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Premium Vape Juice

Premium Vape Juice

Vaping is a thing now; and even though it’s a pretty new concept, vape products are preferred as the top alternatives to tobacco ciggies. Vaping of concentrates and e-juices is done using a vape pen. This is a device with an atomized heating tank and a mouthpiece. The juice is placed in the container and heat to vapor which is puffed using the mouthpiece. It’s a stylish way that delivers smooth flavored CBD and nicotine salts to the body. Vape shops and recreational facilities are popping up everywhere and crafting medleys of vape juices daily. But what makes a particular brand the best? According to various reviews and rigid criteria, here’s some fresh new exciting best premium vape juice.

Top 10 Best Premium Vape Juice

1. Bloodbath by Mt. Baker

Premium Vape Juice

This is the juice with a Hawaiian punch, a blend of unique tropical fruit flavors. The VG/PG ratio ranges from 50/50 to optimum 70/30. The pros of this product are that it is available in various nicotine levels – from 3mg to 18 mg.

2. Andromeda Space Jam Juice

Premium Vape Juice

This vape jucie is a creamy medley of blueberry and pomegranate to give rich, velvety tinges and the sweet flavors. The PG/VG blend is a standard 50/50 or optimum 70/30. The throat hit is smooth, and the vapor is great.

3. Rhino’s Blood

Premium Vape Juice

This vape juice is a beautiful fruit mix with a 50/50 PG/VG combination. It is of medium throat hit and a high-quality flavor and vapor production. It blends three distinct flavors perfectly and that the lab where it’s manufactured is ISO certified. The disadvantage though is it’s hard to notice all the three flavors.

4. Spurberry Vape Juice

Premium Vape Juice

The Spurberry vape juice is a medley of strawberry, honeydew, and pear to create new unique flavored vape juice. It has a high vapor production. You can select the PG/VG ratio and the nicotine level you want. It has fruity vapor. The con is that it is only packaged in a 30ml bottle.

5. Demon Energy

Premium Vape Juice

A high-energy nicotine salt citrus flavored juice designed to give a sweet and sour delight. The VG/PG ratio ranges from standard 50/50 to optimum 70/30. It is available in unique levels of nicotine strength – from 0mg to 24mg. The con is it is only available in a 30ml bottle.

6. Maui Sunrise

Premium Vape Juice

This vape juice is an ideal tropical essence obtained by flavoring nicotine salts with pineapple and guava. The nicotine strength ranges from 0mg to 24 mg, and there’re various PG/VG blends. It’s available in a 30ml bottle fitted with a drip nozzle.

7. VaporFI

Premium Vape Juice

It is a safe vape juice because it is diacetyl-free. Diacetyl is harmful to the body, so it has been eliminated from the brand. It is made in an FDA certified lab. It’s available in various VG/PG blends and nicotine strengths. It has a smooth throat hit.

8. Taffy Round Candy - Big Vapor

Premium Vape Juice

It adds candy flavor to offer a wide range of sweetness – a pinch of blueberry, a taste of lemon zest and more. The throat hit is medium because it is made with the best ingredients. The nicotine salt strength varies too.

9. Koi CBD Vape Juice

Premium Vape Juice

It is available in various CBD strengths, and it is 100 % free of THC. This brand is made from natural cannabinoid isolate, VG, PG, and some artificial natural flavorings to give it nine distinct flavors. It is an excellent alternative to nicotine cigarettes.

10. Hannibal Nectar E-Juice

Premium Vape Juice

This one lies on the list for good reasons – it’s a tropical medley of berries, ripe peaches, oranges and melons folded in with fresh coconut. There’re three choices of VG/PG blend available and at reasonable prices.

Regular Vape Juice VS Premium Vape Juice

Though the taste is something subjective, there is a difference between premium e-juices and regular e-juices.

What makes a particular vape juice premium brand depends on these few key points:

-It’s all in the flavoring

Top brands employ the use of flavor specialists and chemists to engineer and mix unique flavors accurately are likely to be the best. They strive for the perfect medley of distinct flavors to boost the brand’s taste. Therefore, different flavors in premium e-juices blend well unlike in regular e-juices.

-The throat hit and taste

This is the sensation due to nicotine inhalation. For premium vape juices, they are smooth and satisfying due to the perfect tempering of ingredients. The taste is also authentic.

-How unique the nicotine salt and Propylene Glycol/Vegetable Glycerine ratio is.

Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine, are the liquids mixed with flavor and nicotine when creating vape juice. They are odorless and if used in the right ratio provide satisfying throat hit and tons of great vapor.

-Manufacturing laboratory

If a brand is made in an accredited or ISO certified laboratory, then this indicates the brand takes standards seriously, and that great care and thought were put in during the mixing of flavors, ingredients and more.

Additional Factors That Make Some E-juice Brand Expensive

As aforementioned, in the quest to create unique flavors, some brands employ the skills of flavor specialists and chemists to come up with the best and precise blend of various flavors. The juice is then sold at a higher price.

Other things that drive prices up are packaging – plastic vs. glass bottle and additional technology such as a drip nozzle, curing vs. pre-steeping to improve vapor quality.

The Best Way to Vape Premium Juice

With the cost of top vape juices being $0.70 and higher per ml. The best way to get the maximum flavor from minimum vapor is to use mouth-to-lung vapers whose atomizers consume less e-juice, but the starter vapor lets you get the maximum taste from it. Sub ohm tanks for cloud-chucking are not appropriate as they increase your daily usage of e-juice which gets expensive.

Are Premium Juices Worth the Money

While some will say that what you pay for is what you get and others will say that taste is subjective; the best way to go about it is to try both the regular and the premium e-juice and come to your conclusion. But of course, cheap vape juices can be smelly, and of poor taste due to lack of a flavor expert and more.

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