Candy Flavor Vape Juice

Set down the candy and pick up your mod so you can satisfy that sweet-tooth with an amazing vape juice! With this flavor of vape juice, it will recall the good childhood memory and leave your good mood.

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7 Daze Drip Pops Blue Raspberry – 60ml

7 Daze Drip Pops Blue Raspberry borrows the flavor of blue raspberry candy to stimulate your taste buds through each inhale and exhale. Have a try, then you'll find this is a great choice for all-day vape.

7 Daze Drip Pops Sour Apple – 60ml

7 Daze Drip Pops Sour Apple is a mouth-puckering sour apple e-juice that is for a sensational stimulation. Give it a try!

7 Daze Drip Pops Strawberry – 60ml

7 Daze Drip Pops Strawberry e juice is a sweet and tangy e juice which is a reminiscent flavor. Vaping this ejuice will be a joy.

7 Daze Magnetic Liquids Dust – 60ml

7 Daze Magnetic Dust, a unique blend of strawberries, raspberries, oranges, and grapes, which will offer you with a fruity inhale and a refreshing exhale.

7 Daze Magnetic Liquids Rocks – 60ml

7 Daze Magnetic Rocks is the blend of sweet and tart flavors. It delivers a special mix of strawberry and grape candy rendering a sensational sweet and tarty taste unlike any other.

7 Daze Magnetic Liquids Worms – 60ml

7 Daze Magnetic Worms is a reminiscent candy flavor that tastes just like a chewy and sweet worm-shaped gummy candy coated with sour sugary crystal.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Apple Tobacco – Pacha Mama Salts – 30ml

Pachamama Apple Tobacco is a perfectly crafted Salt Nicotine E-liquid, taking notes of freshly picked apple combined with the light tobacco leafs to create a delicious nicotine salt that will excite the taste buds. Sure to have you falling in love at the first vape.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Big Belly Jelly – 60ml

Big Belly Jelly by Charlie’s Chalk Dust is the vape juice that brings you the taste of a jelly bean without being too sweet. This mixture of blueberry and watermelon is the perfect amount of sweetness with still a hint of tart.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Jam Rock – 60ml

Charlie's Chalk Dust Jam Rock is a sweet yet sour fruity flavor. It'll entice each of your taste bud and satisfy your needs with delectable flavor.