Nicotine Salt Vape Juice

Have you just start your smoking cessation? If so, take a look at this seciton of Nicotine Salt Vape Juice, choose one for your preference, it will helpful to your smoking cessation, while can quench your nicotine thirst.

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Solace Vapor Salts Butterscotch – 15ml

Solace Vapor Salts Butterscotch is specially designed and engineered for mouth to lung devices. Featuring fantastic rich and creamy butterscotch dessert and crisp tobacco flavors.

Solace Vapor Salts Creamy Tobacco – 15ml

Solace Vapor Salts Creamy Tobacco delivers what it promised, and with added nic salt to provide satisfactions. It is an absolute thirst quencher for nicotine fanatics.

Solace Vapor Salts Latte – 15ml

Solace Vapor Salts Latte, just like a cup of coffee in the morning with a blend of cream and sweetness. It is available in 30mg/50mg strength.

Solace Vapor Salts Lemonade – 15ml

Solace Vapor Salts Lemonade is a fruity and amazing concoction of tart lemonade with a hit of strawberry and kiwi. It is a good salt nic for warm weather.

Solace Vapor Salts Mango – 15ml

Solace Vapor Salts Mango is specially designed for fruit fanatics who loves mango flavor. A tropical salt nic that will tantalize your sense.

Solace Vapor Salts Mint – 15ml

Solace Vapor Salts Mint taste exactly how it sounds. The refreshing and icy mint and creamy will come to your tongue and taste buds with each puff.

Solace Vapor Salts Strawberry – 15ml

Solace Vapor Salts Strawberry takes the essence of freshly picked strawberry from fields and infused with salt nic to create a flavor for nicotine fanatics.

Stig Pod Disposable – 3Pcs

$20.00 $14.90
Stig pods is taking vaping salt based nicotine to a whole new level. With four flavors are available to choose.

SUA Vapors Super Salt Blue Raspberry – 30ml

SUA Vapors Super Salt Blue Raspberry E-Juice is a fabulous mixture of hand-picked blue raspberry flavor and nic salt. It has a sweet and delightful throat hit due to its perfect VG/PG ratio.

SUA Vapors Super Salt Ice Blue Raspberry – 30ml

SUA Vapors Super Salt Ice Blue Raspberry E-Juice allows you to feel the delightful blending of blueberry and raspberry. Such mixture is designed to make you feel fresh and revitalized.

SUA Vapors Super Salt Ice Melon – 30ml

SUA Vapors Super Salt Ice Melon E-Juice presents a blending of sweet melon and freezing menthol. Such combination is sure to create a wonderful and refreshing vape after every inhale and exhale.

SUA Vapors Super Salt Ice Strawberry – 30ml

SUA Vapors Super Salt Ice Strawberry E-Juice delivers an icy and strawberry flavor which is sure to water your mouth and satisfy your thirst.