Sigelei 150W TC Box Mod Review

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Sigelei 150W TC Box Mod

Review Score

Dimensions: 103×57×25 (mm)

Battery Voltage: 6.4V – 8.4V

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During the early stages of vaping, owning a 30W box mod was like holding a powerful hand grenade. In recent years, however, the vaping market has experienced an influx of powerful box mods with some of them even hitting as high as 250W or more. Manufacturers had to pay attention to “cloud chasing” which required high wattage box mods.

One such box mod is the Sigelei 150W TC which came hot on the heels of the Sigelei 100 and Sigelei 100 Plus box mods. In this review article, let’s look at the Sigelei 150W TC box mod and find out what it has in store. Keep reading!



Sigelei 150W TC Box Mod

Output Wattage:
10W – 150W
Output Voltage:
1.0V – 7.5V
Temperature Range:
100°C – 300°C and 212°F – 572°F
Atomizer resistance:
0.1ohm – 3.0ohm
Maximum current:
Joule Range:
10 – 50 joules

Styling and Build Quality

The Sigelei 150W TC mod is a completely redesigned box mod that comes in a rounded design and features the “compulsory” temperature control technology. The rounded design gives vapers additional comfort and grip. This design also makes this box mod to seamlessly fit right into either your front or back pocket even with its silicon sleeve on.

Another thing that I like about this vape mod is the metal battery door, which is better than the aluminum one used on its previous version. The metal door slides off easily and is held in place by dual magnets. I feel that this is a step in the right direction since this type of construction makes it easy to remove the two 18650 batteries. In addition to that, the metal battery door can’t melt or burn in case of shortage like plastic metal doors.

The Sigelei 150W TC mod also comes with buttons made from quality materials. The buttons don’t rattle and feel great when pressed either for firing or adjusting the box mod’s settings. Let’s also not forget that the unit comes with a sturdy silicon sleeve for maximum protection.

The only downside is that the sleeve comes in only one-color option – black. While this is a nice extra, one has to wonder why Sigelei didn’t come up with more color options to match the mod. All in all, it’s a stylish box mod with futuristic looks that you’ll definitely like to show off.

Sigelei 150W TC Box Mod Styling and Build Quality

Temperature Control

The TC mod of this unit is among the most reliable and consistent TC features I’ve tried. It allows the user to change the maximum temperature as well as setting and changing the joules, which is very nice. You can also lock in your set resistance on your coil – a feature that only works well with high-end box mods. Keep in mind, however, that the temperature control range is between 212F and 572F.

510 Connection

This box mod features a 510 threaded connection made from non-other than copper. However, you should take note that atomizer coils don’t sit perfectly flush with this unit’s top. But don’t fret just yet because the gap is minimal (about 1-2mm) and you’ll have to hold your device at a specific angle to the light for you to notice the difference.

The LCD Screen

In today’s market, it’s tough to get a box mod without a screen for displaying most, if not all, the vaping information. That aside, the Sigelei 150W TC box mod comes with a similar screen to those found in the 100W+ box mods which were bright and readable. The only difference, however, is that the one in Sigelei 150W TC mod now gives information about joules and temperature.

You’ll get typical but vital information like wattage, resistance, battery charge indicator, voltage, and of course, the remaining charge percentage. When using the mod in Temperature Control (TC) mode, joules replaces the wattage, and the current temperature replaces the battery charge percentage. To make it even better, the screen comes with a plastic screen protector for protection against scratches.

USB Port

One of the main downsides of this mod is that it doesn’t feature a USB charging/upgrading port. This can easily put off some vapers since you won’t be able to upgrade the firmware. However, the good news is that the factory firmware seems to work without any problems.


When it’s about performance, the Sigelei 150W TC mod holds its own. It performs just as good as the standard 150W but comes with a TC as a bonus. You’ll notice that the LED display dims (to conserve power) once you press the fire button and it will take it a few seconds to be back to normal. But after that, the mod will fire consistently.

I’ve used this unit with several atomizers such as the Freemax Starre with a Ni200 coil, and the Freakshow Mini RDA using Kanthal builds, and it performed as expected. The TC control is also consistent enough, and the new coil resistance can be locked by pressing down the + and – buttons.

And of course, we can talk about quality performance without mentioning the battery life. In this case, the battery life is what I expected from a quality dual 18650 box mod. To begin with, the wattage mode can give you up to two days or more of regular use if you’re a casual vaper. On the other hand, enabling the TC mode will drain your cells much faster. You’ll still get at least a full day of cloud chasing but only if you restrict the unit to around 40 joules.

Sigelei 150W TC Box Mod Performance

Pros and Cons


  • Sturdy and stylish build quality
  • Accurate TC
  • Secure battery door
  • Great battery life
  • Powerful box mod


  • No Micro USB charging/upgrading port
  • No titanium coil support
  • Inaccurate power output


The Sigelei 150W TC box mod is a well built and powerful device. It performs flawlessly and delivers all the power needed for the production of great flavor and thick clouds thanks to its durable 18650 batteries. I also feel like the futuristic looks make it more comfortable in hand compared to holding the 100W+. In short, I would recommend this vape mod any day, anytime!

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