burns since food doesn’t come into direct contact with a heating source.

Convection vaporizers work in the same way. They utilize the same heat transfer concept through moving fluids such as steam. Convection vaporizers transfer heat via moving fluids (mostly via steam). As a result, the oils or herbs never get into direct contact with the heat source (heating coils). This, in turn, results in an evenly heated herb/oil offering a more superior vaping experience.

For convection vaporizers to work, they need slightly more parts. The e-liquid (oil) or herb stays in a different chamber, separated from the source of heat (heating coils) instead of being beside each other, as is the case in conduction vaporizers. Heated fluids need enough room to move around the compartment, housing the e-liquid and herbs.

convection vaporizer

Pros and Cons of Convection Vaporizers


Convection vapers were designed to address most, if not all, “issues” surrounding conduction vapers. Some of the most significant benefits of convection vaporizers include:

a. Advanced temperature settings

Convection vapes allow users to set specific vape temperature depending on what is being heated. This setting offers notable advantages since herbs, waxes, and CBD vape oil all have specific ideal temperatures.

b. Lower combustion risk

Since convection vaporizers burn slower and way lower, they don’t reach combustion levels that conduction vaporizers reach and produce smoke. They are, therefore, smoother and purer. The indirect contact with the substance being heated means it’s almost impossible for burning to take place and produce ash and smoke. Conduction vaporizers usually burn the herb or oil, making users inhale the vapor that is mixed with smoke and other dangerous chemicals.

c. Full vaporization

Convection vaporizers allow even heating. Every time you breathe in, you get the same smell and taste. You don’t have to worry about shaking the Vaporizer every time to get an even smell and flavor to the ultimate vaping experience. What’s more, heating is proportionate. Hot air molecules envelop the herbs and oils, evenly heating everything at the same time.


Although convection vaporizers have notable pros, they also have some cons.

a. Costly

Convection vaporizers come with a highly advanced mechanism. As a result, they cost more than traditional vapes. Furthermore, the cost comes with advantages like full vaporization and lower combustion risk. In fact, in the long term, convection vaporizers offer cost savings. Benefits like complete vaporization ensure lower spending on oils and herbs in a long time.

b. Slow heating

Convection vaporizers take longer to heat the weed or oil since they heat entire compartments rather than heating directly. It takes longer to enjoy a vaping experience; however, the wait is worth it, given the even/consistent experience.

c. Complicated to use

Convection vaporizers can be harder to use initially for newbies but offer a rewarding experience in the long-term.

How Do Conduction Vaporizers Work?

In conduction, mediums such as fluids are not needed to transfer heat. Conduction is about direct contact between the source of heat and the substance being heated.

In conduction vaporizers, the e-liquid or herb gets into direct contact with the source of heat (heating coils). Since heating is direct, conduction vaporizers have fewer parts and processes. It has made the vaporizers ideal for a long time. Most old vaping kits utilize conduction technology, making them ideal for traditional vapers. A typical conduction vaporizer offers the same experience as lighting a marijuana roll, an experience preferred by many to this day.

Conduction Vaporizers

Pros and Cons of Conduction Vaporizers

Do conduction vaporizers have advantages and disadvantages? Why do many people today still enjoy the conduction vaporizer experience even when they have an option of using convection units? What are the upsides/downsides of this type of Vaporizer? To help you decide, here are the main pros and cons.


a. Fast heating

The most notable advantage of conduction vaporizers is the speed at which they transfer heat. The direct contact between oil or herb and the heating source allows instant heating. There are no intermediaries like steam or moving fluids that take time to transfer heat.

While a convection vaporizer requires over 10 minutes for proper heat transfer, conduction units heat up twice as fast. You can begin your vaping experience almost instantly with a conduction vaporizer. The fast heating experience has notable advantages on vaping done to relieve pain and anxiety. If you are vaping for medical reasons, conduction vaporizers offer quick relief.

b. Affordable

Conduction vaporizers are also cheaper. They don’t have high-tech features or multiple components known to increase the cost of vaping units. Conduction vaporizers are recommendable to new vapers who don’t want to invest a significant amount of money initially.

c. Less maintenance

Conduction vaporizers also require little to no maintenance. They hardly need any repairs or updating. They feature a few components that need regular vaporizer care (occasional cleaning). Convection vaporizers are more complicated with multiple high-tech components and designs. If you want a quick hustle-free vaping experience that won’t overwhelm you, conduction vaporizers come highly recommended.


a. Outdated

Conduction vaporizers are fading out. They may be popular among traditional vapors; however, new technology in most industries is bound to take over. Just like everything else, advanced vaporizers are bound to face convection vaporizers in the future.

b. Combustion risk
Since conduction vaporizers utilize direct heat, they increase the combustion risk. Direct heating means part of the oil or herbs can burn or catch fire. Burnt materials also tend to mix with vapor making users inhale smoke, among other harmful substances.

c. Compromised vaping experience

Conduction vaporizers tend to heat unevenly. Some parts of the herb get into direct contact with the heating source and burn while other parts don’t. As a result, users need to rattle vaporizer chambers to ensure even heating, which is still not guaranteed. It tends to compromise the vaping experience.

Combustion risks also lead to harsher hits that are drier and hotter. Conduction vaporizers aren’t recommendable to individuals with “weak lungs” or those people who have turned to vape to avoid dangers of traditional cigarette smoking.

Which Vaporizer Should You Buy?

Different vaporizers will be perfect for different people. As a result, your choice should be based on personal taste and preferences once you’ve explored all your options. For instance, if the cost is an issue, you should buy a conduction vaporizer. If you like simple vapes that are quick and easy to use, you should also go for a conduction vaporizer.

However, if you are looking for a more refined vaping experience, convection vapes are better. They offer consistent vaping experiences and use the latest technology. However, you should be willing to part with a bit more money. You should also be patient since they take time to produce vapor.

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