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The vape mod is the power behind your vape. It comes in various sizes and capacities. In this section, we select a variety of top-notch or best-selling mods in the industry for you to choose.

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Aspire Dynamo TC Mod 220W

$60.00 $51.00
Aspire Dynamo 220W Mod is a revolutionary addition to Aspire’s line of finely crafted mod, featuring comprehensive temperature control suite and a dual purpose 2.0-inch TFT color display. The dual battery bay is accessed from the bottom hinged door of the Dynamo Kit and can accept 20700 or 21700 battery cells, or 18650 battery cells with the included silicone battery sleeves.

Aspire Feedlink Squonk Box Mod

$50.00 $42.50
Aspire Feedlink Squonk Box Mod, a single 18650 squonk box mod that accept all types of squonk tanks. Easy operation to fill your favorite e-liquid and squeeze into the tank. Now its an even more convenient way to vape.

Aspire Puxos TC Box Mod 80/100W

$44.99 $38.24
Aspire Puxos TC mod, elaborately manufactured and features chic look. As it is compatible with three types of batteries, you can choose 18650, 21700 or 20700 battery whichever you want. Equipped with a 0.96-inch OLED display alongside the fire button.

Aspire Skystar TC Mod 210W with Touch Screen

Aspire Skystar TC mod is equipped with intuitive 1.3-inch touch screen for convenient operation and easy data reading. It supports versatile modes. The internal system is powered by dual 18650 batteries(not included), capable of firing up to 210 watts.

Aspire Speeder TC Mod 200W

Aspire Speeder 200W TC Mod is the newest output device that delivers a beautifully crafted device with one of the most advanced chipset in the market. It works perfectly with dual 18650 batteries to reach a maximum 200W output. Available in 6 colors.

Aspire Zelos TC Mod 50W 2500mAh

Aspire Zelos 50W TC Box Mod featuring 2500mAh large capacity for long-lasting use, measuring 128mm by 38mm by 23mm for a compact and truly ergonomic device to allow you hold in hand comfortably. It supports VV, VW, Bypass and TC modes to meet your different vaping requirements.

Eleaf iStick Mix Mod 160W

$43.55 $37.02
Eleaf iStick Mix Box Mod adopts IML technology for double-sided patterns. It supports stable quick charge via the type-c port. Powered by dual 18650 batteries, it can fire up to 160 watts.

Eleaf iStick Pico Mod 75W

$29.95 $25.46
Eleaf iStick Pico Mod is powered by 18650 cell with the max wattage output up to 75W, it is changeable by easily removing the battery cap only, USB rechargeable as well. TC-SS and TCR modes available.

Eleaf Tessera TC Mod 150W 3400mAh

$44.40 $37.74
Eleaf Tessera is designed with low-poly elements and high-performance experience in mind. It is equipped with bright TFT color display measures 1.45 inches, features high definition for easy data reading. The TESSERA utilizes an all-new easy-to-go firmware, with the addition of 5 theme colors for UI for your preference.

IJOY Captain PD1865 Mod 225W

$56.95 $48.41
The IJOY Captain PD1865 Mod, a mod capable of 225W maximum output, 0.96-inch OLED screen, temperature control suite, and effective fine-tuning settings.

IJOY Captain PD270 Mod 234W 6000mAh

$80.90 $68.77
IJOY Captain PD270 mod carries a full suite of features that make it competitive in today’s selection of devices.

IJOY Captain X3 Mod 324W – Triple 20700

IJOY Captain X3 324W TC Box Mod, as true masterpiece with max 324W power output. It is powered by 20700 batteries, also compatible with 18650 battery with the included adapter. USB rechargeable, you can choose battery replacement method or charging method to get your vape device to live again.
Vape mod refers to a part of a vape system that is designed to hold/accommodate a replaceable or inbuilt battery for powering the vape system. The vape systems are e-cigarette that can produce vapor. Therefore it is essential to choose the best vaping mod for your vape system.

The battery is contained in the vaping mod, and its work is mainly to power the vape device. The atomizer is the part that turns the e juice into vapor when connected to the battery that heats the coil. The pod or tank contains the e-juice.

1. Box mod

The vaping devices come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Therefore there are different types of vaping mods, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

The box vaping mod is made in a way it resembles the shape of a box. You can buy a box vape kit separately by getting atomizer and box mod separately. The box vaping mods have very advanced features which make their usage easier. The vaping box mod contains a digital screen and some buttons that help smooth scrolling of the commands. The screen is used to show important things such as coil resistance, wattage, lock status, and many more. You can lock this device before putting it in a pocket to prevent fire accident when it is in the pocket. The buttons in this type of vaping mod are for powering on and off the device, and the scroll up and down buttons. This type of vaping mod is easy to use.

2. The built-in battery mod

These are particular types of vaping mods which contain inbuilt batteries. Inbuilt batteries mean the battery for the vaping mod cannot be removed from the device. The in-built battery vaping mods work just like other vaping mods, but the only difference is that the battery cannot be removed. But it is always USB rechargeable.

3. DNA chip mod

The DNA chip vape mod is a type of mod that has internal DNA chipset to regulate or deliver power. The DNA chip mod is known for regulating temperatures of the device. They have a very high wattage as compared to other types of mods. Other essential features in this type of mods include replay mode and boost mode. Therefore if you are looking for a mode with high wattage (power), these types are the best.

4. A replaceable battery mod

The replaceable battery mode is the type which its battery can be removed and replaced in case the existing one dies. The main advantage of this type of mods is that instead of buying a new mod device in case the battery dies, you can choose to replace the battery only.

5. High power mod

The high power mods are particular types of mods that are powered by high power rating. The high power mods are excellent since they are performance-oriented. They are built in a way that they will be using maximum power to operate. An example of the high power mod includes the SMOK GX2/4 350W TC which can be powered by approximately four 18650s. The batteries of these types of modes supply very high power. The high power mods are among the best mods with exciting experiences.

6. Mechanical mods

The mechanical mods use a firing pin, and they are not regulated. These type of mods are not effective devices for beginners. They require expert vapers to use them. The mechanical mod does not contain any circuit for power regulation. Their performance decreases as the battery life reduces.

Tips for choosing the best mode

There are several considerations to make before choosing any mod. That is because different types of mods are meant for vapers on different levels. Therefore the following tips are essential if you want to choose a good mod for you. Some of the tips include:

1. Price

Price of the mod is the first thing you should consider when you want to choose the best mod. There are various quality vape mods sold at different prices. Ensure you pick a mode that fit the amount of money you have and suits all your expectations.

2. User level

That is an essential thing to consider when you want to choose a mod. There are sophisticated mods that require expert vapers to use while there are others which are user-friendly to anyone. For instance, if you are a beginner, the vape pen and vape box are good for you since they are easy to use.

Some of the other things to consider before choosing a mod include the maintenance required, vapor production, authenticity, safety and many more. Thus some of the best types of mods for both beginners and experts include the box mods and the high power mods. They make the vaping experience amazing.

Therefore by considering the above-discussed information about the mods, you will get the essential information about the mods whether you are a beginner or an expert vaper.