SMOK AL85 Kit Review


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Dimensions: 124 mm by 48mm by 27mm

Battery: 18650

E-liquid Capacity: 3ml

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Whether you’re a vaping veteran or brand new to the vape culture, you’ve probably heard quite a bit about “SMOKTech.” It’s one of the most prolific and popular vaporizer brands available on the market. SMOKTech highly prides themselves in their extremely innovative products that are sleek, stylish, and easy to use.

With the amazing products that this company offers, there is no surprise that SMOKTech has acquired a huge fan base since its inception. When the company recently announced the release of the smaller SMOK AL 85 kit, the vaping community was understandably quite abuzz with excitement.

Perhaps you are looking to try SMOKTech’s product, or maybe you are wanting to finally purchase your first ever vaping device. Whatever the case may be, this review will help you to learn more about the wonderful new SMOK AL85. It’s always important that you learn all the pros and cons of a vape device. Thus, you can be confident in your purchase. And you’re sure as to whether or not a particular device is the right choice for you! The SMOK AL85 mod or even the full SMOK AL85 kit could be a great addition to your vape collection! Or, an excellent starter product!




Minimum Atomizer Resistance:
Wattage Output Range:
Resistance Range:
0.6 – 3 ohms for TC mode and 0.1 – 3.0 ohms for VW mode
Temperature Range:
Black Gold, Red, Gunmetal, Silver, Pink, Ironman
510 thread

Design and Build

This mod has been quite appropriately nicknamed “The Alien Baby,” the SMOK AL85 is a shorter, wider version of SMOKTech’s extremely popular dual-18650 battery mod. On the larger, original Alien mod, the dual-18650’s battery compartment cap is located on the top right, directly beside the 510 connection. Alternatively, the AL85 contains a battery door on the bottom. The unique style of firing bar featured on both devices is similar to a trigger, making it incredibly easy to use. It also has the same carbon-fiber panel proudly displaying the SMOK logo, along with the same style of OLED display.

The Alien Baby measures up quite a bit shorter than the Alien Mod, at only 71 millimeters tall. However, it is slightly wider at 48mm. Users love this device because it easily fits into your hand. They are often a bit too small for true comfortability unlike some other smaller mods available on the market. The Baby Alien is 27mm thick and has been described as “the perfect girth” for a mini mod. The SMOK AL85 has a protruding cap as opposed to the classic style battery door, allowing the device to be as small as possible. However, it still houses a full-size 18650 battery for optimal performance. While the cap does stand out a bit, it certainly does not take away from the product’s aesthetically pleasing design.

Simply unscrew the cap and place the battery inside (make sure the positive side is facing outward). Then screw the cap back on and you’re good to go! The cap is very easy to screw on and off. This makes it one of the most user-friendly vape devices available. Because the cap is located at the outer edge, you’ll be sure to have plenty of space to accommodate a 24mm tank, possibly even a 25mm!

One of the best features of this product may be how many color options are available. You can choose to go with the SMOKTech classic color combinations such as black and gold, or black and red. There are new options available as well, even including rainbow and camouflage! With eighteen different color options, you are sure to find a Baby Alien that perfectly suits your unique personal style.

One piece of criticism the Baby Alien has received is in the quality of the paint job. Many users have complained that it flakes off easily. But others say their device has held up wonderfully well even after over a year of heavy, daily use. However, because the SMOK brand takes quality seriously, they have updated the finish on their devices to address this issue!

As with all of SMOKTech’s devices, the SMOK AL85 is incredibly high-quality, with a solid metallic zinc body. This prevents rattling buttons, which can very often become a huge issue with many other devices, especially after heavy use.

The Tank

Many people have said that the TFV8 Baby Alien tank included in the full kit is one of their favorite features. It is an incredibly reliable Sub Ohm tank that is well-deserving of its widespread popularity. The wide bore on the tank makes it a great size. It also features a Delrin drip tip and of course, SMOK’s innovative and famous hinged, locking top fill system. The quality O-rings which hold the glass in place are sure to guard against any potential leaks. You’re sure to get an amazing flavor and excellent, smooth airflow every time with this vape because the chimney section screws directly into the coil head.

The Baby Alien’s tank measures at a sleek 22mm by 53mm, and has a 3ml capacity. It contains two coils. One of which is 6 ohm, and can be vaped up to 50 watts but will perform the best in the range of 30-40 watts. The other coil on the device is 4 ohm. And it can reach a wattage of 80, but works best when at 55-65 watts. Many customers are disappointed by the fact that the Baby Alien full kit does not contain an RBA base or a spare glass; However, these items are available to purchase separately.

The Mod

The maximum wattage output of the SMOK AL85 is 85 watts, which is incredibly impressive, especially when taking into account that this the device contains only a single, high drain 18650 battery. Many owners are very surprised by the powerful delivery of this mod. It instantly fires as soon as you hit the button without any delay whatsoever-a major pro of this device.

The box mod has temperature control settings compatible with Ni200, Ti, and SS wires which are easily accessed by entering the menu. And it works great even when vaping in stainless steel temperature control mode. People who have this mod have commented that it needs to be slightly adjusted for SS316, but that certainly is not a deal breaker.

In some people’s opinion, the SMOK AL85 mod is not as good as a YiHi device, or a DNA200/DNA250. However, it is still a great product overall.

For the price of SMOK AL85 kit, you will be incredibly impressed with the quality and its features. This device is even firmware ungradable, making it fast and easy to improve the device with any new updates as they become available. And as with all of SMOK’s devices, the AL85 box mod features soft, normal, and hard firing modes.


Overall, the AL85 is an extremely compact and easily portable device. Although it may be a bit thicker than a product like the iStick Pico, the other dimensions of The Baby Alien are exactly the same. The additional thickness of the Baby Alien allows it to be compatible with atomizers that are larger than 22mm. Something which the Pico is not capable of.

While the overall size is rather small, the large triggering device on the side makes it simple and comfortable to be used, even by people who have larger hands.

Unfortunately, with a device of this size, the battery life is not capable of measuring up to similar devices of a larger size. If you want to ensure your device will stay charged all day, it is imperative to make sure to take a spare, fully charged, 18650 battery along with you. Someone may find it a bit inconvenient. Luckily, the mod can be charged via a micro USB port. So it may be easy to recharge your battery during the day, depending on your lifestyle.

Pros and Cons


  1. Excellent quality with a solid build
  2. Maximum Wattage Output of 85 watts
  3. Compact, sleek design
  4. Comfortable to hold and use, no matter how large or small your hands are
  5. Great for travel
  6. Extremely simple and user-friendly
  7. Can fit atomizers up to 25mm in diameter
  8. Firmware upgradeable for fast and easy improvements
  9. A wide variety of safety features


  1. Can go through battery life very quickly, especially when vaping at higher wattages
  2. The full kit does not contain an RBA base or extra glass

The Final Verdict

If you’re in the market for a top-of-the-line, stylish, high-performance vape for a low price, you really can’t go wrong with the SMOK AL85. It’s one of the most competitively priced products. You will find that does not skimp on features and will work great for vapers of all experience levels. The starter kit makes it incredibly easy for beginners on a budget to get everything they need (but again, it might be a good idea also to purchase an RBA base and extra glass). You’re sure to love the smoking experience you get with the SMOK AL85 Alien Baby!

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