Naked 100 Vape Juice

naked vape juice

If you’ve been in the vaping game for a while, then you must have come across a bottle of Naked Vape Juice, famous for its high-VG mixes. Moving forward, Naked 100 Vape Juice is a spinoff brand produced by one of the most popular vape juice manufacturers, the Schwartz E-Liquid. What makes this brand to rank among the hottest-selling juices is because of its high-VG, cloud chasing, and wide range of fruity profiles. But the real question is: is it good enough? Well, let’s find out!

+ 60mL Glass Bottle
+ 70% VG
+ 30% PG
+ Dropper-in-Bottle
+ Nicotine level: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg

Packaging & Design

All Naked 100 e-juices come in 60mL glass bottles that feature child-proof caps as well as dripper spouts. Although this’s pretty standard for the vaping industry today, it’s exactly what I expected to see. The bottle clearly indicates the company name, PG/VG ratio, nicotine level, and of course, the flavor name. Overall, the bottle design gets a 10/10, so there is no complaint here at all.

Mixing Options

All Naked Vape Juice flavors are 70% VG blends. This means that the PG/VG ratio is already set for you. The best thing, however, is that the high-VG ratio is excellent for most atomizers and tanks on the market today. When used on a high power unit, you’ll get a consistent vapor production while the PG content offers satisfying throat hit. So unless you’re using a basic vape pen, you shouldn’t have any issues with the PG/VG ratio.

It goes without saying that Naked 100 vape juices come with four nicotine strength options: 0mg/ml, 3mg/ml, 6mg/ml, and 12mg/ml. overall, the nicotine levels of this juice are up there with the best on the vaping space.

The Flavors

The Naked 100 brand boasts of an assortment of vape juices. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1. All Melon

naked vape juice

If you know any other e-juice that successfully brings out the sophisticated melon flavors than the All Melon, then feel free to contact me. That said, this naked vape juice flavor boasts of a subtle blend of honeydew, cantaloupe, and of course, watermelon. Simply visit your nearest vape store and grab one of these delightful flavors before it runs out of stock.

2. Naked Unicorn

naked vape juice

If you’ve never been lucky enough to see a unicorn, then here is a chance to lay your hands on one that I’m pretty sure you don’t want to miss. They taste a bit like fresh strawberries, but slightly better than the best you’ve ever eaten. Don’t forget the creaminess that you’ll get with this flavor too. In short, you should ensure that there is at least one unicorn in your vape juice collection today.

3. Lava Flow

naked vape juice

This flavor is a mixture of coconut, strawberry, and pineapple. In fact, you might even confuse it with a fruity cocktail. Moving forward, the coconut and pineapple flavors will hit you in equal measures with strawberry backing them up. However, I would have preferred if strawberry would have been slightly dialed up in the mix. But all in all, the flavor is pretty sweet.

4. Green Blast

naked vape juice

This naked vape juice brand contains a blend of fruity green apple, honeydew, and hints of fresh kiwi. However, it’s not that overly sweet, but it still has some sweetness thanks to the added honeydew. Also, the exhale is excellent with the hints of fresh kiwi as the green apple and honeydew taking center stage. As for the aftertaste, you’ll get a cantaloupe/green apple aftertaste on your lip, which is quite pleasant. Just get a bottle of water ready to stay hydrated and cleanse your taste buds.

5. Hawaiian Pog

naked 100 vape juice

Only two words can describe this flavor; it’s dope! This is one e-juice that I would recommend without even thinking twice. That aside, the actual flavors available include guava, pineapple, and orange. And on your first hit, you’ll notice the prominent guava flavor with the orange giving it the primary citrus flavor. The pineapple, on the other hand, tastes a bit like those canned pineapples. To conclude, the pineapple isn’t overpowering, and the guava tastes pretty much like the actual guava.

6. Brain Freeze

naked 100 vape juice

Brain Freeze is undeniably the most potent methanol flavor from Naked. However, I feel like the methanol is way too much and drown out the fruit flavors. On your first draw, you’ll notice the methanol immediately hitting (not painful) your nose, throat, and pallet. What I like the most is that the fruity pomegranate and strawberry flavors blend so well with some sweet fruity kiwi.

7. Polar Breeze

naked 100 vape juice

Formerly known as Frost Bite, Polar Breeze contains sweet/tangy pineapple, rich cantaloupe, methanol, and smooth honeydew flavors on the exhale. In this case, the pineapple steals the show with its predominant flavor and is complemented by the fruity cantaloupe. As for the methanol flavor, it’s not as overwhelming as in Brain Freeze. It’s, in fact, the primary flavor on your exhale but doesn’t sacrifice the fruity taste of pineapple and cantaloupe.

8. Yummy Gum

naked vape juice

Everybody likes the fresh gum flavor, but you’ll have to work hard for it thanks to endless chewing that can be tiring and boring. Lucky for you, naked vape juice has a solution to all that hassle in their Yummy Gum e-juice. On your first inhale, you’ll be hit with a sweet strawberry flavor, which is what I expected. And on your exhale, you’ll get an artificial candy flavor on your lips and pallet. This is definitely the sweetest flavor by Naked.

9. America Patriots – Salts

naked vape juice

Naked 100 has a fantastic line of nicotine salts, specially made for those who need higher nicotine strength. The American Patriots is a full-bloodied and classic tobacco blend with a strong, smooth, and satisfying throat hit. So if you’re thinking about quitting smoking, this e-juice is the perfect option for transitioning.

10. Really Berry

naked 100 vape juice

Formerly known as Very Berry, the Really Berry is a true example of a proper flavor profile blend from Naked. The flavors available include blackberry, fresh blueberries, and fresh lemon juice. As soon as you hold down the trigger button, you’ll immediately notice the blackberry flavor, which is well complimented with blueberry.

Naked 100 E-juice Pros and Cons

• Wide variety of e-juices
• Excellent flavors
• Four nicotine levels available
• Great price

• No smaller bottles available
• No other PG/VG option apart from the 30/70%

Final Words

Schwartz always continues to update their Naked vape juice lineup to keep up with the ever-growing vaper’s demands. Their vape juices boast of excellent fruity flavors, nicotine, and methanol, making them one of the best your money can buy. And at around $24.99 a bottle, I find the price to be very competitive considering that the bottles are 60mL. All said and done; these e-juices represent excellent value for the money.

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