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Charlie’s Chalk Dust King Bellman – 60ml

King Bellman by Charlie’s Chalk Dust delivers a rich blend of smooth tobacco with subtle vanilla brings a boldness to your tank. It is a truly remarkable tobacco ejuice.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Mango Pitaya Pineapple – Pacha Mama – 60ml

Charlie's Chalk Dust Mango Pitaya Pineapple will refresh your every taste bud. Experience the taste a glass of delectable fruity juice every time you inhale.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Miss Meringue – 60ml

Miss Meringue by Charlie's Chalk Dust is a perfect blend concoction that will brings you the clouds you want.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Mr Meringue – 60ml

Snag a bottle of Mr. Meringue E-juice by Charlie's Chalk Dust today, enjoy the aroma and massive clouds!

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Mustache Milk – 60ml

Charlie's Chalk Dust Mustache Milk is a sweet dessert concoction that is perfect for sweet tooth. With inhale and exhale, you get satisfied greatly.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Old Fashioned Donnut – The Creator of Flavor – 100ml

The Creator of Flavor - Old Fashioned Donnut - A blast of warm doughnut flavor entice your every taste bud on the inhale.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Passion Fruit Raspberry Yuzu – Pacha Mama – 60ml

Passion Fruit Raspberry Yuzu, a delectable blend flavor of passion fruit, raspberry and yuzu, which offers you refreshing flavor to excite your taste buds while vaping.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Peach Papaya Coconut Cream – Pacha Mama – 60ml

Peach Papaya Coconut Cream by Pacha Mama, the soft and juicy Georgia peaches offer smooth and sweet flavor with bold chunks of fresh papaya, sweet and pure. It will offer delicious, perfectly balanced vape for sure.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Pops Sweet and Sour Melon – Stumps – 100ml

Pops - Sweet and Sour Melon by Stumps is a sweet and sour melon candy. It allows you to indulge in the flavor of your very favorite candy for hours on end without the guilt.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Rhino Ginger Brew – Stumps – 100ml

Stumps - Rhino - Ginger Brew by Charlie's Chalk Dust vape juice is a crisp, lightly-spiced ginger brew perfect for that all-day vape. It will delight your palate with the fresh taste of finger ale through every inhale.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Sorbet – Pacha Mama Salts – 30ml

Charlie's Chalk Dust Sorbet takes a generous scoop of icy Italian ice sorbet, blending refreshing raspberries paired with mouthpuckering lemonde, to please your taste buds and quench your thirst for nicotine.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Starfruit Grape – Pacha Mama Salts – 30ml

Starfruit Grape by Pachamama is the newest additio to the Pachamama Salts family. The blended concoction of exotic starfruit and mouthwatering grape, which creating a flavor profile that vapers crave for.