Vape Starter Kit

Vape starter kits are the best choice for someone who wants to quit smoking and don’t know much knowledge about vaping. After adding some vape juice, then you are good to go. That’s starter kit’s magic. In order to help new vapers enjoy vaping, many brands come up with a number of starter kits. Getting a high-quality starter kit helps you avoid so much hassle as they contain every components you need to start vaping.

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VOOPOO Panda Rechargeable AIO Pod Kit

VOOPOO Panda is the perfect minimalistic AIO set up that featuring a 1100mAh rechargeable battery and a 5ml refillable pod cartridge with two types of coil system catering for regular E-juice and nic salts.


VOOPOO REX mod is made with the GENE.FIT chip, allows for a dynamic range of 5 to 80W output. With the atomizer resistance of 0.05ohm to 5.0ohm, 7.5V maximum voltage output, and a 40A maximum current input.

VOOPOO VFL Pod Starter Kit 650mAh

VOOPOO VFL Pod Starter Kit is an amazing all-in-one system with one button to activate. It features adjustable voltage output, and 650mAh battery, and is designed with a symmetric American football looking.

Wismec CB-60 Kit with Amor NS VW 2300mAh

Wismec CB-60 kit utilizes WS03 horizontal coil and 2ml juice reservoir, features travel-friendly structure, supports 2A quick charge.

Wismec CB-80 Kit with Amor NS Pro

$55.74 $47.38
Wismec CB-80 kit is a more ergonomic version than the previous CB-60 kit. Inheriting the brilliant features of CB-60, CB-80 is even more powerful and practical. Capable of firing up to 80W, also support 2A quick charge.

Wismec Hiflask 40W AIO Starter Kit

$38.71 $32.90
Wismec Hiflask 40W AIO Starter kit, the first pod for all vapers which features exquisite adjustable airflow system. It works with a built-in 2100mAh rechargeable battery along with a JVUA coil system within a 2ml/5.6ml refillable cartridge.

Wismec Luxotic Surface 80W Kit with Kestrel Tank

$62.13 $52.81
Wismec Luxotic Surface, an innovative squonk kit with 6.5ml e-liquid bottle, it is capable of firing up to 80WW, yet compact and portable enough for easy carrying. Featuring fast and stable firing rate of 0.001s to bring you extremely strong vaping with best flavor.

Wismec Motiv 2 AIO Pod System 500mAh

Wismec Motiv 2 is a discretionary all-in-one vape that features 500mAh battery, 2ml/3ml refillable capacity for nicotine salts, and a max output of 10W.

Wismec Reuleaux RXmini 80W Starter Kit 2100mAh

Wismec Reuleaux RXmini is the first Reuleaux device designed for the ultimate portability. Built in with a 2100mAh integrated battery that is paired with a finely-crafted chassis that follows in line with the RX series, featuring maximum output of 80W.

Wismec Reuleaux Tinker 300W Kit with Column Tank

$83.60 $71.06
Wismec Reuleaux Tinker features 300W max output and is a high-performance kit with 1.3-inch color screen and various temperature control options and wires.

Wismec SINUOUS RAVAGE230 TC Kit with GNOME King

$108.10 $54.95
Wismec SINUOUS RAVAGE230 is and exquisite yet powerful addition to the Wismec’s performance collection. Featuring 1.45 inches large color display.

Wismec Sinuous Solo 40W Starter Kit with NS Pro

Wismec Sinuous Solo 40W starter kit is a vape pen system with ultimate portability and functionality. Integrating 2300mAh battery to pair with the Amor NS Pro Sub-Ohm tank, it can be brought on-the-go for all day vaping.
In case you’re interested in vaping but have not used any vape before, it will be advisable for you to start using a vape starter kit given that it will offer you all the essential items while helping you in vaping as well. Vape starter kits are designed in such a way that they will provide you with everything you require while trying to vape for the first time.

What Are the Components of a Typical Vape Starter Kit?

You’ll come across different types of vape starter kits on the market these days; however, their basic components are going to remain the same. These will include the following:

1. Charger

Some vape starter kits include a charger which is usually used for powering up the batteries of your device.

2. Batteries

These are the source of the power of your starter kit. The atomizer is going to use the energy which is responsible for producing the heat required for creating the vapor from the vape juice.

3. E-liquid

It is likewise referred to as e-liquid or e-juice. This liquid is going to be transformed into vapor while vaping. You will come across various types of flavors at present, which makes it an essential component of the starter kit, particularly in terms of personalizing your experience of vaping. Moreover, they are available in various nicotine levels, which can vary anywhere between 1.5 mg to 24 mg. However, there are also several types of vape juices which do not contain any nicotine whatsoever.

4. Atomizer

This is undoubtedly an important component of every vape starter kit at present. Typically, it consists of a coil that is responsible for generating heat while the power derived from the battery is going to pass through it. Once the coil starts getting warm, the heat will be transferred to a receiver within the atomizer containing the vape liquid.

Which Vape Starter Kit Should I Choose?

There are two types of vape starter kits available out there at present. These happen to be disposable and refillable.


These types of starter kits are comparatively affordable and include disposable cartridges. However, it can be expensive to replace the cartridges with new ones who will, of course, depend on your frequency of vaping. It is quite easy to use these kits, given that there are compact, which makes them more convenient to use. Furthermore, most of these kits come with USB chargers, which will allow you to charge the kit even while you are traveling. Several disposable starter kits likewise include heating coils which can be replaced if needed. However, this can make these coils function less effectively over time.


Generally speaking, these types of starter kits are bigger as compared to their disposal counterparts. In spite of this, you can keep them in your pockets as well as purse without much problem whatsoever. A refillable starter kit usually includes an initial supply of vaping oil following which you are free to use any vape juice you want. Apart from this, the battery life of these refillable kits is usually much more than that of a disposable one. Moreover, these batteries are more resilient.

The Ideal Vape Starter Kit For You

Of course, it is entirely up to you which starter kit you prefer to use. However, it will be a sensible idea to begin with a popular brand, so that it will be easier for you to upgrade to a more complicated vape starter kit in the future.