Green Roads CBD Review: Is It Worth Consuming?

Green Roads CBD Review Is It Worth Consuming

CBD popularity continues to grow in many countries across the globe due to its benefits. It is a derivative of the Cannabis Sativa plant with studies associating it to several health benefits such as reducing joint pain, stress, and anxiety. The CBD market currently offers a wide range of products from diverse manufacturers.

However, not every product you come across is worth purchasing. Ensure that you select high-quality brands consisting of safe ingredients for the sake of your wellbeing. Have you come across the name Green Roads CBD and wondering if it is worth consuming? Below is a complete review to enlighten you about it.

What Is Green Roads CBD?

Green Roads CBD Review Is It Worth Consuming

Green Roads is a company that offers a variety of CBD products available in different forms, including gummies, oil, capsules, syrups, topicals, and terpenes. You can also think of Green Roads as a store providing CBD items both online and in physical shops. According to its official website, you can also get the products in other places such as wellness centers, smoothie and juice bars, and health food stores.

The company says it sells products in 10, 000 locations, which boosts its credibility. It uses natural hemp to provide users with quality, secure CBD products with 0.0mg THC. However, the store has its headquarters in Deerfield Beach, FL.

Green Roads was founded back in 2013 offering a wide assortment of quality CBD items. Laura Baldwin Fuentes is the CEO and founder of the company. She is a licensed pharmacist that oversees the production process of products to ensure they provide safe, natural CBD remedies.

Besides the various products that Green Roads offers, the store also has a reward program that awards customers points on every purchase. You get to redeem points and enjoy exclusive discounts. When you refer a friend, both of you get rewards for a successful referral. Your buddy gets a $15 discount on the first purchase of more than $85 while you get $15, which equates to 300 points. 20 points equal $1. You can redeem points by using them at checkout.

If you are not sure about which product to buy, Green Roads has a Product Finder button to help you identify the right CBD items for you. It involves you taking a quiz to ensure you get what your body needs to eliminate the guesswork out of your purchases.

We have already mentioned the products that Green Roads offers buyers. Below is more information about them.

CBD Gummies

Green Roads sells CBD gummies of various types such as Relax Bears, Relief Toads, froggies, Sleepy Z, and fruit bites. These edibles provide your system with different benefits. For instance, Sleepy Z’s consists of CBD and melatonin to enable you to sleep better. Relax Bears contains 10mg CBD to assist you to unwind while offering a sweet and sour taste. It has no dyes or artificial flavors, making it safe for your health.

Green Roads CBD Gummies

CBD Topicals

Topicals consist of things such as creams, salves and balms. Green Roads offers CBD creams to relieve joint pain, for example. They contain CBD, vitamin E, mint leaf extract, and cucumber. Apply Green Roads cream according to the reapplication guideline on the packaging.

One other thing to like about the cream is that it does not leave behind a greasy residue, so you do not have to worry about ruining your couch or bed sheets with stains. Green Road’s Muscle and Joint Cream is available in 500mg and 250mg concentrations for convenience. Using topicals is easy. Apply it on the affected part of your body and massage the area until your skin absorbs it all.

CBD Topical

CBD Capsules

Green Roads CBD is also available in the form of capsules. Each capsule has 25mg of CBD, and a bottle contains 30 capsules. Regarding dosage, Green Roads recommends that you ingest one capsule a day or when the need arises. The company uses supportive ingredients and a glycerol base that digests quickly to make the capsules.

CBD is not only suitable for human beings but pets too. Green Roads provides CBD oil drops for pets with different strengths to suit cats and dogs of diverse sizes. They have a 2.5mg/ml concentration and consist of krill oil to ensure CBD effectiveness. CBD oil is beneficial for pets, as it helps calm them down in various scenarios and reduces fatigue caused by aging.

Green Roads CBD Capsules


If you need CBD for humans, Green Roads has them in multiple concentrations gentle, medium, and heavy. The first category has 100mg CBD, thus appropriate for beginners. If you have some experience with CBD, the medium range is available in 250mg, 500mg, and 550mg concentration.

