Sigelei MT 220W Box Mod Review-Everything You Need to Know

sigelei mt 220w tc box mod back side
sigelei mt 220w tc box mod red gold

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Size: 87 x 50 x 33.5 mm

Support Battery: 2*18650

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The technology surrounding vaping is going through quite a bit of change. Thousands of young vapers are more comfortable using box mod instead of the conventional e-cigarettes. Hence, it is common to come across dozens of such models that belong to the new generation. One such model and make that is catching the attention and liking of many customers is Sigelei MT 220W box mod.

Sigelei MT 220W box mod, build with stainless steel and a zinc alloy, is featured with an attractive look, powerful battery, and overall thoughtful design. We will look at a few of the most important specifications, features, design and appearances and of course the performance as reviewed by customers.

Like all products, this vaping device will also have some pros and cons, and it will be interesting to know the same for the benefit of our readers. This review will help them to make a decision when they are choosing the right vaping product based on facts rather than being forced to decide out of opinions and rumors.



Sigelei MT 220W box mod

Zinc alloy and stainless steel
Wattage range:
Resistance range:
Temperature Control Range:
100 – 300 Deg.C / 200 – 570 Deg.F
Red+Gold, Black+Blue, Black+SS, Dark Purple+ Red

Package Contents

Included in the Sigelei MT 220W Box Mod you will find:

1*Sigelei MT 220W Box Mod
1*USB Cable
1*User Manual
1*Warranty Card

sigelei mt 220w tc box mod package contents

Design& Appearance

If you ask any modern vaping customer, he or she will be very particular about some requirements not only from its functions but the appearance. LED lights are indeed a rage these days. Hence, you can come across many mods that blink, flash, glitter and offer other such functions.

Keeping in mind the needs and requirements of modern-day customers, Sigelei has come out with many unique and modern things to improve its appearance. The LED lighting systems are perhaps one of the biggest takeaways as far as this product is concerned. Many users believe that when the LED is on, it seems like the dashboard of any spaceship.

Talking about appearance and design features, many believe that it is a symphony of symmetry. Sigelei MT 220W Box Mod offers four different color choices for its mod frame. These include red & purple, red & gold, black & stainless steel, and black & blue. Further, the mod frame is designed in such a manner that it provides an evident color perception for its battery tube along with the body.

The outer shell also has a firing button that looks simply stunning. The icing on the cake is perhaps the two little LED lights.

When one looks at the vaping mod from the side and the back, you will find that the entire control panel looks transparent. This goes a long way in adding to the over scientific and hi-fi appearance. On the whole, there are reasons to believe that it does provide a unique and majestic look. All this complements the fact that Sigelei MT 220W Box Mod is a powerful vaping device.

It is made from high-quality stainless steel and combined with zinc ally. Though it does look high tech as far as the appearance is concerned, customers will find it quite heavy and stable when they take it in their hands. Hence, it is quite obvious that this is an excellent combination of both good looks and solid construction.

sigelei mt 220w tc box mod back side


The Sigelei MT 220W Box Mod is powered by two 18650 batteries, which are very powerful, reliable and offer the most excellent powerful vaping experience. The batteries can be charged quite easily with the USB cable included. Once they are fully powered on, the vape mod will be able to generate enough power and strength that will help in hours of vaping.

The batteries being from some reputed companies are also durable and long-lasting. Hence, on the whole, customers can be sure that they will be able to enjoy high-class vaping experience, strength, flavor, and other such attributes. A significant reason for this without any doubt is the quality of the battery used in the mod.

sigelei mt 220w tc box mod bottom battery door


In terms of performance, the Sigelei MT 220W Box mod is quite impressive with many attractive characteristics. One of the most remarkable features is the fact that it has a wattage range from 10W to 220 Wattage. This high wattage range is again something that sets it apart from many other such products in the market today.

It is moderate in terms of size, and therefore it fits comfortably in hand. It is rated for best functioning at 38 amps and also high glass temperature control features. The atomizer resistance is within the range of 0.05 ohm to 3 ohms. Its vapor production is quite high. Those who love clouds can generate huge plumes with the help of an RTA tank or an RDA tank.

When you have such a wide range for holding the mod, you can get the sweet spot, which could be different for different vapers. The sub-ohm vaping that this product form Sigelei offers is perhaps one of the best in the industry. It is much better than many other high wattage products out there in the market place.

It is a product that combines performance with safety. The chipset offers functions with preheat settings, adjust wattage ability, temperature control, TCR and bypass modes. The TC(temperature controls) mode that it provides the much-needed settings and helps better on your preferred vaping style. The vapor production is also quite good and satisfactory.

sigelei mt 220w tc box mod 510 connection

Pros and Cons


  • It looks a bit toy-like.
  • Better vaping products may be available at the same price.


  • It is disposable, thus will not last long.
  • The 6 % of nicotine salt may be a little much for some users.
  • It suits vape beginners more than advanced vapers.


Taking into account with the above specifications, features, functions, and other attributes, you can be sure that you are investing in a product built with quite a bit of thought and intelligence. Sigelei MT 220W Box Mod is made of quality material and also one of the best-LED light designs.

You also will be quite satisfied with the overall vaping satisfaction levels. The cloud formation capabilities are wonderful and are so widely accepted by various vapers from beginner to experienced. The wattage range is also a factor that has made this a high-quality product.

In fine, Sigelei MT 220W Box Mod is also with a reasonably priced. Many customers are of the view that it will be able to offer the best value for money at all points in time. It also will be an investment that will be durable for many years to come.

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