Nicotine Salt Vape Juice

Have you just start your smoking cessation? If so, take a look at this seciton of Nicotine Salt Vape Juice, choose one for your preference, it will helpful to your smoking cessation, while can quench your nicotine thirst.

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7 Daze Salt Grape – 60ml

7 Daze Salt Series Grape ejuice is a wonderful blended concoction that create a flavor that will keep the taste buds begging for more.

7 Daze Salt Grape Iced – 60ml

7 Daze Salt Series - Grape Iced borrows the essence of grapes and menthol to offer you the best flavor.

7 Daze Salt Mango – 60ml

7 Daze Salt Series - Mango E-juice - will quench your thirst for nicotine: just fill in your vaporizer and feel the aroma of juicy mangoes on the inhale.

7 Daze Salt Original – 60ml

7 Daze Salt Series Original e juice is a crisp sweet red apple juice that is available in 30mg/50mg nicotine salt levels.

7 Daze Salt Watermelon – 60ml

7 Daze Salt Series - Watermelon allows you to enjoy the sweet and refreshing flavor on your taste buds with every inhale and exhale when vaping!

7 Daze Salt Watermelon Iced – 60ml

7 Daze Salt Series - Watermelon Iced is an icy versio based on the original Apple Watermelon flavor, it'll be perfect for you to enjoy on a hot summer days!

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Apple Tobacco – Pacha Mama Salts – 30ml

Pachamama Apple Tobacco is a perfectly crafted Salt Nicotine E-liquid, taking notes of freshly picked apple combined with the light tobacco leafs to create a delicious nicotine salt that will excite the taste buds. Sure to have you falling in love at the first vape.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Fuji – Pacha Mama Salts 30ml

Muji Pacha Mama Salt e-juice, an iconic flavor that is remade based on Pachamama Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine. A blended concoction to satisfy your taste buds.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Honeydew Melon – Pacha Mama Salts – 30ml

Charlie's Chalk Dust Pacha Mama Salts Honeydew Melon is a nicotine-salt formulation ejuice. Interfusing the succulent honeydew melon, you'll set yourself free in the enjoyable aroma and vapor through inhale and exhale.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Icy Mango – Pacha Mama Salts – 30ml

Icy Mango by Pacha Mama Salts is an astonishing popular flavor. Pachamama has created a tasty blend of mango and fresh mint to give the sweet icy flavor that vapers crave.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Sorbet – Pacha Mama Salts – 30ml

Charlie's Chalk Dust Sorbet takes a generous scoop of icy Italian ice sorbet, blending refreshing raspberries paired with mouthpuckering lemonde, to please your taste buds and quench your thirst for nicotine.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Starfruit Grape – Pacha Mama Salts – 30ml

Starfruit Grape by Pachamama is the newest additio to the Pachamama Salts family. The blended concoction of exotic starfruit and mouthwatering grape, which creating a flavor profile that vapers crave for.