Dose Pen by Dosist Review: A Perfect Vape Pen

Dose Pen by Dosist
Dose Pen by Dosist

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Available in: 50 or 200 doses

Formulation: Bliss, Passion, Arouse, Sleep, Relief, Calm

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Sometimes you’ve got to thank marijuana and all the goodies its legalization has bestowed upon us. Gone are the days of cannabis stigmatization as concentrates and oils have taken on the whole new sector of the marijuana industry. And long gone are the days of “roll one smoke one”; sorry wiz Khalifa, but there’s a new stylish way to get high on those THC and CBD distillates – and discrete too if you like!

I’m talking, of course, about vape pens -there’re also other types of vaporizers and dabbing tools – but the vape pen is the one that stands out the most. It’s both stylish, discreet, portable, and makes it easy to sneak in hits and indulge in those guilty pleasure rides (or for medical reasons). And one vape pen I review today is the Dose pen of Dosist.

Dose pen is a 2016 vaporizer device that innovative design and packaging onto the vaping scene. It made it onto Time’s Magazine top inventions that year. And if you think that is an easy thing to do, then you don’t know the story of the electric light. But that aside, Dose pen or hmbldt is one of the most remarkable vaping kits inventions. Each Dose pen contains a specific formulation of weed oil designed to alleviate a particular symptom.


Strains of Dosist Dose Pen

Dosist Dose pen gives the user the power to control the cannabis dose accordingly. You also get to select one that induces the effects they’d like – bliss, passion, sleep, arousal, calm, and relief. For example, there’s one designed to help amp up your sexual mojo, it’s the “passion” formula, and the best for sex so don’t be afraid to spice things up with it.

Then there’s the “bliss” formula with a 9:1 THC to CBD ratio to induce full-body relaxation and pleasant cerebral effects so you can feel good. There’s the “sleep” formula for insomnia, the “arouse” formula that’s reinvigorating and gets your moxie up.

With their strains of Dose pens, Dosist, therefore, wants you to use weed for the right reasons and in a natural way. That’s because the Dose pen is a draw-activated device that comes fully-charged and ready for use. The Dose pen is an all in one vaping device that works just as a pod mod. But it’s also a disposable device so vape and dispose of responsibly after use.

Dose Vape Pen

Where to Buy Dose Pen?

Unfortunately, the Dosist series of Dose pens are only available in the State of California and only in certain dispensaries that have been licensed to distribute the pens. You won’t find it online or in your nearby vape shops in other states.

Design and Manufacturing

There’re always two things to look out for in a vaping device, the design concept, and the manufacturing quality. And as aforementioned, the Dose series of pens have been designed to give the user ultra-precise control over the cannabis dosage, and also each one has been designed with particular formulations for specific symptoms; this is genius thinking!

The Dose pen is a portable vaping device with a draw activated 260mAh battery programmed to deliver exactly 2.25mg of THC after every three seconds. It features a plastic chassis inside of which there’s a food-grade reservoir, custom battery, among other components.

All controls have been pre-programmed, so apart from the air control, there’s no much room for personalization. Each dose pen tank contains 200 or 50 doses of dosist marijuana formulas.

Dose Pen by Dosist

What Stands out?

The Dose Pen has been designed to resemble an actual pen – physically speaking closely. It’s as discrete and portable as they get. Apart from Dosist magical formulas inside it, everything else is what you’d find in the typical e-cigarettes. It encompasses a leak-proof medical reservoir, airflow control, oil control feature, timed control feature, and custom battery.

What stands out is its precise oil control and timed control feature. The accurate control is an intuitive feature through which you control specific flows of the elixir from the tank to the wicking material. It comes in handy in preventing flooding and e-juice wastages.

The timed control feature ensures that each dose delivers exactly 2.25mg of THC; upon completion, there’s a slight vibration. This is an intuitive design that provides consistent dosages each time.

What to Expect from Dose Pens?

The Dosist formulas include THC and CBD in varying ratios plus terpenes and some flavoring. Terpenes, of course, are the “it” things in marijuana. They naturally occur in most herbs too. They’re responsible for giving the herb its scent, which acts as a deterrent against predators or baits for pollinators.

Terpenes in marijuana come in handy as the pungent scent livens up a person’s olfactory center transporting him/her to a different place. They work well with CBD and THC to bring about entourage effects – soothing properties.

By blending all these strains into a single formula, therefore, Dose pens stand out from the usual e-cig cartridges with their plain THC concentrate, CBD oil, or standard dry herb. The mixing in the Dose pen medical reservoir is unique such that the CBD and terpenes work together to counter the psychoactive effects of THC while amplifying its medicinal value.

Breakdown of the Dosist Elixirs

You can always trust something to come out of California and remarkably transform people’s lives, and the Dose pen is one of them. Be it to dial down your anxiety, spice up your sexual life, boost your moxie, or manage insomnia, Dose pen elixirs have something for you. And it’s all packed in a convenient draw-activated vape pen that comes fully charged and ready for use. Here’s the breakdown of formulations per Dose pen strain.

  • Dose Pen Bliss: 9: 1 THC to CBD ratio perfected with uplifting β-pinene and terpinolene to get you feeling good.
  • Dose Pen Passion: A euphoric blend of THC, limonene, and myrcene to increase sensitivity and intimacy
  • Dose Pen Arouse: An uplifting blend of linalool and farnesene terpenes to pump up your moxie.
  • Dose Pen Sleep: An 8: 1 THC to CBD pairing complemented by sleep-promoting terpene. Expect to feel sleepy after a few sizeable puffs.
  • Dose Pen Relief: CBD to THC ratio is balanced at 2:1 to alleviate mild to moderate pain.
  • Dose Pen Calm: Just a high CBD coupled with uplifting limonene, calming myrcene, and beta-caryophyllene to induce full-body relaxation and pleasant cerebral effects.

All formulas are standard, so you’ll get consistent effects bottle after bottle, and they work like a charm that they are! Therefore, there is no much to complain about the look (if you know what I’m saying).

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