Sigelei 213 Temperature Control Box Mod Review

Sigelei 213 Temperature Control Box Mod
Sigelei 213 Temperature Control Box Mod

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Dimensions: 3-1/2″ x 1-5/8″ x 1-1/8″

Battery:  Dual 18650

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Just like the automotive or the smartphone industry, the type of brand you use, speaks volumes about the quality of your vaping equipment. And with the increased demand for high-powered box mods, most manufacturers had to up their game.

One such manufacturer is the industry-renowned Chinese vaping company, Sigelei. The company started with the 50W box mod, then a 100W box, before finally launching its 150W box mod. As expected, the 150W mod had a combination of power, better ergonomics, and pleasing aesthetics.

That bloom, however, was short-lived as temperature control chips took over the vaping space. Sigelei had to go back to the drawing board and quickly came back with the Sigelei 213 starter kit. This box mod boasts of sleek design, higher-power (213W), and of course, the compulsory Temperature Control. In this insightful post, I’ll review the Sigelei 213W.



Sigelei 213 Temperature Control Box Mod

Wattage Ouput Range:
Voltage Output Range:
Output Max Current:
Temperature Range:
100 – 300°C / 200-570°F
Resistance Range:
0.1 – 3.0ohm
Gold, Gunmetal, Black Leather, and Brown Leather
510 thread


1) Aesthetics and Design

When it comes to durable, stylish looks, Sigelei 213 definitely holds its own thanks to its carbon fiber and zinc alloy casing.

This material makes the surface coat to look cool and resistant to scratches, which is a definite plus since durability is a critical factor when shopping around for a vape mod. Additionally, carbon fiber is known to make lightweight box mods making it an ideal box mod for most on-the-go vapers.

Unfortunately, this mod’s buttons are made using third-grade plastic which I’m sure will start to rattle after some time. So, although the overall build quality is top-notch, the potentially rattle-y buttons are something that Sigelei has to look at in any future updates (we hope).

Another disappointing feature is the battery cover, which is found at the bottom of the unit. The magnetic clip cover doesn’t just look good with a dual battery mod.

2) Temperature Control/TCR

The accurate temperature control system supports Stainless Steel, Ni200 Nickel, and Titanium heating elements. In addition to that, it has a TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) setting, which comes in handy when adjusting the resistance of different heating elements.

Keep in mind also that the TCR values are calculated in Fahrenheit with this box mod. However, we must point out that the TC in this device is quite flawed, which can expose vapers to serious health hazards.

Sigelei 213 Temperature Control Box Mod Performance

3) 18650 Batteries

Two removable 18650 batteries power the Sigelei 213. That said, the two batteries can be charged either inside the mod or in a separate charger. You can recharge your mod via the USB port which is a fast process. And unlike other mods, this one comes with a charge balancer to ensure that the two cells are charged evenly.

Furthermore, this mod isn’t a juice guzzler so you should expect extended battery life. Keep in mind, however, that the min voltage which can power this mod is 6.4V.

4) Screen and Menu Functionality

This vape mod boasts of a large 0.91 OLED screen with a horizontal orientation. The display will keep you posted on a variety of data such as temperature, mode name, resistance, and the remaining battery percentage.

Here you’ll also get data about the overall voltage of each battery. Moving on to the menu, it’s fair to say that the menu is quite easy-to-use. The combination of + and – buttons together with the fire button works pretty well.

Sigelei 213 Temperature Control Box Mod Screen

5) 510 Connector

If you know of any quality vape mod these days without a 510 connector, please let us know. That aside, the Sigelei 213 comes with a 510 Connector made using stainless steel to ensure maximum durability. This feature, coupled with a brass-made 510 pin, make this device to fit well with most atomizers without leaving any noticeable gap.

6) The Power up Mode

If there’s one thing that most vapers love about the Sigelei 213, then it’s the pre-heat mode, known as the power-up mode in this case. Essentially, this innovative feature allows you to set your preferred wattage higher for a couple of seconds.

For instance, a person vaping at 70W with a 0.2ohm atomizer coil can set the power up mod to deliver up to 100W for at least one second whenever the “fire button” is pressed.

This extra power will deliver thick clouds while at the same time ensuring delightful flavor after which the mod will revert to its previous wattage setting. In short, this feature is all about maximizing your vaping pleasure.

Sigelei 213 Temperature Control Box Mod Power up Mode


First and foremost, Sigelei 213 is a great performer in VW mode, but that isn’t the case with the TC mode. And although it can hit power output of up to 213W thanks to its new proprietary chipset – the SGL1605V1.5, it still feels like the mod is slightly underpowered.

However, that’s purely a personal opinion since other vapers say that reaching the 213W is somehow a tall order. Its rounded rectangular shape also fits well with tanks and atomizers of varying diameters (up to 28mm).

Another thing, this mode is pretty quick to charge fully. All in all, this box mod performs like a champ even at 70W with no delays, misfires, or any other funny business.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent design and build quality
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Ergonomic feel
  • Clear OLED display screen
  • Micro USB charging port
  • Power up feature
  • TCR/TFR functionality
  • Economical battery usage


  • Doesn’t reach the advertised 213W
  • Firmware NOT upgradeable
  • Unable to shut off

Our Final Thoughts

Impressive construction, super-light, great material and ergonomic feel are the things that can be used to describe the Sigelei 213. But its noticeable functionality and performance issues together with the company’s inability to address them are the significant downsides.

For these reasons, we can’t recommend this squonk mod as it doesn’t represent excellent value for money, especially with its hefty price tag of between $75 and $90. There are probably better options out there at lower prices that you can even have some left-over money to purchase a new tank.

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