More Research Surfaces That Show Just How Good Vaping Is for You

One of the biggest conflicts about vaping that we currently have is the regulation. There are many sides to this argument. Some say that it is very bad for teens. Others say that it could negates the harm if we ban vaping in certain cases.

But, luckily there isn’t a single advocate for those who want to band vaping for good. Politicians, being shady and obsessed with only their interests, have tried to use vaping as a sacrificial tool to gain either media attention or impose more taxes. More taxes means more money coming potentially their way, of course.

All that means they are not doing what they are supposed to do creating legislation to one and for all regulate how vaping should be regulated.

What makes this whole thing even worse is the influx of quality research done by many acclaimed scientists that vaping has a lot of surprising benefits for those who use them regularly.

There has been relatively new research that has looked at the relationship between vaping and smoking. It, the study, has conclusively shown that those who vape stop smoking.

Almost half of the people who were conducting the experiment stopped smoking after three months of replacing smoking with vaping. But as things go in situations like this, both sides on the argument come more and more dogmatic, and unable to look at the bigger picture.

It seems unlikely that they will conclude anytime soon. The unit-cap community seems set in their belief that vaping will lead to smoking, and smoking to something worse. Even if the research shows completely the opposite, this is just like the marihuana debate years ago.

When the public thought that it was a gateway to stronger drugs, even if reached showed that painkillers were the gateway drug, creating over 70% of users of heavy drugs.

On the other side, the vaping enthusiasts keep collecting mountains and mountains of real, empirical evidence to support their cause.

The ultimate weapon against smoking

The anti-vaping movement was quick to point out that the man who funded the research was none other than Juul Labs. That is an important factor, but conducting from analogy does not lead to the truth.

The fact he funded a study and achieved great results isn’t the most important factor, more important is the fact that the study has shown that numerous other studies have shown even before that.

Again, vaping is a great way to help people stop smoking. In a report which HRJ published has asked 15 thousand adults about their smoking habits and their relationships with e-cigarettes.

There were some very impressive results. Over a quarter of smokers stopped smoking after a month of switching to vaping. After two months that number almost doubled. That means in three months, almost half of the smokers quit smoking.

The prospects for federal approval of vaping got even worse in the last month or so. The head of the FDA, the FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb has stepped down from his influential position.

Sad news for vaping enthusiasts, because the man who will most likely replace him is very anti-vaping. His name is Ned Sharpless. And he is currently serving as an interim head of the FDA.

Since the president Trump has not been the most liberal of choices when it comes to government officials and knowing his ties to old industries, it is more likely that the government will continue their push against vaping.

It is a crucial time for the future of vaping. The next head of the FDA could be someone with the key for the future of vaping.

Studies that were done on E-Cigarettes

The latest study is just one more great sign: e-cigarettes are the best way to turn a lifelong smoker in a person who no longer smokes. One of the best reports about this subject came from the University of Louisville.

They have tested every tool that is supposed to help people stop smoking. And, not surprising for those who have been paying attention, the winner, the tool most likely to help you stop smoking was, vaping.

As it is always the case, the teen vaping epidemic is largely overblown. The reports show that between 0.1% and 0.5% of teens who do not smoke ever tried vaping.

Not only that, the first true study done back in 2015 has shown conclusively that vaping is almost 20 times less harmful than smoking. When that study came out, everyone was in shock and awe.

But with time, studies with results like that are just the norm. According to the facts we have now, vaping crates around 93% fewer toxins than your standard cigarette does.

But, the biggest case of vaping over smoking could be the study which Journal or Aerosol Science did, it showed that those who vape had almost a 60,000 less chance of developing lung cancer than your average smoker has.

What does this all mean

With each passing day, it becomes almost impossible to say anything but good things about the effects of vaping.

When we consider that smoking is the leading killer of the global population, and that we have a great tool to stop it, we have to ask ourselves why aren’t the politicians enforcing legislation that will help us all.

There has to be a better option than the ones we currently have. The key to the improvement of this current situation may lay in public.

We all know if the public gets on board with something that the regulation will also follow. That is why it is great to know that the public has been shifting in favor of vaping for the last few years.

More and more people know someone who has stopped smoking with the help of vaping. It’s impossible to ignore stuff has happened right in front of your very own nose. The fight is far from over, but in general, it seems like there are better days ahead for vaping.

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