Famovape Magma Mod

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Dimensions: 87mm by 48.5mm by 25mm

Battery:  Dual 18650



Vandy Vape Simple EX

Maximum Wattage Output:
Minimum Atomizer Resistance:
Temperature Control Range:
100°-300°C / 200°-570°F
Voltage Output Range:
Coil Type :
0.35ohm X3-C1S Coil and 0.15ohm X3-Mesh Coil
Black or gold frame, 12 resin panel options
510 thread

Product Introduction and Specs

Famovape Magma mod is the most recent mod from Famovape. Famovape is a new small company with few products, some of which I’ve reviewed in the past including Fat Baby Mesh tank and the Yup RDA. Apart from that, the other products they’ve made are Fat Baby Mesh kit and Bit Box.

The Magma is a twin 18650 battery mod which is rated 200 watts. It has a color screen plus their latest “V-Tek” chip. In addition, the color alternatives are in abundance. Moreover, it consists of 2 frame-color choices which are gold and black, plus 12 resin panel alternatives to choose from.

It costs $ 44.95 at Element Vape and has gold or black frame with twelve resin panel alternatives.

Its First Impressions

When I first saw Famovape Magma mod, I have to say that I really loved its design. It reminded me of the Voopoo Drag 2 mod since they feel and look just the same. It’s one of the tiniest dual battery mods available, moreover, it is very comfy and compact. I loved the resin panels and the screen.

Material Quality and Design

Both the style and shape of Famovape Magma are comfortable to hold in your hand.

First, it has a rounded-off rectangular-shaped mod, then it has a front-facing screen. The main difference between it and the Drag 2 is that it’s got resin panels on the two sides.

Thus, this makes Magma have a better look. Its weight isn’t heavy but it feels solid. The gold frame has no sign of wear. It has a flat finishing. It has a tiny “Magma” logo on its frame which cuts into the resin panel.

Compared to the huge Drag logo, Magma’s branding looks simple and nicer.

The battery’s door is a typical magnetic side-plate. And the solid metal door’s outer part has a resin panel.

Without any batteries, it actually fits perfectly without play on it but with batteries, there’s very little play since the batteries slightly stick out past the tray. It has a bright-colored rectangular screen with a black background. You can change its font color; red, green, blue and yellow are the only options.

This mod has some button rattle, but only the up-button, while the down and fire buttons don’t have any rattle. The 510 pin has no problems with any atomizer. It isn’t centered but is flat and it fits flush. It’s capable of handling a 25mm atomizer without overhang.

Its USB port is located on its front bottom-right below its adjustment buttons. For mods with removable batteries, don’t charge the batteries internally since it’s one of the causes of many failures. The charge rate is 1.6 amps. External charging is the way to go.

Famovape Magma's Features & Functions

Famovape Magma contains most of the latest modes found on mods these days. There’s the Bypass Mode, Temp control-mode forTi, Ni200 and SS, Power mode (watts), and the No TCR mode, so the TRC can be adjusted in every one of the preset modes.

It also uses the ordinary TCR system. However, it lacks a few additional features found in some modes such as the watt curve mode, the preheat options, and the voltage mode.

How to Use the Famovape Magma

The product’s user guide is easy to understand and enables smooth operation of the product. And here is how to use the Famovape Magma:

– 5 fire button clicks for turning on and off.

– 3 clicks to get into the menu.

– Use down or up to choose your preferred mode in the menu.

– Choose fire to accept.

– When you’re selecting a TC mode, it will request you to first set the TCR.

– Select + and fire so as to lock the mod (It locks only the adjustment buttons, can still fire).

– 2 clicks of the “fire” button for adjusting watts in the TC mode.

The Performance of the Power Mode

Sony VTC5A Batteries were used to test this mod. The specs are listed at 200 watts, 40 amps, and 7.5 volts, on the user menu. The maximum achieved wattage while I was testing was 199 watts, which is very close to the listed 200 watts. And I got 39 amps, a volt limit of 7.363V, which is close to the listed 7.5V. And the mod will adjust in 1-watt increment and scrolls very fast.

The mod didn’t overheat and is super accurate. It has an in-built hard pre-heat and also fires pretty fast, giving it an instant coil sizzle.

Temperature-Control Mode Performance

I used the SS316L wire in the SS mode and tested 6 builds:

– 1 round single coil.

– 1 uncomplicated round dual-coil.

– 2 classy wire single coil builds.

– 1 nice wire twin-coil build.

I set the TCR to 092 and got a maximum watt limit of 80 watts. However, the Magma, unlike the Drag 2, has 80 watts in the TC mode and at any resistance but within its limits. It has an accurate temperature-control performance.


– Nice paint job.

– Solid material quality.

– Good resin panels.

– Excellent TC performance.

– Correctly rated for volts/watts/amps

– Nice power-mode performance.

– Handle a 25 mm atomizer without overhang.

– Easy-to-use menu.

– Easy to open the battery door and swap-out batteries.

– Bright, large color-screen.

– Realistic shape and size.

– There are various color alternatives.

– They are very affordable.

– Temperature control of up to 80 watts.

– Slight button rattle.

– Minor battery door-play.

– No pre-heat selection in the power-mode.


In a word, Famovape did a nice job with this mod. It’s attractive and performs great. In addition, it’s an improved Drag 2 version.

In terms of power performance, they both are very close, but Famovape Magma utilizes the standard TC system, does not have a huge logo, and has a bright-colored screen. Thus, there are no paint issues, plus the battery door-play is not that bad. If you are a Drag mods fan, and you need to advance from the original Drag, just go for the Magma.

Please let me know what you have in mind in the comments below!

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