As an advanced user, you need something strong and so Green Roads offers you 1500mg and 3500mg varieties. Using CBD oil is simple. Place a few drops under your tongue and wait for 30 seconds before swallowing. Besides, the manufacturer packages it in a bottle with a dropper to help prevent wastage.


CBD Terpenes

Green Roads CBD terpenes come in six flavors to meet different user preferences. You can get them in strawberry AK, Pineapple express, tange, blueberry OG, sour diesel, and original nectar. The terpene-prefilled droppers make it easier to use.

Terpenes are natural components present in hemp plants that give them color, smell, and flavor. They ensure natural CBD consumption to boost effectiveness. Terpenes cause relaxation, relieve stress, and foster focus and acuity. For example, the linalool strain clams your nerves while humulene is an anti-inflammatory agent.

CBD Terpenes

CBD Syrups

If Green Roads capsules, oil, gummies, and terpenes are not your preference, the company provides CBD syrups as well. Remember, you should drink the syrup at night only and not during the day. Why is that? It is because the manufacturer incorporates 10mg of melatonin in each bottle. The component is responsible for encouraging sleep. The syrups are sugar and gluten-free. They are also available in delicious flavors, strawberry, grape, and mango.

CBD Syrup

Green Roads CBD Pros

Green Roads Store is worth considering for several reasons, including the following.

High-Quality Raw Ingredients

Green Roads gets its CBD raw materials from American farms that adhere to the highest cultivation standards. After that, CBD extraction happens in facilities with cutting edge extraction procedures to provide users with products of the highest quality.

That is not all. The company fosters purity of the ingredients by testing them for microbials, heavy metals, and pesticides to ensure they are safe and cause no harm to your health. Besides, a licensed pharmacist formulates the CBD products to ensure they are safe for consumption. The products are top-notch and boast of proprietary formulations.

Utilizes 3rd Party Lab Testing

Even after souring for ingredients, extracting them, and having a pharmacist formulate their products, Green Roads goes further and gets their products through external multi-stage 3rd party lab tests. Besides, they include QR codes on product packaging.

Using these codes, you can have access to lab test results, which means Green Roads is as transparent as it can be about its CBD solutions. Consumers are sceptical about in-house tests on the product. An independent lab boosts their confidence about a given brand.

A Famous Brand That Has Awards and Recognition from Credible Media Outlets

Green Roads products are sold in 10,000 different locations and online too where you can track your order. The store has won multiple awards for providing quality items and leading in the industry. Besides, it offers affordable products for everyone, including athletes, ordinary people and the elderly. The company has had its products featured in popular, respected media such as Forbes, CBS, NBC, ESPN, Cosmopolitan, Yahoo Finance, and Buzz Feed.

Has Products Available in Various Forms

The other aspect to like about Green Roads CBD is that it is available in different forms. You can buy capsules, gummies, creams, topicals, oil, syrup, or terpenes. Such a collection boosts convenience. If you do not like capsules or gummies, for example, you can always choose another form to get Green Roads CBD in your system. Besides, the establishment offers CBD oil for pets as well.

Their official website has a Product Finder button to assist users in identifying the right products for them. There is a reward program for every dollar you spend and for a successful friend referral. Besides, Green Roads offers discounts for veterans and first responders and free shipping on purchases worth $100 and above.

Convenience, Versatility, User-Friendliness

Green Roads provides enriching broad-spectrum isolates and oils. Their products are easy to use products. As for the creams, do not worry about messy residues, because Green Road’s topicals do not leave behind any. Note that the products contain 0% THC. The company provides a variety of products with varying concentrations to suit everyone, including beginners.

Green Roads CBD Cons

Green Roads Provides Broad-Spectrum CBD Only

Broad-spectrum means that Green Roads’ products contain CBD only and not other components present in the hemp plant. Therefore, if you need a product with CBD and some THC, for instance, look somewhere else.

There Are No Subscriptions

Subscriptions come with advantages. For example, you could get a discount or enjoy free delivery. Unfortunately, Green Roads does not have subscriptions.

Capsules Are Available in One Potency and Bottle Size

Green Roads should expand their capsule range to include more bottle sizes and CBD concentrations. That way, users have several options to choose from instead of being stuck with one.

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