Freemax Mesh Pro Sub Ohm Tank Review

freemax mesh pro performance
freemax mesh pro

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Size:25 x 59.8mm

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Ever since their foundation back in 2013, Freemax was always making significant contributions to the development and improvement of sub-ohm tanks. Even though their popularity somewhat declined in the last few years, they shook the vaping industry and set a milestone with the release of Freemax Mesh Pro – the world’s first double & triple mesh coil sub-ohm tank.

Combining a massive bubble glass tank and coil heads which support wide wattage ranges, the Mesh Pro is one of the more versatile tanks on the market. Numerous color choices, beginner-friendly design, and optimized airflow all work together to form this real powerhouse of a tank.



FreeMax Mesh Pro Sub Ohm Tank

Tank Capacity:
Wattage Range:
9mm 810 driptip
Dual Adjustable Airflow

Package Contents

Included in the Freemax Mesh Pro Sub Ohm Tank Device you will find:

  • 1x Freemax Mash Pro Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1x Pre-Installed 0.2ohm Double Mesh Coil (60-90W)
  • 1x 0.15ohm Kanthal Single Mesh Coil (40-70W)
  • 1x 6ml Spare Bubble Glass Tank
  • 1x Replacement O-Rings
  • 1x User Manual

freemax mesh pro package

Build Quality

The overall tank design is nothing extraordinary. All 17 color choices give it a lovely look, with resin options being the most striking. They use high-quality paint, but the tank itself is not overly sturdy, so try to avoid dropping it. It’s immediately prominent that its size is above average compared to the other sub-ohm tanks. With the diameter of 25mm and the pre-installed 5ml bubble glass tank, it’s going to be pretty bulky. The use of Pyrex glass is an excellent addition since it will be able to withstand higher temperatures without getting damaged.

The 810 drip on the top comes with pre-installed O-rings for a very snug fit. Between this part and the glass tank, you’ll find a thin metal line that wraps around the whole width of the unit. At a particular spot, there is a tiny red dot. Pushing right above, it will reveal an opening with a silicone sleeve through which the tank will be refilled. Even though the hole is not overly wide (10mm x 3.2mm), it should be more than enough for any nozzle to fit through.

The lower part of the tank has two full cutouts for the adjustable airflow. They have a very convenient stopper to prevent it from moving once you set it the way you want. The bottom is covered by a circular stainless steel piece that contains the logo of the company, as well as the 510 threaded connection. Since the pin is adjustable, you’ll be able to use it even with mods that aren’t spring-loaded.

freemax mesh pro blue

Coil Characteristics & Quality

Although it comes with only one additional coil, the Freemax Mesh Pro will work just fine with Fireluke and Fireluke Pro compatible coils – two of the other tanks made by Freemax. They last for up to three weeks due to a smart combination of two types of cotton. 90% Flax cotton fiber and 10% regular cotton fiber work in unison to provide the most optimal performance while suffering minimum wear and tear.

Alongside single, double, and triple mesh coils, this tank also has a TC compatible stainless steel alternative. The 360 degree modified leading holes improve the wicking properties of each coil, so you won’t have to wait long to vape after priming them with e-liquid. It ensures that the cotton is soaked up at all times, which prevents liquid from burning up, causing dry hits, and reducing the coil’s lifespan. If you want to try out additional coils besides the ones included, you’ll have to spend an additional $10.

A coil replacement is a simple process and consists of only a few steps:

  • Unscrew the bottom part of the tank (where the airflow is).
  • Detach the existing coil.
  • Attach the new one and screw the bottom back on.

Keep in mind that it’s best if you replace the coils while the tank is empty – otherwise, leaks may occur.


– 0.15ohm Single Mesh Coil (40-70W)

The single mesh is the most underwhelming out of the bunch, but that’s to be expected. It’s primarily meant for beginners who aren’t looking for anything overly strong. At 40-50W, both vapor production and flavor are relatively light. The temperature of the vape is on the lower side, but it varies depending on how you adjust the airflow. It’s quite airy, open, and it remains smooth regardless of how restricted it is.

As you get closer to 70W, the taste slowly starts kicking in. However, this also means that the vapor will begin getting dryer and possibly produce some dry hits. Don’t go over 80W to reduce the chances of this happening. You’ll also probably notice that the tank is a bit louder with the single mesh coil installed. For some reason, the airflow produces kind of a whistling noise, but it’s nothing too overwhelming.

Overall, it’s a pretty lovely coil for someone just starting, and it’s not going to eat through your e-liquid.

– 0.2ohm Double Mesh (60-90W) & 0.15ohm Triple Mesh (80-110W)

This is where the Freemax Mash Pro truly shines. No matter which wattage you choose, you can’t go wrong. The flavors are amazing and prominent, with dense clouds that will suit even the most demanding cloud chasers. Vapor is exceptionally thick, with a smooth draw and almost no dry hits. The temperature is just how you’d want it to be, and as long as you don’t cross the higher wattage margin, you won’t get a burnt taste. Unfortunately, due to the multiple coils, you will need a LOT of juice to vape on them for more extended periods.


Pros and Cons


  • High-quality materials
  • Massive capacity which can be modified
  • A lot of coil options
  • Adjustable 510 pin
  • Astounding flavor and vapor with double/triple mesh coils
  • Easy top-fill mechanism and coil replacement
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Coils last for up to three weeks


  • Bulkier than the other sub-ohm tanks
  • Somewhat fragile
  • You’ll get leaks if you have juice in the tank during coil replacement
  • Produces noise when the single-coil is installed
  • Double & triple mesh coils use the enormous amount of juice

Final Words

This Chinese company is letting us know that it’s not become obsolete just yet. The Freemax Mesh Pro won’t leave you wishing for anything else. It’s a testament to how good a product can become with just a little bit of innovation and quality manufacturing. It manages to deliver a barrage of flavors and clouds while remaining relatively cheap. The massive glass tank, adjustable airflow, and incredible coils make the Mesh Pro one of the best sub-ohm tanks currently available.

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